Friday, October 10, 2014

Rant of the Month: October 2014

SM Ent..

Okay, so... Rant of the year, people! As every K-Pop fan knows, 2014 has been pretty bad for K-Pop fans all over the world. And by pretty bad, I mean completely horrible and super tragic. The Ladies Code accident being the superior worst. But... As everyone also knows, another one of the horrible things 2014 had in store was SM's groups going to crap. 

Starting with EXO... Here we go, this will be a long topic. While Kris was not one of my favorite EXO-lites, I still liked that he was part of the group, and I just couldn't see the group without him... So that upset me.. Especially since the groups were uneven. I might he slightly OCD. Anyways.. 
Then we go onto Baekhyun and Taeyeon. NOT necessarily a bad thing! In fact I'm super happy for them.. BUT.. It could be seen as irresponsible if he tried to go into another company if EXO ever didn't work out. Though, in my professional opinion, Baekhyun's skills surpass such a small scandal like that, but entertainment industries LOVE to play it safe. 
Next, we have Lu Han who's planning on leaving(for very good reasons, I might add) But that leaves 2 missing spots in EXO-M. And I love Lu Han. So much. 
But that's not the last bad thing... There's a new rumor that all the other Chinese members such as Lay(♡) and Tao(♡) are leaving EXO as well to make a Chinese group. While this very well may not be true, all the other rumors about SM have been confirmed so far, and even if it turns out false, EXO really needs no more negative publicity. If they all do end up leaving, that leaves Chen and Xiumin all by themselves. The only way they could fix that is by putting Chen and Xiumin in EXO-K, drop the "k", and just keep it EXO. Because more than a mess than this already is, if Chen leaves, the group is screwed. Sorry, that's slightly harsh, but Chen's vocal scale is absolutely amazing. His voice is gorgeous. Omg. 

Other than the EXO situation, we have the f(x) deal. Sulli left f(x). They said "temporarily" but come on.. She left or SM bailed on her. People blame Choiza, but it's not his fault. He's a sweet and caring man. The company just sucks. All the dating scandals are handled so badly that both people end up getting bashed and hurt. 

Speaking of f(x) (because of  being Jessica's sister) We have the SNSD situation. Totally screwed up. Besides the EXO situation, this is one of the most messed up things I've ever heard of. Not only did the other members family members rally against her, her own fellow members (who are like family) and her own company ruled against her... Just for starting her fashion business! WHICH HER COMPANY APPROVED. If that's not the worst kind of betrayal, I have no idea what is. Her company is suppose to protect her.. It's so messed up. And the members said they were just looking out for the group. How is looking out for the best interest of the group kicking out one of the most biased members? If not THE most biased. 

Also.. Red Velvet.. I just don't necessarily care for them. "Ha! Penis!" Was very catchy, but the concept was not good. 

SM's stocks have gone wayyyyyyy down. And the only purely SM groups that are worth anything anymore are Super Junior and SHINee. And I really hope Onew has no more throat problems. I can't stand for that group to go down. And hopefully Super Junior stays strong. Leeteuk ftw♡.. But honestly, I think SM will strongly fade out and die. It sucks that the members have to suffer for the company's crap... 

Rant over.

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