Sunday, July 20, 2014

The segment Kpop Shirtless has been renamed to Sexy Korea.

My segment "Kpop Shirtless" has been renamed to "Sexy Korea" for the simple fact that I decided I should do something for the guys AND because I wanted to start doing more actors shirtless. So it's been renamed to Sexy Korea. And instead of 10 like I use to do, it will only be 5 people so that way I can do many many many editions of Sexy Korea.

In tradition of my old title, the guys will still be shirtless but do not necessarily have to be and if it was politically correct for girls to be shirtless, I would put them too.. But unfortunately for you guys, you don't get to see Korean female stars shirtless alot. :P so you'll just have to stick with sexy.  hahaha

It's been so long since I've done a Kpop Shirtless that I don't even remember what edition I'm on. SO. That being said, I will just start this as..
Sexy Korea, 1st Edition. 

And this one is for the ladies.

First person for the first edition.. 

OKAY so normally i do not like to use alot of profanity on here, but i figured This picture was perfect. So yes first up is Jaejoong.

So yes we all know Jaejoong is amazing in like every single way possible... besides maybe his attitude sometimes. His body tho♡

Next up Is my bae. Though i dont have much pictures, he radiates sexy(and goofy...) so who needs alot of it?


Next is DooJoon from BEAST!
There really isn't alot. I only wanted to put Doojoon in here because I love him <3

We just don't need alot of shirtless Doojoon pictures because he doesn't even need no shirt to be sexy. Rawr.

Next is one of the most interesting people in the Korean industry. And Tiffany is so super lucky, I hope she knows this. 

I just can't even,,, I'm drooling. Clean up isle my desk!

I saved the best for last. One of my favorite actors in the world.. Kim Soo Hyun.

EVERYONE loves this. lol! I literally felt this way when I say "My Love From The Stars"

And last but not least the most perviest pic I've ever put on this blog that I will NEVER regret. LOL

You are welcome all girls of the world. ;)

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