Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kpopcation Time

I'm so very sorry that I didn't post last week any new questions. I don't know what kind of a bug is going around but I caught it and was pretty sick for a few days. On top of that I had to still work, and I was beyond tired! So this week I'll post 6 questions instead of three!

Answers to the previous questions are :

1) The leader of M.I.B is Kim Han Gil

2) When EunB passed she was 22 years of age


3) Brown Eyed Girls Gain's birthday is September 20 1987

Now, for this week series of questions

1) What does G-Dragon's tattoo, the dragon ball with the 8 stars symbolize?

2) What is one thing that Onew, leader of SHINee, uses during his practice time, like all the time?

3) How tall is SeungHo, leader of MBLAQ?

4) What is 2pm's fanclub called? 

5) For the last 15 years what has been Super Junior's  Siwon's favorite song? 

and finally 

6) What's Junsu's, from JYJ, brother's name? 

Sexy Korea: Guys Edition, Part 2

As my first blog after my hiatus, I decided there's no better way to come back than with a bunch of hot guys!!

To start this thing off, my favorite Kpop idol and leader who recently returned from the Army.
Super Junior's Leeteuk

Next, part of a group who just recently had a comeback!

Next is the sexiest kid ever. LOL
BTS' Jimin


My favorite number in Kpop

Thanks for reading, lovelies! <3

Saturday, September 20, 2014

New blog segment come soon!! - K-Drama, Facebook Edition

ANNYEONGHASEYO my fellow K-Drama addicts. Today I, the Korean Drama Queen, am bringing a new segment to the blog. K-Drama, Facebook Edition. 

What if your favorite actor or actress used Facebook during the drama? It could have made watching the drama even more interesting that it already is!! But...since they didn't, I am here to do it for them! Aren't you excited?? 

So, I know you may be sitting there asking yourself "What drama is she going to do first??" Well, I will only give you one hint. You have to listen to the song on the blog. That is all you get. If for some ODD reason you do not know what song this drama is from, well....I do not know if I can associate with you!! Just kidding...sort of but I would really hope you would know! I will leave the song playing for a week before the blog comes out and a week after the blog is published. This will be done with all new Facebook Edition blogs.

I hope you enjoy this new segment!!

~The Korean Drama Queen~

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hey, Lovelies!!

Hello there my lovely blog readers! I know I've been gone for quite awhile. I've been dealing with quite alot lately. But I'm finally able to get up and about and blog and study Korean again! HAS Shanea has missed all of you!
I want to thank HAS Tracy and Glow for holding down the fort while I was gone. Ya'll are the best!
Stay tuned for more things from HAS from now on!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kpopcation time!!!

So so sorry about not posting last night. There really is no excuse!! Forgive me!?!
The following are last week's answers. How many did you get right?
1) Block b debuted April 15 2011

2) Younghwa's motto is "power of positiveness"

3) Jiyoons favorite color is white

This week's questions are (drum roll please)
1) Who is the leader of M.I.B?

2) As sad as this is, how old was EunB from Ladies Code when she passed away?

3) When is Brown Eyed Girl's Gain's  birthday?

Well I hope you get them right!! But if youre not confident dont go betting money!! ^.¥
I know that I haven't really been posting much but I will try to do that more often.
Thanks again for your patience and participating!!!
Again, sorry this is late v.v

Friday, September 5, 2014

Kpop Weekly Top 10! Week of 8/31/14

Before I start this weeks top 10, I want to give my condolences to the family of EunB of Ladies Code. This was a horrible tragedy and I have been faithfully keeping up with the latest news. I am also sending prayers out to RiSe and she is still fighting for her life, to Ashley and Zuny who have returned to the hospital for further treatment and to SoJung, who does not know of EunB's passing. How hard this must be on everyone. I will continue to pray faithfully for strength and healing to all involved.

Now, onto our countdown. I must warn you...I am NOT a happy Kpopper!


"Ring Tone" by Winner

Sadly I can not find a MV or even just the song on YouTube to post. Maybe that is why it is at number 10.


"The Meaning of You" IU and Kim Chang-wan

These two are still holding on strong but are down 2 points from last week.


"Red" Hyuna

I think she is about RED-y to exit the top 10. She is down 4 points from last week. Yes guys, don't hurt me, but I am not much of a Hyuna fan!


"Darling" Girls Day

These girls are also 4 points down from last week. Will they be able to make it next week?


"A Midsummer Nights Sweetness" San E, Raina

Not too crazy about this song but the fans still love it! It is down 1 point from last week.


"I'm In Love" Secret

New to the top 10! After listening to this a few times, I am still not convinced that they are in love. Are you?


"Her" Block B

These cuties are down 2 points from last week. So sad. Love this song!


"Beautiful" Park Bo-ram ft Zico from Block B

New to the top 10!! This is a really good song!! I am so glad that we only hear Zico and not see his crazy self! haha. For some reason though, after watching this...I am hungry. Also, can someone tell that TEETH on her dress??


"Touch My Body" Sistar

Hmmmpf! My girls were knocked down 1 point from last week!!! NOOOOO


"Empty" Winner

This song is OK. Guys are CUTE!!

OK, this week's blog has me a little mad for a few reasons. One...WHERE DID MY TAEYANG GO??? AIGOO! Also, my girls were knocked down to number 2. Kind of sad but here is my BIG question. Where the heck is BTS on this list? Or even Taemin? There are some REALLY great songs out there and we have this semi crappy top 10? Do any of you agree? Who would you have put on the top 10 list?

Check back next week to see where your favorites place and as always, thanks to KBS for this Top 10!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kpopcation Time

Ok, so last week we had three questions. The answers are:
1) The word "Back" was said 40 times in Infinite's "Be Back" song.
2) Kwon Ji Yong chose his stage name G-Dragon because "Ji" sounds like English alphabet letter "G". In Korean, Yong's  meaning is Dragon.
3) Hyorin spent 2 months hiding in her room before venturing out and socializing!
Did you get any right?
Ok, these are this week's the questions!

1) When was Block B's debut date?

2) What is CNBlue's Jung Yonghwa's life motto?

3) What is JiYoon's, from 4minute  favorite color?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tragedy in Kpop


Ladies Code, a Girl Kpop group, were involved in a tragic car accident this morning at 1:20 AM in South Korea. Sadly, EunB has passed away. The other two members, Sojung and RiSe are undergoing surgery and are in critical condition. Also involved were two stylist who had minor injuries.

According to reports, the van they were traveling in slid in the rainy weather and hit a wall on the Yeongdong Expressway. As more details come out, I will update this post.

Rest in Peace EunB

Pray for Sojung and RiSe!!