Saturday, June 6, 2015

Story time!

Today's story is how I met the lovely HAS Glow.

So by now you have probably realized that I have pictures of me and both HAS Vince 

and HAS KDQ(Korean Drama Queen).

This is for many reasons.. 1 KDQ is my mother (as if you couldn't tell lol) and Vince is my best friend. 2. They live near me... Glow lives on the WAYYY opposite side of the country. I live in the south, she lives in the northwest. 

So the question that would pop up in most people's minds is... Well then how do you know her? She's not part of my actual family (though we accept her as part now), she's not a friend of a friend... We literally had no ties to each other... 

Well the answer to that question may surprise you... It's very far from the ordinary. We didn't meet through an app that you meet people on, we didn't meet through a facebook post and we had similar views... 

Let me walk you through our story. 

Around 2 years ago, my blog wasn't as big as it is now, but it was alot more active... So I usually got alot of messages on facebook and emails about my blog... Well I happened to check my "other" folder, since that's where all the messages go to... And I find this little gem.

Yes... We actually met because of this blog.  THATS CRAZY ISN'T IT?????? She was actually, for lack of a better word, a fan of my blog before we became friends. 
Which I just now found out that everytime she searched for something, my blog always popped up.. And she refused to read it at first because she thought it was just a personal blog.. Which I mean it kinda is... but it also had alot of info.. And finally after 5 times of skipping OVER ME she decided to click on the blog and read it. And she loved me, she really loved me! LOL

After she sent that message, like weeks afterwards, we still barely talked.. Just an occasional kpop question or suggestion. Well eventually I got a bright idea... Let's see what each others biases are in kpop groups..
So it became a game.. We learned all about our biases in each group (though I named alot of groups she didn't know yet) and from then on it just blew up. She was there for me while I was in the hospital, while I was having major boyfriend problems, everything.. Eventually we became really good friends. And after we became just good friends, she sent me a particular message that just boosted her up into best friend status.

(That picture is me, btw) I realized then that she was just soooo freaking awesome, I don't know how I went 17 or 18 years not knowing her. LOL

Time went on... She learned alot about kpop and kdramas and I finally decided to add her to this blog.. The very blog I met her on.. Because she's a beautiful person inside and out and is really fun to talk and listen to.. So I figured she'd be a great addition. 
(BTW here's the introduction blogs.. The one I wrote and the one she wrote.)

And that's when she joined the family. All of us here at HAS love her to death. 

I have a little ending note here... Ahem...

Dear Glowstick who lights up HAS and its staff's lives,
I personally am truly honored to have been with you on your kpop journey since basically the beginning. I'm very thankful that you did give the blog a chance and read it, because if you hadn't, I would never have met you and that's not cool. I'm honored to have provided you with info when you were just starting out. So thank you. And thank you for everything you do for the blog and for me personally. Life wouldn't be the same without you, and I love you dearly. <3

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