Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hello lovelies!

Hello my lovely readers. I know we haven't updated much lately. There's so much going on its ridiculous but here's a brief summary of events going down..

I (Shanea) just got out of the hospital about a week ago. I had respiratory failure at 4am one Monday morning and woke up in the ICU 2 days later on Wednesday and now I currently have double pneumonia in both of my lungs. My respiratory failure was so severe my mom had to do CPR on me until the ambulance arrived because I wasn't breathing and she couldn't find a pulse. So you can imagine right now things have been a little hectic. I'm okay just so you guys know.. I'll be recovering for quite some time though. 

Some more events... 

HAS Tracy just got accepted into college (She's going for her second degree).

I finally was able to apply for a university and I just got accepted into an online University. East Asian Studies with a focus in Korea say whaaaat?

HAS Vince is a myth. No one ever sees him anymore. He's built himself a durable little bubble that he only gets out of long enough to go to college. lol

HAS Glow has SO much on her plate I don't know where to even begin. Plus work is super exhausting her to the bone.

So I wanted to let everyone know we have not forgotten about you nor have we forgotten about the Kpop world. We're very much still huge Kpoppers and Kdrama...ers...? We just have quite a bit going on right now to where writing has taken the back burner for a few.

I normally say I'll try to write something soon but I feel really bad since I can't guarantee that especially the health condition I'm currently in.. So I'll end on a "I'll write at my earliest convenience" kinda note. 

Be sure you like the HAS facebook page though! I don't update it alot but if you ever want to contact any of us that's the place to do it!

Thanks for continuing to read HAS even though we're all on a temporary hiatus. 


  1. Aye - found your blog and I love it.
    I just started a German Kpop-Blog - maybe u wanna check it out :)

    1. I looked at it! I like it! It looks great! I can't read German but I followed it for you :)

    2. Saw that - thank you so much.