Monday, August 18, 2014


Okay.. So with the new things that are about to happen with HAS, there are alot more ways to contact us and connect with us. And though I use to post most of this info on my old blogs... I stopped. And mostly all of it is out of date anyways.. 

So here's updated ways to connect with us. Please go follow/subscribe/like all of these things!

HAS Instagram: @HASHeartAndSeoul

HAS Email:

HAS Google+: +HAS Heart And Seoul 

HAS Shanea Personal Instagram: @HAS_Shanea

HAS Shanea Personal Google+: +HAS Shanea 

HAS Shanea Twitter: @HAS_Shanea

There are many other ways to contact us and me.. But these are the most relevant and public ones. Beware though.. I don't spend alot of time on Twitter anymore.

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