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This week in the news 7-4-15


Hello to all of my Korean loving peeps, it is your Korean Drama Queen here bringing you the latest in Kpop/Kdrama/Korean news.

First I would like to say HAPPY 4TH to all of my American readers out there. It is time to party, grill and blow up stuff! 

On to the news.


WEEEEEEE! GOT7 is having a comeback with a scheduled date of July 13. (Thanks guys for my early birthday present!) How excited are you? What do you think the guys are going for this time, something softer or the rocking, hip thrusting, body rolling concept of last time? I can't wait to find out!!

Girl group battle. Yep, it is on for this summer. SONAMOO announced this week that they will have their comeback with their second album sometime in July. They debuted just 6 months ago with their album Deja Vu. If you have not heard of them, here is their video "Deja Vu"

They are pretty cute and the music is good BUT to me it seems like they ripped off the style and dance moves from Girls Generation "I Got A Boy". Maybe that is just me.

WOOOHOOO! Teen Top's newest album "Natural Born Teen Top" has ranked the top of Gaon album chart. Have you seen the video? No? Oh you are going to watch it here. Yes? Guess what, you get to watch it again!

They are so cute!! And true to Teen Top nature they have added their fancy foot work in their dance again. I love it! Also (only true Angels will know what I am talking about here) they have reminded us where their heart is. (hint...its not in the chest lol)

U-KISS singer Soohyun announces that he is planning a solo Japanese album. He is the first of all the members to do so. I am not a big Jpop fan but I am a Soohyun fan so I will support him in whatever he does. FIGHTING...or whatever they say in Japan :)

Cutie singer/songwriter Crush dropped a surprise this week announcing that he has a new comeback coming out July 9th...shortly before his appearance at KCON LA. While we are on the subject of Crush, he has yet another surprise! His comeback song "Oasis" will feature....ZICO!! This should be an amazing track. Can not wait to hear it!

Another group that is having a comeback is one of our writers FAVORITE group B1A4. HAS Vince, this is for you! B1A4 has been throwing hints about their new comeback set to release sometime in Aug. They are having a comeback festival and have quite a few events planned ending with a comeback parade before the release. Maybe we should all send HAS Vince to Korea!


Tiger JK released a new single called "I know" on July 2nd. Here is the teaser video.

 I am not much of a Tiger JK fan. I did not even know about him until I watched him on Running Man but to all of you fans out there, this should make you happy!

Infinite has announced the date of their comeback!! Their album "Reality" will be released July 13th at Midnight (Korea Time) I know you guys are excited about this one! To add to the excitement, Infinite is planning a second world tour "Infinite Effect" beginning August 9th in Seoul.

HAS Shanea!! OMG HAS SHANEA!!! (and of course the rest of our fans) Guess what?? LeeSsang has announced that they will have their first comeback in 3 years!!! What is better than that? They are releasing a digital single on my birthday!! (July 15th) Aaaaand, Gil is coming back to the public scene after being on the DL since his DUI in 2014. On July 5th, there will be a 19+ talk concert featuring Skull and Haha. Oh how I would love to go to that one!!

ATTENTION ALL VIXX FANS! Tickets for their Orlando showcase go on sale THIS WEEKEND. The group will have a 1 night showcase at the House of Blues. Get your tickets here


Here is your list of this weeks newest Kdramas to check out!


Staring Ha-Ji won and Lee Jin-wook, this drama is about 2 people in their 30's who have been best friends since high school. They went through every milestone together for over 17 years but never had a romance between them. This is a 16 episode drama that was released on June 27th and will run until July 20th. 


Staring 2NE1's Dara and Winner's Kang Seung-yoon, this drama is about 2 ex lovers who still live under the same roof. This is a 10 episode drama that was released on June 29th and will run until July 20th.


Staring Son Dam Bi, this drama is about a single lady who is trying to find her own happiness in life and figure out what she really loves. This is a 12 episode drama that was released on June 30th and will run until Sept 15th.


Staring park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk, this drama is about a chef who is possessed by a ghost but the star chef does not believe in them. This is a 16 episode drama that was released on July 3rd and will run through Aug 22nd.


Staring Winner's Nam Tae-Hyun and Kim Seung-woo, this drama is about a master chef who has a restaurant that is only open after midnight. He has no menus, he only fixes what the customers wish to eat. The master believes that the food and his healing powers can solve his diners problems. This is a 30 episode drama that was released on July 4th and will run until October 10th. 

There you have it. This week's Kpop and Kdrama news. Check back next week for more!!

~The Korean Drama Queen~ 

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