Saturday, April 4, 2015

Miss A - Only You

Miss A's comeback!

Oh how I love Miss A. Very much. But I will tell you I have some very unpopular opinions about this one.

But I won't start off with that... I'll start off saying... 
I recognize this guy from  somewhere... He's super sexy, but I can't quite remember who he is.. Can anyone tell me??

Ok, so now starts the unpopular opinions....

About the song.... Yeah.... I don't really like it. *cringes* *suspenseful "dun dun duuuuunnnnn" music plays*...
I really don't like the song too terribly much.... And that's surprising because I really love Miss A. It's just not my cup of tea. 
Nothing really more to say about it. :/

About the dance...

.... Yeah... I don't like it either.. D: I know, I know... Don't kill me...

Also... Suzy. Now I'm going to go ahead and clarify this now.. I am not saying anything negative about Suzy because of her new relationship. I'm actually very happy her and Lee Min Ho are together! CAN YOU IMAGINE THEIR BABIES?!?!?!? THEY'LL BE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!
Back to Suzy...
She looks like an alien.... She's WAYYYY too super skinny.

She just really looks like an alien to me.... Until she smiles anyways... Then she's cute Suzy again!

Though I still do think she's way too skinny now.

I'm a notorious Min lover... Like if I was a lesbian... That girl... But that's the thing. Min is usually REALLY sexy in all the music videos they do... But she's really cutesy in this one.

While she's absolutely gorgeous and adorable, I prefer super sexy Min over cute Min.

Something I LOVE though... The blue outfits. They're all sexy and the girls all rock them!!

Jia actually looks REALLY good in this music video!! For everyone who doesn't know, I have a huge Love-Hate relationship with Jia! She looks creepy as crap in music videos, but I love her on variety shows and I love her personality. But finally a music video she looks really good in!!!

There is absolutely nothing you can do ever to make Fei look bad. Fei is mind-numbingly gorgeous and sexy.. I love her to death.

A few last side things... 


I love that Min finally grew her hair out some. She looks good regardless.

"Duck Face"

I would love to party with Miss A

Well that concludes this blog! Hope you liked it!! :)

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