Wednesday, August 12, 2015



So, I'm loving this whole idea that BigBang has. They always have unique ideas about how they display their music. They came back with their Made series that includes 8 songs in total. 

Let's get started yeah?! ^.^ 

It was released May 1st 2015


It's a song about many different things. As G-Dragon said "However, we wanted to offer a [more universal] theme with this song, so we drew a bigger picture. Somebody may not have a friend and somebody may not have love, you know? Everyone lives in a different situation. Depending on how you accept it, this song could be your story." 

I think we can all relate to this song. I love the melody of the song. For me, I apply it to my love life, at least when the song came out, I didn't have a boyfriend. I always thought to be honest, that I wouldn't ever have someone. I'm such a people person, how could I not have someone? 

What about you? What do you think that song means to you? 

Bae Bae

G-Dragon gets handsy (please watch the video) Everyone has a girl by their side, It's all very sexy. According to T.O.P this is what they discussed and what they intended the song with. "We discussed this amongst ourselves and the theme contains the selfish desire for a woman not to age. We thought of how we could express that in an interesting way. We thought about what age people usually consider a woman to be the most beautiful so 25? 26? After contemplating, we decided on 25. There is no big meaning to it.”

Do you feel like 25 is our (women) most conceited age? Do you feel at the prime, peak of your life? 

It was released June 1st 2015

Bang Bang Bang 

Ok, this song is pretty much talking about devouring each other. Hahaha. So it's saying pretty much that you can lose yourself, show your confidence, be a party animal. I like it like it!!! 

We Like 2 Party 

I absolutely love this mv. Bigbang has amazing and I mean amazing talent in putting music videos and concerts together. The thing with this MV is that they're just simply having fun. All of them having been of age, drank before the MV was recorded. You see a new side of them. They're laughing, partying, enjoying life. You see the connection between all of them. Their Bromance as some people would say. I simply love it. 

Released July 1st 2015 

If You 

Sad day. We don't have an MV for this song.We take quite a turn and start seeing how they're reflecting on their past breakup. Talking about how they could have done better to her, Can they get back together? Will she have him again? All the questions that go through our head after a breakup. Sometimes we know it's good for us to have that separation, but that doesn't make it any less hard about being away from the person you love. The love never goes away. We keep some stuff from that relationship to later look at them. Everyone has done that. I know I have. 


Bigbang is trying to convey the message about how much he wants to do things and be part of something bigger. But he can't do that without being harshly judge by the public, the world, that he needs to grow up, act his age, like an adult. It's a little sad, and it hits home. A lot of us go through this process as we grow up but hating growing up. We just want to have fun. What's wrong with that? This MV also states that no matter what he does now he finds no enjoyment. They've given up on their dreams. Or something of the sort. As you seen in the MV they're in a world of their own with no rules, no cares, no laws. A world they dreamed of. 

What do you think? 

It was released August 5th 2015 

Let's Not Fall In Love 

Let's not make any promises, let's not fall in love. I'm scared. Don't get me wrong, I really do like you. This is pretty much what they're saying. How many times have you been scared of getting into a relationship? I know I have multiple times. Trusting someone with your feelings and your heart, well, that's a BIG step to take. I trust too easily, get hurt easily, and repeat the process. I know i should learn my mistake, but i can't help myself. 

What about you? 

Zutter (GD&TOP)

I have no words... I laughed,  I got scared for them, I was in awe. My emotions were everywhere with this one. GD&TOP are seriously simply amazing. I'm so happy that they made a comeback as a duo again. I can't wait for more greatness!!!! 

Alright lovelies!! This is all for tonight!!!! [ Go get some napkins for all that drool... I can see it from way over here ;) ]

HAS ~ Glo