Friday, February 5, 2016

4MINUTE - Hate

4Minute - Hate MV:

4Minute - Hate Lyrics

I actually am going to be honest here... If I hadn't waited a few days to post this... This blog post would have been completely different. 

So basically.. What I want to start with is that at first... I didn't like this song. Sorry.. But apparently I am not the only one. BUT after only hearing it once.. I noted that even though I didn't like it then.. It was one of those songs that was going to grow on me. And I was right...

So basically.. Even at first.. I LOVED the first part of the song... When it starts to where Hyuna ends was good.. But the bass drop. Now even though this song has already grown on me.. I can even admit that it's still weird now. But when I first heard it I had the worst stank face.. Which is quite fitting saying it sounds like electronic farts. The bass drop was either one of those things you hated or one of those things you loved.. There really was no in between. There was an in between area on whether you liked the song or not though... You could have (like me) liked the rest of the song but hated the bass drop.. Or you could have loved the bass drop but hated the rest of the song. But regardless there was alot of comments about it "Not meshing well together".
I do like the song now.. It's not one of my favorite songs.. And it's definitely not even close to being my favorite 4Minute song. But I am actually able to listen to it now and sing along without making a stank face. 

The lyrics are really great. You can check those out for yourself in the video I linked above labeled simply as "4Minute - Hate Lyrics".

I do feel like they put alot of emphasis into the dance and the visuals of the members. The dance was well choreographed and suited the song. And their visuals are on point. They're all killing it.. And I really need to know where to get one of those long sleeve "Hate" shirts.. Those are really nice looking. Probably would make me look like the fattest tomato on the vine.. But oh well. YOLO
 right? Pft. 

My final thoughts are that they really could have done alot better. I would have preferred if they didn't let their gas loose during the song... It really kinda threw me off for awhile. Maybe they hate their farts. :P I don't know if working with Skrillex was really their best option... That may just be because typically any Kpop song that is worked on with Skrillex I tend to not like.. It's just usually not my style.  

I've gathered together some opinions from other people besides just myself. 

"I "HATE" when the beat drops and it sounds like they are blowing trumpets with their butts." -Tracy,39

"I don't like the tempo... Other than that, it's okay!" -Michael,11

"I like the beat drop, but I don't like the rest of the song. They just don't match. It's not their best song. They could have done much better, in my opinion." -Jen,25

"Their eyes are super point on; I understood a little bit of the lyrics without looking at them yet, but not enough to understand the full meaning other than they have it out for someone. So far as the graphics and dancing, I think the settings were beautiful and the dancing, as usual, very skilled." -Vince,20

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