Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sexy Korea: Girls Edition, Part 2

Time for Sexy Korea: Girls Edition, Part 2!

This one is, in my opinion, sexiest of the sexiest of some of the top girl groups! 

In 5th place, her lucky self is dating one of my favorite K-Pop guys, Tiffany from Girls Generation(SNSD)

In 4th place, my bias from the 2nd Kpop girls group I ever liked, Min from Miss A.

In 3rd, probably my bias over all other female idols because she's completely wacky just like me, Nana from After School/Orange Caramel.

Now this one.. People are going to disagree with me.. because of Orange Caramel's "Cutesy" stuff. But that's the thing.. No one seems to remember the After School Nana.

This is why she's 3rd.

In 2nd, and this was a very close one, Hyorin from Sistar.

And finally, in 1st, my new recent love, Hyuna from 4Minute!

To be completely honest, I use to like Hyuna's songs, but I never really liked her.. But recently she's become my love. <3 
---No lesbian-like actions intended---

Thanks for reading, lovelies. I was originally suppose to do a guy version, but decided I would do a girls edition. :)

If you have a recommendation of who should go on my next "Sexy Korea" guy or girl, comment on this post and let me know!

Kpop Weekly Top 10! Week of 8/24/14

Hello again my Korean lovelies, It's the Korean Drama Queen again bringing you this weeks Weekly Top 10. If you read last weeks blog you will know that I was just a tad bit upset with the placement of a certain song by a certain artist. Let's see how our favorite artists did this week.


Infinite "Back"

To all of you Infinite fans out there, I am sad to say that they have dropped down 7 points since last week. While I am not a big fan of Infinite, it is sad when a group drops this far that quick. Let's bring them back up shall we?



Our staff member Vince will be happy that his group made the countdown, but I am not sure that he will be happy with the placement. 


Taeyang "Eyes, Nose, Lips"

*Deep breath* Guys...I can not even explain my frustration right now. Taeyang dropped down 1 point from last week!! This is just not right!! I mean who is deciding this? Aliens from outer space?? Come on, even most of them know this song deserves to be higher than this!!

AOA "Short Hair"

I really do not know what to say. This song is up 2 points from last week. I mean it is an OK song but is it Taeyang? NOOO it is not. (I don't think I am ever going to get over this!)


IU "The Meaning of You"

This song is up 2 points from last week. Still don't like IU...still love Kim Chang-wan. 


San E, Raina "A Midsummer Night's Sweetness"

The only reason I even like this song is because she is from After School/Orange Caramel, otherwise I probably would not have listened to it. They are up 1 point from last week.


Hyuna "Red"

I am not really surprised that she did not move in the countdown. I mean...who is going to knock Hyuna down??


Girl's Day "Darling"

This song is up 2 points from last week, which I am really happy about because I really do love this song and music video. Maybe that is because I am OLD!! Haha


Block B "Her"

WEEE I am really happy that they have stayed in the same place!! I LOVE Block B!


Sistar "Touch My Body"

Yes, YES and YES!!! My girls are still holding on strong with this song. We all know it is because of the crazy booty dance but so what...still number 1!!!

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~The Korean Drama Queen~

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kpopcation Time

Ok ok, I'm so sorry for even failing at posting the first three questions last week. A lot has happened. I got the Shift Manager position at my salon and had to learn a lot of stuff! I'm beyond thrill that i was blessed like this. But it's no excuse, should have had posted something! So here I am, late this Wednesday night. Hope you can participate. Again, answers will be posted the following week with a new set of questions! 


1) How many times was the word "Back" said in Infinite's new release, "Be Back" chorus verse? 

2) Why did Kwon Ji Yong picked his stage name G-Dragon?

 3) When Hyorin, from Sistar, had social anxiety disorder, how long did she hide out in her room from fear of people? (Unbelievable huh!) 

Thanks for being so awesome!!!! ^.^

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A little announcement.

Okay.. So.. Just wanted to let everyone know.. My MV breakdowns from now on are not going to just be new ones.. I'm going to do old ones and slighly newer ones but not so new ones.. 

I'm very behind on my MV breakdowns because of my arm being in that brace. So now I'm busting my butt to write a whole lot of MV breakdowns to catch up, but as many comebacks and new MV's are being released these days, it's just not realistic. So. I'm still working my butt off to get at least somewhat caught up, but I'm not going to stress myself too much. 

That being said, I decided that I might even start doing old MV breakdowns. Since there are still new people starting to love K-pop every single day. 

NU'EST - Good Bye Bye Part 2

Part one^

Hahaha. Just kidding. But seriously.. YESSSSSS! 
I know this is late.. Like SO late.. Because my hand has been messed up and in a brace.. Which, by the way, I'm now FREE!! My hand is no longer in a brace!! :D So I will start regularly blogging and hopefully vlogging, my lovely people. Anyways.. Back to NU'EST..
I love NU'EST anyways, but this song killed it. OMG. 


First things first, though... REN IS A GUY!!!! 





My heart is happy, whereas my ovaries have exploded.. Please do the world a favor and keep Ren as a guy. He's super hot. 

Besides sexy Ren, I'm so happy with this song and music video. The song is just amazing. I am super in love with it. The guys are also too sexy for words. Well, most of them, and that's all I'll say about that for this very moment.

So, the song.. My favorite part of the song is the first part before the first chorus. So basically the first part of the song until the chorus lol. It sounds amazing. I also love the instrumental too. Weird? hehe.

Okay now onto the music video..

His new look! 
He looks super sexy and I love it. 

And his voice.. <3 I now have a 2nd bias. Ren is my bias and Minhyun is my 2nd. Baekho use to be my bias.. 

Speaking of Baekho.. The hair... 

Why?? He looks kind of abnormal.. Ugly? No. Creepy? No. Just abnormal.

I first wondered why JR was staring at this fish like a psycho
 but then I saw he was just hungry and it was food to him. 

But seriously though.. Why eat the fishy? Bleckkk. Poor fishy. RIP.

Notice how Ren is the main focus of this music video. 

Like they wanted to showcase that Ren has finally blossomed into a guy. A very attractive guy. I love new sexy guy Ren. I'll be really sad if their next comeback, he's a girl again. Please don't do that to me. 

1. Who has dancers in the bathroom with them? Jw.

2. Who stares at themselves in the mirror looking like they're gonna eat themselves?
Answer. Ren.

Kayy.. So.. JR eats the fish, then Ren gets sick like he ate it. They're so close they get each others sickness.

Ren goes and throws up and when he looks up WTH is with the flower? He threw up and then there's a flower coming out of his mouth. 
Why?.. Is there some symbolism that I'm missing? Or is it just another weird Kpop moment?

Now the dance.. Though not exactly simple, it's not extravagant either. But it works. Not one of my favorite dances, for sure, but it works. 

Aron is just super attractive in this video. He really is. It's almost unbearable. 

Does anyone else think the flaming colorful flowers are super beautiful? 

JR's rap. <3

What's the point in tearing off all the wallpaper? 

Is.. Is Minhyun giving himself a tattoo? 

What's up with Minhyun staring at himself in broken glass?

Then the beat changes and Ren reminds me alot of Ryeowook from Super Junior. 

Why is everyone jumping?

Running Ren with chest exposed!

Good bye, baby.. We're gonna have a sparkler party without youuuu!

I love how it displays all of them with sparklers then shows sad faces..

I'm not cleaning up the mess Minhyun made falling into the tub. 

Thanks for reading, lovelies!