Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Obsession: Akdong Musician

AKMU is not your normal K-pop group. They aren't flashy, they aren't "gorgeous". They're just amazing. 

I think she's beautiful and he's cute in a dorky way. 
His looks kinda remind me of  
Taeil from Block B


Changmin from 2AM

See? See?

Anyways... I'm going to admit that I wasn't always big on AKMU.  See, I have this sort of rebellion towards all thing EXTREMELY famous sometimes. Let me give you a few examples... 
I use to not like Hyuna too much.. Not because she was "slutty" or "really out there" but because she was just all people talked about. 
The biggest example would have to be Psy - Gangnam Style though. 
I LOVED Gangnam style.... Before everyone in the world also loved it. Then I started to very much dislike it. And refused to even listed to Gentleman or Hangover when they came out. Even though I later found out I do like the songs.. I do this sometimes... I don't know why. I don't know what starts it.. It just happens...
So AKMU came out and everyone was talking about the siblings on Kpop Star 2 and they were just so famous so I was like "Ya know... I don't wanna look them up" And that's probably a good thing because I was really into the whole electronic Kpop side of Kpop back then. So I may not have actually fully enjoyed AKMU.

But now that I actually listen to them, they're so amazing it makes me want to cry. Lol! Their voices are just absolutely crazy good. And when they harmonize... Forget about it. It's very refreshing to hear their songs, but one song is particular I just absolutely love. It's so beautiful and there's just no words to explain them. 
That song would be Time and Fallen Leaves.
If you haven't heard it and/or read the lyrics, it's just crazy beautiful. 
Another one is Melted
They're just exceptionally talented and their songs are all so pretty and nice. I feel like if I didn't even listen to Korean songs, these are songs I would still listen to. So if you have never heard them, please check them out and share them. Because they're just so great. 

I keep saying the same thing over and over again, don't I? 

This means I really feel it, guys. Seriously. This group is just so different. 

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