Sunday, February 15, 2015

HAS Shanea is BACK!

Hello, my lovelies. It's been quite a while since I've been around, huh? I know... I know... 

So let me update you on a few things about me.

During the fall season, I was in and out of the hospital with my asthma. 

I was having a really hard time. I couldn't breathe right... I basically got out of the hospital because there was nothing they could do for me.. They had pumped a bunch of medicines into me and while there was small progress, that was as good as I was gonna get. Fall and Winter are always my worst seasons..
While I've managed to stay out of the hospital for Winter, I'm not better.. My lungs are still very bad. My breathing still not as good as it should be. And now I have caught a cold on top of that, so blogging might be a tad slow in the coming weeks because of the extreme Nyquil regiment I'm on. Haha. Don't worry, though. I am completely okay. Not life threatening as long as I have my inhalers. Just a little struggle through the colder months. 

Another thing, my computer stopped working well shortly after Christmas. It started running very slow and was basically impossible to do anything on. So now we have a new computer and are ready to go!!

Lastly, I am going to Korea in September of 2015 and will stay there until December 2015. Finally. I'm doing many fundraisers and trying to find a job before I go there to fund it all. I will eventually set up a GoFundMe in case you ever want to donate anything. I would even take a penny. LOL anything helps.. I will be blogging and vlogging the whole time I'm there! So pray for my health to be stable from now until September so I am physically able to travel abroad. 

As always, I love you guys so much. Even though this page has been inactive for a bit (with the exception of our awesome Glow writing things here and there) we have still gotten almost 1 like a week on the facebook page. That's extremely crazy and I just feel so happy that people still like what we have to say. 

Now I know I haven't blogged in awhile. I've missed writing on alot of things in the Korean world. That's okay. I will blog on whatever I feel like blogging on in that moment. I could blog on things from 15 years ago.. The possibilities are ENDLESS with me!  

Absolutely lastly, shoutout to my buddy dViNC3b on Youtube for having marvelous thighs and filling my facebook news feed with great dances. Teach me your skills. Your thighs... I can't even. 

Link to his YT:

Keep checking back and/or like the facebook page for updates and new stuffs!  

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