Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Taeyeon and Baekhyun


With all the latest buzz on Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating, I can't even think straight.. Most people know I am Baekhyun biased.. Was I a little sad he's dating? I can't say I wasn't. The day it was released, for about an hour I walked around the house like a zombie hungry for bacon because I just kept saying "Bacooooooon" over and over again. Was I depressed? No. I wasn't. Just a little bummed at first. So I understand if people are sad, but let me say a few things... Netizens are MONSTERS. Most of them anyways... You call yourself fans, but I really am realizing you aren't.. Because chances are, you are ruining your "oppa"s career.. If his career downspirals, it isn't because he is dating, its because everyone is going absolutely psycho over this. And the worst part? You want it to be not true so bad, you've become spytizens. Maybe them dating is to take the attention off of Kris's lawsuit. But why do you care?.. When something like this happens, they need comfort and strength whole world criticizing them.. Its so bad to the point where you are calling Baekhyun a traitor on a live tv show, and Taeyeon pathetic.. To where she is in tears and apologizing to all of her fans and followers. If they are really together, they deserve to be happy. I'm sure most of you love someone or at least have before.. Have you ever had to apologize for liking someone? Chances are no, unless you liked a married peraon. Just because they are famous, doesnt mean they are not human. And alot of people are not realizing this. They have every right to laugh, cry, love, and enjoy life just like the rest of us. To constantly spy on them and say harsh words, is not a fan, but an animal or monster. If Baekhyun gets pushed to the limit like Hon from MR.MR. did and leaves EXO, what are you going to do then? Cry? Why? Do you have that right? It would be your faults. 

Just accept them together even if it is a fake relationship. Show them that, as their fans, you love them and support them no matter what. (Even if you don't really). They need it right now, lovelies...

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