Saturday, September 20, 2014

New blog segment come soon!! - K-Drama, Facebook Edition

ANNYEONGHASEYO my fellow K-Drama addicts. Today I, the Korean Drama Queen, am bringing a new segment to the blog. K-Drama, Facebook Edition. 

What if your favorite actor or actress used Facebook during the drama? It could have made watching the drama even more interesting that it already is!! But...since they didn't, I am here to do it for them! Aren't you excited?? 

So, I know you may be sitting there asking yourself "What drama is she going to do first??" Well, I will only give you one hint. You have to listen to the song on the blog. That is all you get. If for some ODD reason you do not know what song this drama is from, well....I do not know if I can associate with you!! Just kidding...sort of but I would really hope you would know! I will leave the song playing for a week before the blog comes out and a week after the blog is published. This will be done with all new Facebook Edition blogs.

I hope you enjoy this new segment!!

~The Korean Drama Queen~

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