Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kpopcation Time

It seems that it's becoming a habit huh?! Me being late with posts. I promise you though, I'm not doing it on purpose. Somehow there's just so much to do and well, like I've said before, I won't give any excuses. It's my fault. You don't have to forgive me since it has happened more than once. 정말요 미안해요 ... 정말요 정말요! (I'm really really sorry! v.v) 

Did you have to scratch your brain for last weeks questions? Yes? No? Not too hard right!? Haha!! ^.^ Get ready for the answers, see how many you got right! 

1) G-Dragon's tattoo on his shoulder with the dragon ball z sphere and 8 stars represent his name and his 8 highest achievements in life. (Pretty neat huh!!) 

2) The one thing that Onew, leader of SHINee, tends to always bring with him to rehearsal time are his glasses!! (Maybe he needs to see his steps clearly, or just feels comfortable wearing them >.>) 

3) So how tall is the leader of MBLAQ. You get it? He's 176 cm tall which in feet is 5.7 ft tall. (I like my man tall!!!! ^.^) 

4) 2pm's fanclub name is what 2pm also is, HOTTEST! (I know i know, they're more than hot, they be burning you up with a wink!!!! EEEEeeppppp) 

5) As far as I know this has been Siwon's favorite song for many many years, The Way You Look Tonight by Tony Bennett! (Who would look at him with anything else besides admiration!)

6) And last but not least, what is JYJ's Junsu's twin's name....Drum roll please .... Junho!!! (Although, I still think that Junsu is a wee bit hotter ^.^) 

There. How many did you get right!?! 

I hope that you're learning more about Kpop and the people that make it awesome!! What would I do if I had never entered this world? I would be ignorant!! I'm beyond happy to actually experience another culture with all it's fab music, people, and FOOD!!!!! 

This weeks questions are more of the companies that gave us our idols... Do you know a lot?! 

1) Who founded Cube Entertainment and what year?

2) What does "YG" in YG Entertainment stand for?

3) Who is the main choreographer for JYP Entertainment's groups? 

As always, best of luck to you!!! 

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