Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Volunteer trip to Korea!

I've mentioned this is my blog post I posted about me being back.
I won't give all the details until my spot on this trip is guaranteed.. 

But basically, I've come across a volunteer organization that does volunteer trips to South Korea to work with children. As you guys know, my dream is to go to South Korea. So when I found this website, I instantly tried to jump on it... Problem is, they require an upfront fee of $500. Which really kinda sucks for me because even if I could get the $500 to do the project, it's not guaranteed I would be able to raise enough to live in Korea for 2 months plus the plane tickets...

So right now, I'm currently trying to raise $5000 before the end of August because I would leave in September, but I really kinda need to raise enough money before then so that I can pay for the project before all the spots are taken. 

SO. I've researched many things that I can do... 
1 being the Apparent Project.. Which I am currently doing. Basically, what they do is, Haitian families make these bracelets, I sell them for a certain price and they get a certain number of the profit and I get a certain number of the profit. 

The bracelets look like this
If you would like to buy one, they're $10 each. They're really pretty, I love mine.

If you want to buy a 1 or how many ever, send me an email at
saying how many you want and your address, and send the money to on paypal. Once I receive funds in the paypal account, I will ship your bracelets to you that day. Unless it's in the middle of the night. lol then I can't until the next day. 

Also other things I'm doing.. I have set up a GoFundMe account. I've never had any luck with GoFundMe, but I'm hoping to be able to raise at least some money towards me going. 

So my gofundme website is

If you can donate, I'd love you forever. However, if you can't donate, that's perfectly fine. Just please share it to your facebook and other people's facebooks and other websites... I would greatly appreciate it. 

Throughout this whole thing, if you would like pictures and/or videos from my Korea trip when I do go... Send me an email at and whenever I go to Korea, I will keep you updated! Or you can just save this link too as I will update HAS while I'm there. (But you'll probably get more photos and info if you email me)

I'll be doing other fundraisers in the future, but for now this is all. I love you guys.. Never forget that. Thanks so much for all the support you've given me thus far. 

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