Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Pedonoona Chronicles ~ Part 1 ~ BTS


Bangtan Boys
Boys That Slay
Baby They Sexy
Bring Them Soon

I could go on but....I think you get the drift. 

Let's just stop a moment and breathe and think about this glorious group of boys. Boys...BOYS! Did you hear me? BOOOYS!! Do you guys know old I am? Well I am not going to tell you but I will tell you that I could be their MOTHER! And these guys are killing me. Thank GOD, I am not the only Pedonoona in the world. For awhile, I really thought someone was going to have me locked up lol.  The life of a Pedonoona is really hard. Especially if you have kids...and they are their age. FREAKING SCARY! Almost makes me sick...almost lol

Anyway back to these BOYS!

LOOK AT THEM! How can anyone NOT be attracted to them in some way? I mean they are HOT. I don't care how old they are! Now guys, when I say all this, please do not think that if I saw them in person I would be sneaking them into hotel rooms or that I fantasize about them in a sexual way. That is not the way of the Pedonoona ( well at least not THIS Pedonoona ). Just because we squeal like baby pigs at the sight of them does not make us sickos. We just enjoy beauty, and sexiness of Koreans....of ALL ages!!

My Bias. Rap Monster. Mmmm. What can I say? He is just so damn cute!! And thankfully he is a year OLDER than my OLDEST child lol but it is still creepy when you think about it. Still love him though!

Suga. He keeps trying to steal the bias spot. He needs to stop!! I actually did not like him much when they first came out but he is growing on me! To give you an idea of my age, he was born a year before I graduated High School. Let that sink in for a minute. *shivers*

J Hope. Still older than my oldest, still creepy I know but I still love him. He is the goofiest member and I LOVE LOVE LOVE his kissy lips. I know you have seen them!!

Jungkook. Man oh Man. He combines cuteness with sexiness. Look at that look he is giving you right now. Look at it!! That is not a "Hey let's play ball" look. That is a "I am going to eat you alive look!"  Sadly he is younger than oldest and close to my second oldest and that makes me sad =(

V. V has his moments. Sometimes he is extremely cute, sometimes he is just...ehh ok. He was born in the same year as my oldest but luckily he is safe. I do not favor him much.

Jimin. His body should be illegal on a 19 year old. I mean...DAYUM. 

Jin..../sigh....sorry guys but he is my least favorite and its for one reason only. His lips. They irritate me for some reason. I am a lip woman and his are a turnoff which I guess is a good thing in this whole Pedonoona thing. I am sure he is out there thanking the Gods that he is off at least ONE Pedonoona list. 

So, my fellow Pedonoonas, who out of this group is your favorite and why? Do you get a lot of crap for being a Pedonoona? You can all vent here. I have probably heard it all.

Until next time.....

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