Saturday, July 18, 2015

After a long wait, Sexy Korea has returned! Joo Sang Wook edition!

Dear lovely readers, I'm going to have to ask you at this moment to stop what you're doing... Duck tape your mouth shut
so no one can hear your screaming and squealing.. And enjoy what's about to be put in front of your screen.. For a man like this doesn't come around much.

 She needs to step away....
 (My least favorite picture... That's only because I don't really like the facial hair he has going.....)
 Not showing an inch of abs and yet this has to be the sexiest picture of him!
 I'm loving the animal print underwear. They're nice. :P
 I don't necessarily like this picture either... He kinda looks sick. 

2nd favorite picture of him......

So there you go, ladies. You're welcome.

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