Friday, August 12, 2016

Let's Talk: Olympics (PART 1)

Ahhhh the Olympics. All sports-lovers favorite time. The olympics are pretty big in my house. Both Winter and Summer. Summer being my absolute favorite though. So here's the run-down on some of my favorite moments so far this year. 

South Korea vs Fiji (Soccer)

As many of you probably know by now, Soccer is a HUGE thing in South Korea. Americans have American Football and Koreans have soccer. 

Because it's such a huge thing... They have some of the best players I've seen in recent years.

Of course we can all agree that Park Ji Sung will still always be on of the best Korean players of all time. 

Even though they have many good players on the South Korean team, Fiji gave them a run for their money... The first half, anyways.
Mainly because of Simione Tamanisau (who is a tremendous goalkeeper, even if his team didn't do well.) He was making sure that even if Fiji couldn't land a goal, South Korea wouldn't be able to either. And for the most part that mindset and determination worked... 
By half time the game was South Korea - 1 and Fiji - 0. 
Ryu Seung Woo managed to get the first and only goal in the first half. 
(BONUS: He's cute)

Here's where it got really interesting.. 
So the second half started and here we are thinking that it was probably going to go the same way the first half went. WRONG. 
South Korea ended up scoring 3 goals in less than 2 minutes. Mighty impressive. 
, Kwon Chang Hoon was the first and second one to score the goal for the 3-goal phenomenon.

Ryu Seung Woo came in again to score the 3rd goal of the second half.. Making that 3 goals in under 3 minutes. Yall, I've never screamed so much in my life. The excitement was up. 
The score was now 4-0. 

Son Heung Min came in and scored a goal... Making it 5-0. 

Then my man started upping his game. 
If yall don't know who my man is, my man is FC Porto's Suk Hyun Jun. 

He came in to score the 6th and 8th goal for South Korea. Aside from this man's amazing soccer skills, there's something about him that just sticks out and makes me proud to be a fan. 
This is that at every given chance, he takes the time to thank God for everything. 
When they were about to put him in the game, he was praying on the side lines before he even joined the game.. 
During the game, after every goal he always got on his knees to thank God. 

Is that not amazing?? I think he's great. 

@Suk_HyunJun on Instagram. Follow him. He deserves it. :)

Also Ryu Seung Woo AGAIN scored the 7th goal for South Korea.. 
and like I said earlier... 
Suk Hyun Jun scored the 8th and final goal right before the whistle blew. 

대한밈국!! *Inserts rhythmic clapping here*

South Korea vs Russia (Handball)

Well even if I can't tell you much about Handball, I can tell you that I think this is now one of my favorite sports. How can a sport be so cool? It's like the extreme version of soccer. It's like soccer and basketball combined.. 

This game was very close. The finishing score was 25-30. Russia won. 

There was a time in this game where I really thought Korea had it.. They were 7 points up and still looking strong.. But right towards the end, Russia came and STOMPED em. 

The whole Korean team was strong as a whole, but Jung Yu Ra and Kim Ona scored 6 points each. 

Artistic Gymnastics (Men)

This area really irritates me, yall..

As you can see, I don't have great pictures of these guys.. And the only one I even have good individual pictures of is Park Min Soo.. 

Here's why this area irritates me. I LOVE gymnastics. When it comes to Handball, Soccer, etc.. I only go for Team Korea. However, with gymnastics and swimming I go for Team USA and Team Korea. 

So here's what irritates me. None of the South Korean men's gymnasts get nearly enough publicity or credit as they deserve. This olympics, I really got to sit and watch them as they took on the challenges of artistic gymnastics.. And I have come to the conclusion that even if gymnastics is not a huge thing in Korea, these guys deserve more credit. Because they are really good at what they do. 

Kudos to Hak Seon Yang for winning Gold on vault in 2012 London Olympics. You rock, dude. 

In case you didn't know.. The team this year consisted of 
Sin Donghyun, Lee Sangwook, Yoo Won Chul, Kim Hansol, and Park Min Soo.

They're all really good at what they do.. Especially Kim Han Sol... This guy, yall. He broke my heart. Here's why...

Do yall see his face??? Its absolutely heart breaking. He did really well, but he didn't do as well as he would have liked.. So his face was excruciatingly painful to watch. Even though he nailed it in practice, he got shook up when the finals came around.  

But that's okay! Because there's always years to come. 

To all olympic athletes or aspiring olympic athletes, 화이팅!

(More olympics stories to come in following days)

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