Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The first time I heard B1A4 I knew that they were legit, they have always had this stand-out artistry to them, it's perfect.
The album they've intriduced is a mini album called "SOLO DAY" so if you've heard the "SOLO DAY" and thought that it was the only song, then pleaseeee go to spotify and I'm sure iTunes and check out their other songs as I PROMISE you that Solo Day is not the only song worth listening to.
But just in case you're lazy or just rather me put it up here instead, I just went ahead and posted them. Some of them will be live versions since they haven't been uploaded to YouTube formally. So scroll down to see them~.

This song SCREAMS alien invasion summer, and fits right in with what I'd imagine a B1A4 song to be, which is something I appreciate SO much seeing that some groups just venture too far away from what they sound good as (Ahem...>>).
ANYWAY, lol this song is about a guy who's been dumped by his girl and he is trying to find every possible mindset to keep him from feeling like crud but he's getting better day by day realizing that being single is not so bad and I guess that makes him feel like an alien??? Lol
It's a loverly song and if you have not seen it yet then get over there and seee ehhht, because the view are ridiculously low for B1A4.

2. You Make Me A Fool
I love it:'(
I need a break before I explain...
LOL did you hear those crazy bats at the end, haha better luck next time if you're trying to get Baro to notice you; something about this makes me feel like they were trying to get Baro's attention..hmm, maybe it's just reckless jealousy.
 ANYWAY this song is another~ break up song~
It's about a guy who is being dumped over something that he doesn't even know if he did and GOD FORBID it be Baro, cause shiz like this always happens to him in the song for some reason but yeah the girl who dumped him is a two-timing tramp who apparently only meets him on Saturdays and Sundays to complain. Although he still tries to stay with her... ㅎ_ㅎ

3. Are You Happy?(With him)
Read the translation and notice that the tramp is apparently having fun while the guys are taking it hard.
ANYWAY what I wanted to comment on most(teehee, big flipping surprised)
But did you hear Baro's rap though~~
Twas amaaazing, I don't think I've ever been so into rap except when he does it. Like seriously, I'm more of a pop and rock type but omg I love ehhht.
Lol omg I read somewhere that if Baro loves someone he'll give them a rose and write lyrics for that person and rap it to them. #done

4. Glass of Water
I looooove this soooo much, like this is my jeeeehm yas
This is the perfect song for midnight or midday rave with a friend.
Again Baro's rap was awesome and yeah it is either my favorite or next to favorite on the mini album.
It's about salary men(or office men) who are tired of workaholic world and need to just sit down and have a glass of water!!! Becuase life is too much! Yes I still believe it is the perfect song for a midnight rave ㅎㅎㅎ

5. Drive
Sorry but this is the link to Drive, the happy sunny song of the album.
He finally found his girl and now he's happy as a group of Korean studs could ever be lol
Its meaning doesn't go that deep and not hard to understand but it's so fun to listen to!

6. YOU
Sorry but yet another link, this is the last song of the album and not really my favorite but meh it's cool lol
It features Sunmi(???)
Anyway the guy has found the right girl~, until the next album*cough*, but yeah the translation for that song kinda made me think they were about to have sex but I'm sure it's just misunderstanding and is all the other guys except Baro /tilted head crazy stare~~/

So yussss if you you haven't already bought the album from iTunes or listened to it on Spotify, please +1 and share this blog so everyone can listen and love~~!
Oh and btw I am so flipping glad B1A4 hasn't changed their style yet, just evolved it. Anyway thank you for listening and 사랑해~ㅆ

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