Monday, July 28, 2014

Sulli's Haitus & SHINee Rumors

I'm super sad that Sulli is going on a temporary hiatus because the hateful comments she received after she fell ill.. This makes me really sad because I love Sulli. I'm sure she is going through a very rough time. I understand that everyone is very mad that f(x) stopped all promotions for "Red Light" because of her being sick... But she really cannot help it. Poor Sulli. Get well soon and forget about the hateful comments!!! :)

In other news... 
I've heard this rumor about SHINee. Everyone is saying that they weren't having their comeback anytime soon because of Onew's throat surgery(which I hope he recovered perfectly from)
BUT... I heard a rumor that it's actually because of Jonghyun.. Because he's going through a severe depression because no one likes him as much as the other members. I'm not sure if it's true and am in no way telling you its true. It very well may not be.. But.. I don't care if it's true or not.. Everyone should still go send Jonghyun some love. He is the least popular out of all the SHINee members and even he knows it.. He's said it many times on shows. And imagine how he felt after "Why So Serious" when they did the whole music video without him. He always needs love. If it's true, I feel super bad for him.
Send him love. Tell him we love him. Make him feel special.. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

LU:KUS - So Into U

First things first.. This is MY JAM!!! I love this song!!

So anyways.. If you don't know who LU:KUS is, they're a fairly new boy group. I only found out about them because I listen to this Kpop 2012-2014 playlist on Youtube and the person who made it adds to it all the time. This song was on it.This song was actually released July 3rd or 4th. This is their debut song. 


Dance Version(Mirrored):

As far as debuts go, this song is very weak. It's NOT a good debut song. Now, don't get me wrong, I really love this song. I really do. But when talking about debuts? It's just not the best to debut with.The reason being because everyone expected LU:KUS to make a huge BANG into the kpop world. 

This song is very much like X-5's songs. And why? Because J.One, Donghyun, and Jinwan were in X-5. I'm not going into member history in this post because I'm hopefully going to do a "Meet LU:KUS" in the future.. 

So for now we'll just focus on this music video.

THEIR EYES!! WHY?!?!??!! It's really creepy. Like VERY creepy. Some of them, anyways.

Especially Mr. Blue Eyes.

I think this dance sometimes makes them look like super sayians. 

Kamehameha to the front.

Kamehameha to the left.

Kamehameha to the right.

Maybe that's just my opinion. 

Though I did say it was a weak debut, I LOVE IT! The song, the guys... I love it ALL. One thing that really sticks out to me is the snowy background. 

It reminds me of U-Kiss's Neverland.

And we all know how much I LOVE U-Kiss.. So of course this would stand out to me. lol.

Ya know.. Sometimes while watching K-Pop videos or Kdramas... I don't really think of the people in them as Korean or even Asian for that matter. I just see them as people. Just like me. Like if the realization that they're speaking Korean doesn't kick in, I feel like they're my next door neighbors or something. (That's not just because my neighbors are Asian)
But seriously especially with this video, I had to remind myself they're Korean. Not just because of the eyes... 

My favorite part of this song and music video is when it sounds like it would lead up into an amazing bumping climax, but instead disappoints the whole world(except me) and goes into a rap.This is not sarcasm, btw. I actually really love this part. lol. I love the rap. I love the guy (he's a total cutie)

And I love the simple dance to it. 

Mostly everyone I've seen and talked to was disappointed by it, so if you think I'm incredibly weird, go ahead. LOL.

I like the lyrics to this song though. "So into you, before the night passes by, I'll make you mine. Can't breathe. I will show you my everything. I'm different from other guys."

My 2nd favorite part is a part of the dance.. 
This part.

Overall, I REALLY love this song. I've actually really enjoyed writing this blog because besides this being an awesome song, I have a legit reason to watch the music video OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again.. And even though I'm done writing now, I'll still go watch it about another 10 times. Haha.

Thanks for reading lovelies!

Also from now on, I will try to write a review of a song every friday. It may not always be on Friday since my mind is a little suckish.. But I'm going to try. Even if it's an old song. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

One week countdown!!!







I know I haven't posted much about Leeteuk lately. Please forgive me, I don't love him any less. And I still terribly miss him, but OMG ONE WEEK!!

Who's excited? I'm extremely excited. To welcome Teuki Teuki Angel back, my playlist will mostly consist of Super Junior songs (not only super junior, but mostly). Also, From now until he comes back, there is now a countdown on the website! WOO WOO!! :D

I cannot wait for my Teuki to be back. I really hope that he returns and everything goes back to normal. 
Love you, 박정수!


The first time I heard B1A4 I knew that they were legit, they have always had this stand-out artistry to them, it's perfect.
The album they've intriduced is a mini album called "SOLO DAY" so if you've heard the "SOLO DAY" and thought that it was the only song, then pleaseeee go to spotify and I'm sure iTunes and check out their other songs as I PROMISE you that Solo Day is not the only song worth listening to.
But just in case you're lazy or just rather me put it up here instead, I just went ahead and posted them. Some of them will be live versions since they haven't been uploaded to YouTube formally. So scroll down to see them~.

This song SCREAMS alien invasion summer, and fits right in with what I'd imagine a B1A4 song to be, which is something I appreciate SO much seeing that some groups just venture too far away from what they sound good as (Ahem...>>).
ANYWAY, lol this song is about a guy who's been dumped by his girl and he is trying to find every possible mindset to keep him from feeling like crud but he's getting better day by day realizing that being single is not so bad and I guess that makes him feel like an alien??? Lol
It's a loverly song and if you have not seen it yet then get over there and seee ehhht, because the view are ridiculously low for B1A4.

2. You Make Me A Fool
I love it:'(
I need a break before I explain...
LOL did you hear those crazy bats at the end, haha better luck next time if you're trying to get Baro to notice you; something about this makes me feel like they were trying to get Baro's attention..hmm, maybe it's just reckless jealousy.
 ANYWAY this song is another~ break up song~
It's about a guy who is being dumped over something that he doesn't even know if he did and GOD FORBID it be Baro, cause shiz like this always happens to him in the song for some reason but yeah the girl who dumped him is a two-timing tramp who apparently only meets him on Saturdays and Sundays to complain. Although he still tries to stay with her... ㅎ_ㅎ

3. Are You Happy?(With him)
Read the translation and notice that the tramp is apparently having fun while the guys are taking it hard.
ANYWAY what I wanted to comment on most(teehee, big flipping surprised)
But did you hear Baro's rap though~~
Twas amaaazing, I don't think I've ever been so into rap except when he does it. Like seriously, I'm more of a pop and rock type but omg I love ehhht.
Lol omg I read somewhere that if Baro loves someone he'll give them a rose and write lyrics for that person and rap it to them. #done

4. Glass of Water
I looooove this soooo much, like this is my jeeeehm yas
This is the perfect song for midnight or midday rave with a friend.
Again Baro's rap was awesome and yeah it is either my favorite or next to favorite on the mini album.
It's about salary men(or office men) who are tired of workaholic world and need to just sit down and have a glass of water!!! Becuase life is too much! Yes I still believe it is the perfect song for a midnight rave ㅎㅎㅎ

5. Drive
Sorry but this is the link to Drive, the happy sunny song of the album.
He finally found his girl and now he's happy as a group of Korean studs could ever be lol
Its meaning doesn't go that deep and not hard to understand but it's so fun to listen to!

6. YOU
Sorry but yet another link, this is the last song of the album and not really my favorite but meh it's cool lol
It features Sunmi(???)
Anyway the guy has found the right girl~, until the next album*cough*, but yeah the translation for that song kinda made me think they were about to have sex but I'm sure it's just misunderstanding and is all the other guys except Baro /tilted head crazy stare~~/

So yussss if you you haven't already bought the album from iTunes or listened to it on Spotify, please +1 and share this blog so everyone can listen and love~~!
Oh and btw I am so flipping glad B1A4 hasn't changed their style yet, just evolved it. Anyway thank you for listening and 사랑해~ㅆ

Sunday, July 20, 2014

100th post!

I didn't even realize we were already at 100 posts! It's crazy that I even had to focus to even write 2 of them. 

As the blogs 100th post, I will give you the journey of HAS thus far, what we hope to become of HAS, and also a message of "fighting" from every writer. 

First the journey of Heart and Seoul.

(First Promotional picture for HAS)

(After the style change. The picture for banners and cover photos as of now) 

(The new official HAS promotional picture.)

On September 25, 2012, Heart and Seoul was made. 
First blog ever and my introduction blog:

When I first got the idea to make a blog, it wasn't because I had any intention of becoming popular or anything like that. The initial intention of the blog was not even to bring Kpop lovers together. It was actually to keep myself sane when I was going through a rough time. So, yes, while I probably seem like a crazy alien from a Korean-based planet where HOPEFULLY Do Min Joon lives, I'm still human. lol. 
I decided that I didn't want it to be a criticism blog. I don't write many bad things about songs, even if I don't like them that much. I don't want to tear down artists just because of something I don't like. So you will never see a "I HATE this song." or "This is garbage" coming from me personally. Or really anyone else in this blog. We aren't a criticism type blog. We write about stuff we like or love, encourage our favorite celebrities, and try to give strength to anyone who may be having a hard time. We aren't paparazzi. We won't write anything bad about you, even if the public thinks you deserve it. I'm definitely anti-paparazzi. If you've read my blogs, you know that. LOL. There may be certain parts of music videos that I will say "I don't like" or maybe disappointed in, but I'll never write a bad blog about a music video or song.
But anyways, shortly after making this blog, I figured out that I LOVE writing on the blog.. I love sharing my side of the Kpop world. Giving my opinion and output to share with the world. And then after that realization, my mission became to bring all Korean lovers together to enjoy the same thing with many people who are just like them. To let them know they aren't the only one who doesn't speak a word of Korean but can sing SHINee's "Replay" like you're a native speaker. To show people that there's people with opinions just like they have. That's what my mission became. And though that mission isn't fully fulfilled as of yet, it's definitely heading in the right direction.
On November 13, 2013 I decided to add my B1A4 obsessed(Baro biased), Taeyang loving, best friend Vince to the blog for obvious reasons.

Those who have been with me since the beginning have seen these pictures before. lol.

 If you've ever read his blogs, you know why he's a writer here.. When he does get the chance to write blogs, they're extremely entertaining while also quite informative. He's a very great addition. 

His introduction blog: 

On April 30, 2014 I made the decision to add my drama-loving mom Tracy to our blog.

Long before I added her to the crew, I use to do drama reviews. And they were extremely popular. But somewhere down the line, while I still watched dramas, I had stopped writing drama reviews. And she had already had a "Korean Drama Queen" blog before that she had stopped writing on. And she wanted to be a part of HAS. So of course, because she's the best, and because dramas are amazing and had not been a part of the blog for awhile, I made the decision to add her. She also does news blogs. 

Her introduction blog:

Shortly before I added HAS Tracy to the crew, I had done a style change to this blog.

The blog use to just be called "Heart and Seoul". The promotional picture was just this.
Though I don't have a full picture of what the old page use to look like, the mobile use to look like this.
Very simple, the promotional picture was the same as the background picture except there was no writing on the background picture.
I guess the reason I gave it a style change was just because I thought it was all just very simple.. and old.. because it had been the same for 2 years..
So then the official name of the blog became HAS and just so everyone knows what it stands for, Heart and Seoul was always tacked on the end.
Then I changed the promo picture and background picture, and actually am very happy with how it looks now. So no style changes in the near future.. I hope.

And the new look of the page looks like this.

I also added a playlist which I change the songs and style of every few weeks.

On May 30, 2014, I added the style factor to our blog with HAS Glow. 

She loves kpop and dramas and Korean people and she's like 50 million light years ahead of me in the fashion world. My style is t-shirt and jeans all day everyday. But any fashion tips she wants to give, or any Korean fashion she wants to show off, is what she does. She basically has the fashion section and can write absolutely anything else she feels. But keep in mind that Glow also has her own blog "Incidental Brain Contusions", so she will probably write more on her own blog than on here.

Her first introduction blog:
Her personal introduction blog:

So far that's the journey we've been on. Future plans and hopes start now.

HAS wants to do many things in the future. First things first. Vlogging. Who doesn't want to vlog, right? HAS Tracy, Vince, and myself are in the process right now of getting equipment to do vlogging and Youtube videos. There are many complications so it may take a few months, but within the next few months, the vlogging should start. 
I, myself, do already have a Youtube channel which eventually I will upload random things to. Mostly having to do with Korean things, but sometimes will be random things. And it hasn't been decided whether the blog will have its own channel or not, but I'm definitely thinking it will. But for now you can go subscribe to me following this link.

We currently live spread out. Me, Vince, and Tracy all live in the same area, but Glow lives all the way in Washington. So in the future we will all eventually get to do stuff together, but as of now, it's not possible. 

Also in the future, hopefully, we will all be able to attend kcons. Maybe not next year, but maybe the year after that. 

I, personally, when we get more active viewers, am going to start a Hangout on Google+ so that we can all hangout together and have a good time.

But most importantly, the biggest thing we want to come from HAS in the future is the same thing we're doing now. Entertaining everyone with what we have to say, informing everyone with the things we write, and bringing together a group of Korean-obsessed people who may sometimes feel like they're alone. We're all friends here. And we love you all.
Sure it's amazing to have so many views and so much feedback, but we aren't in it for the popularity. We are just in it to bring together an amazing community.

Lastly, I will give a message from each of our writers to commemorate our 100th post.

HAS Shanea

"To all our viewers, thank you for 2 great years so far, and hopefully many many more. I love every single one of you, and hope that this blog will keep reaching a wide variety of people from all around the world and grow into something very amazing. The future holds many things for us all. 화이팅~ "

HAS Vince
"HAS Blog, your potential got you this far, keep 화이팅 and never forget your goal!"

HAS Tracy
"WOOOOHOOOO!! Happy 100 post!! Let's meet TAEYANG!! FIGHTING!!!"

HAS Glow
"Thank you to you all for putting up with a bunch of weirdos such as us!! I know I don't write much, but I will try to do my best!! 화이팅 HAS family!!! You're beyond awesome for sticking with us to our 100 blog post!! Whoooooooo!!! 사랑해

Thank you to every single one of you who have read this blog and will continue to read this blog and anticipate what is to come. We love each and every one of you more than you know. <3

The segment Kpop Shirtless has been renamed to Sexy Korea.

My segment "Kpop Shirtless" has been renamed to "Sexy Korea" for the simple fact that I decided I should do something for the guys AND because I wanted to start doing more actors shirtless. So it's been renamed to Sexy Korea. And instead of 10 like I use to do, it will only be 5 people so that way I can do many many many editions of Sexy Korea.

In tradition of my old title, the guys will still be shirtless but do not necessarily have to be and if it was politically correct for girls to be shirtless, I would put them too.. But unfortunately for you guys, you don't get to see Korean female stars shirtless alot. :P so you'll just have to stick with sexy.  hahaha

It's been so long since I've done a Kpop Shirtless that I don't even remember what edition I'm on. SO. That being said, I will just start this as..
Sexy Korea, 1st Edition. 

And this one is for the ladies.

First person for the first edition.. 

OKAY so normally i do not like to use alot of profanity on here, but i figured This picture was perfect. So yes first up is Jaejoong.

So yes we all know Jaejoong is amazing in like every single way possible... besides maybe his attitude sometimes. His body tho♡

Next up Is my bae. Though i dont have much pictures, he radiates sexy(and goofy...) so who needs alot of it?


Next is DooJoon from BEAST!
There really isn't alot. I only wanted to put Doojoon in here because I love him <3

We just don't need alot of shirtless Doojoon pictures because he doesn't even need no shirt to be sexy. Rawr.

Next is one of the most interesting people in the Korean industry. And Tiffany is so super lucky, I hope she knows this. 

I just can't even,,, I'm drooling. Clean up isle my desk!

I saved the best for last. One of my favorite actors in the world.. Kim Soo Hyun.

EVERYONE loves this. lol! I literally felt this way when I say "My Love From The Stars"

And last but not least the most perviest pic I've ever put on this blog that I will NEVER regret. LOL

You are welcome all girls of the world. ;)