Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kpopcation Time

Ok ok, I'm so sorry for even failing at posting the first three questions last week. A lot has happened. I got the Shift Manager position at my salon and had to learn a lot of stuff! I'm beyond thrill that i was blessed like this. But it's no excuse, should have had posted something! So here I am, late this Wednesday night. Hope you can participate. Again, answers will be posted the following week with a new set of questions! 


1) How many times was the word "Back" said in Infinite's new release, "Be Back" chorus verse? 

2) Why did Kwon Ji Yong picked his stage name G-Dragon?

 3) When Hyorin, from Sistar, had social anxiety disorder, how long did she hide out in her room from fear of people? (Unbelievable huh!) 

Thanks for being so awesome!!!! ^.^

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