Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Yall, what even is this group? Like I really cannot grasp what they are. 

What I DO know.. 

I do like their songs.. Even though I tried not to. lol I don't know why I tried, it just happened. I never watched Produce 101, so maybe that's why I don't fully grasp this group. 

But like I said, what I DO know...

Obviously they originated from Produce 101. (A show I never had the urge to watch) So I can't give much insight on this aspect of what they are except that they are 11 trainees chosen out of 101 trainees and are now a group.... TEMPORARY group, I might add. (But more on that later).. They all come from different agencies and even groups.. There are some girls who have already been added to groups that have debuted already and even one who has already debuted in a group but took a temporary hiatus from that group to be in Produce 101...... (Also more on that later)

Back to the temporary group comment....They debuted on May 4, 2016 (May the fourth be with them) (Bad joke) and they're scheduled to disband in January of 2017 but their new album would be the last activity they do.. Besides holding their end concerts whenever the companies finally decide to do that.... 

What I don't get is why they would have a temporary group in the first place.. Now I understand that they're putting them and their different agencies together, and I do like that because alot of companies are very different and like to stay to themselves rather than work with other companies.. BUT... To make this group (which fans happen to LOVE together) and then disband them a few months later seems very cruel to me.. But not just to the fans... To some of the members.. Here's why.. 

I.O.I is very successful right now. I mean, they're one of the top names currently because of their weird wacky situation and because their songs are actually pretty good compared to almost all new girl groups (Except Blackpink, I like Blackpink) So some girls have to go from an extremely successful group, to ones who are not doing so well... 

Example 1.. 
Jung Chae Yeon - DIA
She was already a member of a group, but temporarily withdrew from DIA to be a part of Produce 101. (Along with another member from DIA) But why? She already debuted.. Why did she need to be on Produce 101? My only guess is that they wanted to sneakily promote DIA since of course I had no idea who DIA is before I.O.I.. And maybe she needed some additional practice so she could come back to her group better than she left it... Only problem is, DIA isn't doing amazingly well in the bigger picture. Partially due to the fact that MBK Entertainment is not a MAJOR company in South Korea. Also due to the fact that I can't stand their songs. lol just kidding. But I am really disliking alot of new girl groups' songs. They all sound the same and I don't typically care for them. So she has to be super successful for a brief period and then simmer down into a melting pot of non-famous for awhile until DIA gets up in popularity..

Example 2..
Yu Yeon Jung - Cosmic Girls
First off, CAN WE STOP ADDING PEOPLE TO COSMIC GIRLS?!?! 13 of them? Wae? Why? I don't care to learn anything about huge groups, really. I may like some songs and know a member or 2... But I don't fully go into depth in huge groups because my brain melts.. Hence why you don't see any blogs about Seventeen. Sorry.. <3 Not saying i don't like them, I just don't take the time to fully learn everyone and everything about everyone and everything surrounding big groups. Super Junior and Girls Generation were enough for me. (However, I might add that I do only like 1 song by Seventeen) (Also, I may add that I only like 1 song by Cosmic Girls) But she's also extremely successful in I.O.I.. So much so, they added her to an already debuted group. But the problem lies at Cosmic Girls not doing too well either. So she has to give her all and wait for the popularity to boost as well.. If it even ever does. 

Now, I will say that views-wise, Se-Jeong and Mi Na might not have it quite as rough as the 2 above. 

Gugudan is under Jellyfish Entertainment which has VIXX (which we all know is an amazing and amazingly popular group) and Sung Si Kyung (who, you may not know, but all of Korea does. He's absolutely amazing and I love his music). Because their company is successful, they may actually do better than the others. Plus, Gugudan already has more views on 1 video than DIA and Cosmic Girls do. 

Now, here's where I'm confused.. Zhou Jieqiong and Na Young are members of Pledis Girlz... Now, I thought Pledis Girlz was a pre-debut group.. so they took a break from one pre-debut group to go to another? Or did Pledis decide to make Pledis Girlz just a normal group? Regardless, they are going back to Pledis Girlz after I.O.I... but if Pledis Girlz isn't an actual group per-say.. Where do they go after that? I hope Zhou Jieqiong makes it big. I like her. 

Kim So Hye... 

I don't know where she will go from here.. She started her OWN company (S&P Entertainment) and opened up a cafe... And that's all I know.

Choi Yoo Jung and Kim Do Yeon go back to just being trainees under Fantagio. Fantagio is quite a successful company, but there's no talks of a girl group being made including these 2 members, so they will regain just the trainee mark and go from there. 

Jeon So Mi..
I'm almost certain regardless of what she does, she will debut in some group quite soon. She's with JYP Entertainment.. And she's gained popularity. And we all know the genius mastermind JYP is.. So I'm sure he'll find something quite good for So Mi... I mean, the girl won 1st on Produce 101... Out of 101 contestants.. She was the 1. She'll be good. 

Then we come to the worst scenario. 

That would be Kim Chung Ha. Why is she the worst scenario? Because she has SO much potential. I mean SO MUCH! But she's under an almost non-existent company.. M&H Entertainment. So it will be quite awhile, I feel, until Chung Ha sees the light of extreme popularity again. 

I, personally, like some I.O.I songs, and don't want them to disband, but unfortunately this group came with an expiration date.

Watch their new MV "Very Very Very" now:

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