Monday, May 4, 2015

My favorite song of the year, guys.. JYP - Who's Your Mama

I would like to know who his mama is... 

So I can thank her.... For having her beautiful son.. 

I know that's an unpopular opinion... But I honestly think JYP is one of the most attractive men in the Kpop business. Before you start yelling at me because "OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? HAVE YOU SEEN BIGBANG??" Yes, I also am a VIP, BUT... No one can deny that there is an undeniable sexy glow about JYP. Sure his face may not be the sexiest in the world, but his personality just kills me! Just by watching him and how he acts, you can tell how awesome of a person he is. 

Now this may come as a shock to many people because everyone who reads my blogs knows how much I adore Kim Jong Kook, but I honestly think on the marriage scale, I'd rather marry JYP than Kim Jong Kook. NO THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU GUYS CAN HAVE KIM JONG KOOK!!! HE WILL FOREVER BE MINE. 
But really think about it... Kim Jong Kook, as sexy and many and gorgeous and amazing and funny and perfect as he is, would not have too much time for his wife since he's busy working out all the time and Running Man and solo artist activities and US tours... BUT. Marrying JYP would be like a party!!!! Every single day. He's so much fun to watch and be around.. I really think marrying JYP would be the best thing anyone could do. 
Off that subject and back onto the song...

Hands down.. BEST SONG OF THE YEAR so far!!
That includes BIGBANG's comeback, BTS comeback, EXO comeback, Miss A comeback, EXID comeback.. ALL OF THEM. He surpassed them all. Though EXO came pretty close. 

Brilliant music video:

Brilliant dance:

Brilliant song:

BRILLIANT! Absolutely genius! The whole thing was just pure gold.... 

And using Jessi from Lucky J was perfect. She has a husky voice, sexy body, and her rap was just so smooth. LOL that's weird of me to say, but it was.

Y'all just don't realize how much I "Shake that booty, that booty booty" around my house these days. This song is just SO. FREAKING. GOOD.

And even when JYP is trying to be serious talking about butts... I can't take him seriously. Maybe that's because of Dream High (where I originally fell in love with him)

This man is 42... FORTY TWO, PEOPLE!!!! And he still gets down and works his stuff like he's 20. Dang I love this man so much. And have so much respect for him.. I honestly think he's the best CEO of all Korean Entertainment agencies. He's literally the best. I would LOVE to be an artist with JYP.

Ok so I'm done for now.. I didn't get very thorough in this blog post, but maybe I will do a more thorough one later! Tell me what you think of this comeback! Thanks for reading! :)

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