Monday, August 4, 2014

HAS Shanea has some news.

To all my lovelies that have been waiting for my big in depth blogs.
Like when I do a mv review every Friday....
I'm sorry I'm not able to write big long in depth blog posts at the moment because my right hand is all messed up.

Not sure as to what's wrong with my hand right now.. We're thinking it's carpal tunnel, but I can't really use my right hand. I can't type well, I can't text well, I can't write well... I can't even pick up anything that weighs more than around 5 Ibs..

It sucks pretty hard. 

So, for now, I'll be writing small blogs until I'm able to move my hand around again. It shouldn't take too terribly long for my hand to go back to normal. 

However, HAS Glow has said she will try to start writing more.
And in about a week, everyone will be seeing more of HAS Tracy.

Thanks for all your love and support, lovelies. <3

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