Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Drama Review Introduction: 구여친클럽 (Ex Girlfriends Club)

As one may have noticed, I stopped writing drama reviews a long while ago. It's not because I stopped watching them, nooooooooooo lovelies I did not.. I'm still obsessed with Korean dramas. Besides this one, It's Okay, That's Love was one of the best ones I've seen recently. But I stopped writing reviews because on HAS I turned over the drama scene to HAS KDQ. But I've realized recently that there are some drama I literally want to write a review on RIGHT THEN. As I'm watching it. And this drama was the strongest one. I couldn't NOT write a drama review on it.. So from now on, I will write more reviews.. Not every drama I watch will have a review. Basically only the ones I watch and LOVE. Like "feeling like I can't breathe because this show is gonna end eventually" love.

Some facts about this drama:

1) This drama was still going on. The last episode airs on Saturday, June 13th(KST). Which is Friday here in America. :'(

2) The drama was originally suppose to be 16 episodes long. BUT, because the ratings were horrible in Korea, they decided to end the show at 12 episodes.. So they're having to speed along the story line so they can end in 12 episodes. Which normally would make the drama awkward because the cast has a whole new script to go by and the directors and producers are out of their mind busy and stressed to just finish the drama on time. This drama is not one of those cases. The actors, actresses, producers, writers, and directors have done such an AMAZING job of keeping the drama amazing, heartwarming, butterfly tingly feeling AND ALSO funny, well hilarious actually, and jam-packed with loads of drama. Just the way we all love dramas.... Drama filled. ;P Like a drama filled donut. Mmmmmmm... 

3) This is literally one of the best dramas I have ever seen thus far. The chemistry, the relationships, the personalities, and the situations are all just extraordinarily real and genuine. Even the way Myeong Soo looks at Soo Jin is so real. Every thing just seems so real. It makes my heart flutter and makes me feel lonely because I don't have a Myeong Soo in my life all at the same time. The way he looks at her makes me feel like this isn't even a drama. Like it's all real and he's actually in love with her. 

4) Lee Yoon Ji (the lioness Hwa Young) found out while the drama is still airing that she is 3 months pregnant. Congratulations!!!

Now I've actually talked about a bit of the drama in that last part, so I'll go into introducing the actors and characters..

1) The lovely Ms. Song Jihyo.

My girl. This girl can ACT!! I mean really ACT! In fact, she can do anything. Even bungee jump from ridiculously high altitudes.

She's gorgeous, funny, and overall just amazing. Most people know her as "Mong Jihyo" or Running Man's "Ace" or "Queen of Luck" as she's generally very lucky. There hasn't been a single drama with her in it that I haven't liked. She is always some amazing, wacky, spunky character that just lights up any drama. I LOVE HER!

Ji Hyo plays Kim Soo Jin. The main female lead.
Soo Jin is a film producer wants nothing more than to save her production company. Because of this, she accepts the a project to produce a webtoon. But eventually finds out that the webtoon writer is her ex boyfriend Myung Soo who is actually writing about his ex girlfriends. And as the movie starts shooting, the project also brings Myung Soo's other ex-girlfriends back into his life all at the same time. (Which is a nightmare, btw) and its all actually her fault. LOL. Myung Soo and Soo Jin have a very complicated past.. Involving her thinking she was his girlfriend at one point, and him not thinking that. (It's explained later on why they thought differently)... She has 2 gorgeous dudes in love with her.. Myung Soo and the director for the movie, Jo Gun. Who will win..? I know who wins. :D

Byun Yo Han.

Byun Yo Han plays Bang Myung Soo. This man is so gorgeous, I'm going to have to ask him to STOP. He's seriously caused me to squeal like a freaking dolphin when he smiles.

Bang Myung Soo is a popular writer of webtoons. His most famous webtoon is about his past relationships, specifically his three ex-girlfriends, which includes an older, wealthy divorcee, a chic and successful woman who works at an investment firm, and a nonpopular actress(Who I absolutely love) The webtoon reveals plenty of details about Myung Soo's love life, and it becomes a huge hit. Soon his webtoon gets adapted into a movie and the drama ensues. Hilarious drama.. But lots of it. 

Lee Yoon Ji

Lee Yoon Ji plays Jang Hwa Young, the lion in Myung Soo's webtoon. She's the one who has her life together the most... Until Myung Soo comes back and sends everything crashing back down... She has a great career, an amazing fiancee, and a generally happy life. Even though she's selfish and probably the wackiest one out of the bunch. 

Jang Ji Eun

Jang Ji Eun plays Na Ji Ah, the cat in Myung Soo's webtoon. She's probably the worst and most conniving and sneaky of them all. She's also Myung Soo's first love... She's a divorcee just trying to figure her life out.. And also trying to snag Myung Soo back into her life.. In the worst of ways.. She's the cool one, but she also has some horrible tricks up her sleeve. I honestly think she's the worst... Like I think she's gorgeous but she's sooooooooo bad. So bad. So so so bad. I can't stress this enough.

Ryu Hwayoung

Ryu Hwayoung plays Lara(Ra Ra whichever.) The fox in Myung Soo's webtoon. Lara is an actress (And not a successful one) who just wants to make her way into the successful acting world. While trying to seduce the director Jo Gun so that he'll stay on the project and make the movie, she seems to develop feelings for him. So the whole time that Myung Soo has feelings for Soo Jin, she's egging him on and on his team. She's probably the realest character of them all.. She's very straightforward and to the point.. I REALLY love Lara's character. Really.

Jo Jung Chi

Jo Jung Chi plays Choi Ji Hoon, Soo Jin's brother in law. He's very supportive and very funny throughout the whole drama.. I love him dearly. Haha.

Do Sang Woo

Do Sang Woo plays the role of the director Jo Gun. He's extremely gorgeous... Jo Gun's character is extremely cocky and arrogant. That typical guy that you love to hate in dramas. He develops feelings for Soo Jin while working on the project... And he SERIOUSLY. HATES. DRIVING. I feel ya there, Jo Gun, I also seriously hate driving. Ugh.. 

Kim Sa Kwon

Kim Sa Kwon plays Yeong Jae (Hwa Young's fiancee) There's not too much to say about his character other than, he's an extremely nice guy... Until you screw him over... Then he's completely evil.. And I love him... And feel sad for him in this drama. Sadddd. Sad sad.

Okay so this wraps up my introduction to the new drama review series I'm starting on Ex Girlfriends Club. I hope you liked it! Stay tuned for episode by episode reviews and GO WATCH THE SHOW. NOWWWWW. IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Epik High Concert June 2nd 2015

So here I am drinking some delicious Peach Green Tea Lemonade and eating a pound Lemon Cake when I realize that I should really write a blog. And just so you know, the tea tastes really nice on a 92° day!!! The pound cake, well, I'm just hungry. Anyways.... 


I sadly didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, but I took a bunch of videos. 

Anyways ... 

It was the three of us, Gracie, Krystal and I who were able to enjoy the presence of Epik High. Since we wanted to get good seats, we decided to leave about an hour early and get in line. Except it didn't workout that way ... >.< 

In Seattle, yes their show was in Seattle WA, they have two Showbox theaters. One near the Pike Market place, and another one by the Safeco stadium. Having not known that, we went to the one that was near the market. Gracie was all like, I can't believe you guys didn't know that. And was to say the least dissapointed. The Showbox by the Safeco stadium was like a good 10-15 minute drive... there was no way we were going to walk ... So, we took a taxi... Let me tell you. That was the first time taking a taxi in the US. I'd taken several in Mexico, but never up here. And it was fun!!! I sat front seat. 

Anywho... We got there and there was already people inside and still a long line. This is the picture (Down) and there was still a big line behind us. It was amazing being around a bunch of people who appreciated, no, who adored Kpop as much as us!! It was amazing!!! Once we got inside it was hella dark, with some lights here and there. But we made it in time...Unfortunately since we got there so late, we got the back of the crowd AND with the tall people, I couldn't even see the stage...(yes, please cry with me) 

BUT ... with Gracie leading we were able to get infront of some tall people and were able to see the stage... Thank God. I would have been so mad, if I didn't even got a glimpse!!! >.< As the concert continued, people pushed their way up to the front. It happened so much that I think I have a bruise or two to show for it. Haha... Kidding ... No I'm not!! 

So... yep, you guessed it, I was like, what the heck come back here. No I wasn't but still, I pushed myself kindly up to almost the front.. And I say kindly since I was like "Excuse me," "Thank You," Lol. No I didn't push anyone ... too hard. Lol. 

Tablo ended up coming down to us poor Kpop lovers and walked through the crowd.. The crowd, what you expect, was FRANTIC. Haha. It was total chaos... I got so squished!!!! OMO!! But i was seriously like inches...INCHESS ... I'm telling you ... From touching this precious person!!! Maybe next time!!! 

All in all, it was beyond my expectation. I loved it...LOVED IT!!!! I jumped on my tiptoes for 2+ hours and woke up the next day with sore, and I mean sore calves ... did I mention sore calves?!?! It was all worth it!!! 

Once we got out of there, I was drenched, both with sweat and water that DJ Tukutz's water hit me right on the face. Lol ... My once straight hair was curly (I have naturally curly hair)!! 

see, curly hair

It was definitely a night to remember. I want to definitely have tons of Kpop concerts under my belt!!! 

Definitely, it was definitely a fun drive and concert... Would do it again!!! 

Since we're on the Topic ... A little About Epik High! 

They currently are with YG Entertainment. They been there since 2012 

  • Tablo (AKA) Lee Seon  Woong or Daniel Armand Lee is Epik High's Leader 
    • Born July 22 1980 (that's coming up!!!) 
    • Biggest inspiration is Drunken Tiger (I also love him, and his voice!!!)
    • Has an adorable daughter named Haru 

  • DJ Tukutz (AKA) Kim Jung Sik is as his name suggest the DJ and also producer. He also sings. 
    • He was born November 19 1981
    • He has a handsome looking boy!! 

  • Mithra (AKA) Mithra Jin and/or Sleeping M 
    • Born January 6 1983
    • He originally wanted to be a poet. 
    • He enlisted in the Army for two years and got out 2012 before joining YG Entertainment. 
    • He's also the group's maknae.