Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kpopcation Introduction

Hello Lovelies! ^.^ 

Ok, I’m going to start something new this week! It’s called … Wait for it …. Wait …… ready? Haha, it’s called Kpopcation! It’s an education on Kpop. I know most don’t like studying, but who can pass on wanting to better know your Kpop groups and members. It’s not going to be an intense thing, just some trivial stuff to see how much you really know your bias group.
                Kpopcation is something new and exciting for me and I’m willing to put my time and effort into to make it fun for everyone! It’s not just going to be trivia on one Kpop band at a time. It’s going to be several. Your answers can be posted in the comments below. It can maybe be helpful to you if you’re introducing someone to the world they will be forever bound, Kpop! I do hope you enjoy and I ask that you answer in all honesty and no cheating by looking it up!

This particular theme will be posted only on Wednesdays, that way you have something to look forward to in the middle of a tedious week. It will all be multiple choice, that way you have at least a clue of what the answer may be. The answers will be posted the following week with a set of new questions. It’s all for fun and games and hope you can participate! 

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