Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Latest Song Obsession JooYoung Feat. Hyorin and Iron ERASE (지워)!!!

My Latest Song Obsession JooYoung Feat. Hyorin and Iron ERASE (지워)!!!

Wow! Seriously, just wow.

It's been a long time my friends, and I'm sorry for making you worry. No I know you didn't, but still, do try to go along with me. For my pride!

Anyways, much hasn't really happened, I've just been working, finally joined a gym, and I'm on my way saving money for my Korean trip.

Omo, I haven't told you, yeah i know, that was sarcastic. I started saving money in the last week of March so that I'll be able to visit South Korea in July 2016. I'll be going with a friend if I save enough money. Excitement cruises through my body sending little electric shocks everywhere at the Idea of even having a date to visit. I'm wanting to stay for a good 4 weeks and go look at everything that I can within that time. I'll be going with a friend who I'll be meeting in Seattle this June. I'm thrilled. Omg I can't contain how thrilled I am. If you could see how fast my fingers are typing and the dorky smile on my face, because I can't contain my excitement, then you would know how happy I am. 

Although this song came out November 20th 2014, I'm still in love with it. To be honest i don't even know how I first came to listen to it. I think I was lost on Youtube. Haha!!! 

It's taking about trying to Erase the memories, photos and the love of that person. Talking about how they always went behind each other's back and well, cheated in a way. It's a very sad song talking about pretty much relationships out there right now. How we pretend to be something we're not with each other and then how we really are when we're by ourselves. The one thing I personally hate the most is liars. I hate lying, if you can't be honest with me, then why should I even give you the time of day. 

On a lighter note, Hyorin's voice is , gah, I can't describe it. I seriously have a a huge girl crush on her. Lol. She's beyond amazing. She's fabulous, gorgeous, and has a voice that, well is unique soft yet powerful, distinctive. 

Their dance to this song is pretty damn sexy. I mean, why wouldn't it be, Hyorin is in it!!! ^.^ 

The link below is to their dance version only

This next link is to their MV!

A little about Kim JooYoung 

  • He was born March 9th 1991 
  • He's with Starship X Entertainment 
  • He's gorgeous, What else do you want!!! 
Enjoy these picture, and get a napkin for that drool!!! 

By Glow

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