Monday, July 28, 2014

Sulli's Haitus & SHINee Rumors

I'm super sad that Sulli is going on a temporary hiatus because the hateful comments she received after she fell ill.. This makes me really sad because I love Sulli. I'm sure she is going through a very rough time. I understand that everyone is very mad that f(x) stopped all promotions for "Red Light" because of her being sick... But she really cannot help it. Poor Sulli. Get well soon and forget about the hateful comments!!! :)

In other news... 
I've heard this rumor about SHINee. Everyone is saying that they weren't having their comeback anytime soon because of Onew's throat surgery(which I hope he recovered perfectly from)
BUT... I heard a rumor that it's actually because of Jonghyun.. Because he's going through a severe depression because no one likes him as much as the other members. I'm not sure if it's true and am in no way telling you its true. It very well may not be.. But.. I don't care if it's true or not.. Everyone should still go send Jonghyun some love. He is the least popular out of all the SHINee members and even he knows it.. He's said it many times on shows. And imagine how he felt after "Why So Serious" when they did the whole music video without him. He always needs love. If it's true, I feel super bad for him.
Send him love. Tell him we love him. Make him feel special.. 

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