Wednesday, September 30, 2015

GOT7 Comeback!

GOT7 - 니가 히면 (If You Do)

BEST COMEBACK OF 2015. And that's a hard thing to say since their song "Just Right" absolutely blew my favorite song chart. The GOT7 comebacks this year have just completely blew my mind. And they're polar opposites, also. "Just Right" was a very upbeat happy song talking about insecurities that females have that men don't even see. Telling to just be yourself and don't change a thing. Very happy, loving song. However, "If You Do" is the opposite. This comeback showed the more manly, rebellious, super sexy, and heartbroken sides of all the members. That paired with the groovy sound of the song, it's the perfect comeback. At least in my opinion.

First thing I would like to really point out is how amazing these guys are. Like really, the choreography for this song is absolutely ridiculous. I couldn't do it even if I tried for years. It's so amazing and so complex, even JYP himself posted on Twitter and Instagram bragging like a proud father about how these guys mastered this dance even though it was difficult. Hands up if you think JYP is the best CEO!!

Even 2PM agrees.

So the music video hit 1million views in way under 24 hours. That's how great it is.. So if you haven't went and listened to it yet, I have no clue what you're waiting for, but I'm certain you'll regret the wasted time..

There you go..

Anyways, so ever since this song came out 2 days ago, I've had it on repeat. That's how much I love this song. I can't even put into words how this song makes me feel. I've had the song on repeat, but I've been having mini panic attacks everytime I hear the song. I know that's weird, but this song just strikes a nerve. I have so many waves of emotions wash over me while listening to this song. And in their singing you can just feel the emotion dripping in their voice.

Ok so first thing about the music video that got me..
BAM BAM IS HOT. LIKE, WHAT? Bam Bam? More like Damn Damn... Because OMG..
How do you go from angelic little cutie pie..

To smoking hot MAN?

EMPHASIS ON THE LAST ONE WITH THE LICKING OF THE LIPS. Bam Bam, you need to Stop Stop It. Bad GOT7 reference, I know... Sorry, but how could I not? That reference was Just Right. Anyways, Hello Bam Bam, I Like You. Even with your Bad Behavior when you busted up that car. If You Do that again, you'll have to Follow Me to A Playground and we'll be Good Tonight. Ok, I'm sorry. I promise I'm done. But forreal, how hot is he?? I'm sure he has plenty of Girls Girls Girls following him everywhere now, whereas before we all just wanted to be his sibling because he is adorable. (Btw, I know I did another one. I had my fingers crossed when I promised. Sorry, not sorry. However, I am really done now.)

Second thing that really got me is Jr.. Those feels... While everyone else's acting was good, the other actor in the group(JB) just looked like he was an angry dog. He didn't have any other feeling in him but hatred. Just like the other group except his were a little more exaggerated.. Which is FINE! But.... Junior... About killed me. Sometimes I forget that Jr is an actor also, but in this MV you can't. His reactions are absolutely heartbreaking. Whoever breaks Jr's heart and makes him cry will have to put up with me. Because no way I can manage to watch him cry.

His expression at first is just blank.. That kind of blankness that almost everyone goes through when they're really hurt. Almost like you're numb... And then over time the anger comes out, and then finally the breakdown. It's very relatable. Especially to me.

The rest of the members (except Mark, he is just sad) are just mad.
What with JB's Mad dog impression.

BamBam's busting up a car

Yugyeom about to beat this girl's door down
(Which, unfortunately, I decided to not take too many screenshots of)

Youngjae's vandalism and bad word

Jackson tearing up the punching bag

And then Mark just looks sad

But still divalicious. 

So, yeah.. This song hurt on so many levels. But also was the most amazing song of 2015.

Besides BIGBANG's "Made" album, though. There's really still no topping that. No matter how much I love GOT7. 

My top 5 Kpop bias list goes like:
Kim Jong Kook (ultimate bias forever and ever)
U-Kiss/BIGBANG/GOT7 all in one because I can't choose which one I like more

Anyways, thanks for reading this blog, lovelies. Sorry I haven't been around more. I still love you all the same :)

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