Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Me, myself and I. 

Yes, I know it's been way toooo long! I'm sorry ~v.v~ 
Nothing special is really going on, just busy with work and trying to get a life! But seriously, work takes all my energy, mostly emotionally more than anything else, it's sad huh! I also haven't been keeping up with Kpop songs, Kdramas, or my lovely Idols!! Double Sad!!! I'm so behind and right now I'm trying to catch up on what I've missed, specially with the songs. No, don't worry, I'm not gonna trouble you with my drama. 
I'm such a musical person, (and by that, I just mean I like to listen to it!!!! xD). 
I've recently come across this awesome group called ..... HIGH4. It's made up of four (duh) beyond, and I mean beyond gorgeous guys. MyungHan, Alex, YoungJun, and SungGu! I already called dibs on all of them ... not really haha, my friend beat with MyungHan and SungGu .... Still I'm in love With Alex and YoungJu. (Idk, but I think I have a thing for Kpop Rappers)!!! 

A little about HIGH4 :

  • They debuted April 8 2014 (I know... I'm a little late ...) 
  • They have a contract with N.A.P Entertainment 
    • Which is an independent label distributed by LOEN Ent. 
  • SungGu is the leader and a vocalist ... his voice... smooth! GAH!!!!

  • Alex is a great dancer and a rapper and his fluent in English. Yes sir he is! 

  • MyungHan is the lead vocalist alongside SungGu. He's simply adorable! I'm not kidding. I mean... LOOK AT HIM (down below) he's gorgeous and cute and GAH ... Nosebleed anyone? 

  • YoungJun is also a rapper and the Maknae at the age of 21. 

Ladies, ladies, calm down ... but you're right, they're all over the age of 18!!!!! 

DAMN, there goes that nosebleed again! And to help you maintain that nosebleed, do grovel at the following pictures ... 

Alright Glowers, yes, I've decided to start calling you that, I'm going to let you drool on your computers!! Have a lovely night!!!! ^.^ 

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