Sunday, December 31, 2017

Bunny's songs of 2017

LONG TIME NO SEE. I kinda been on a walk-about (I turned Aussie for a minute)  So with the new year on it's way I wanted to take ya'll back to some of the best songs we (the writers) here at HAS loved the most. Some groups may have more songs, but these are just our favorites. I hope you enjoy looking back with this us.

The music industry had a rough year for a lot of reasons: groups broke up, scandals happened, our beloved Jong Hyun. There has been some good things however, like our first song on the list.

1. Fool Winner
I LOVE this song ya'll. I was so excited for their comeback. I was like scared with the loss of Nam Tea-hyun, but it worked out for them. Everything they've come out with this year has been soooo good. I'm so happy that they came back with great songs. Teahyun will be missed I loved him so much, but winner has done so well I'm so proud.
                Really Really
                Love me

2. Bling Bling Ikon
We had Winner so you know we had to have Ikon. Bling Bling is my favorite but Shanea is a huge B-day fan. I love B-day, Bling Bling.

3. DPR Live Martini Blue
So I've written about DPR before, but SHANEA NEVER READ IT :| hahaha just kidding. Anyway DPR Live also came out with Text Me and I love it but Martini  Blue with the mhmh mhmh lmao. If you haven't heard DPR's new album then you need to get to it.
                  Text Me

4. Twice Likey
Okay so I'm not known for liking Twice, but actually I like most of their stuff. Likey is my favorite and in think it's cause IT'S SO CATCHY.

5. KoKo Pop EXO
So EXO had a several out this year, but MY FAVORITE was KoKo Pop. Shanea Loved The Eve. I just really liked the beat drop and the island type feel.
                 The Eve

6. San E Counselor
Okay so... I LOVE San E. But this album ya'll.... Bunny Gets goosebumps. If any of you have been in this situation before you know how it feels. This song just made my year. It takes a lot to admit it and it takes even more to write about it. This song was so good. His whole album was good, but this song touched me in my feel good spots.

7. Anti Zico
My love for Zico is so hype after his new stuff. But honestly love Anti more then I did artist. The video is totally creepy as well.

8. Yacht Jay Park
So JAY PARK!!!!!!!!!!! This song to me was like so groovy you can't really go wrong with Jay Park but this song always makes want to dance.

9. P.O Men'z Night
Okay so all of our regulars readers know that I EFFING LOVE ME SOME P.O... I WAS SO EXCITED to see he was coming out with a single this year. I felt some type of way ya'll, and he came through ya'll. It sounded a little Bruno Mars to me, But it was so good.

10. Runaway Bobby
I was in love with this whole album. It wasn't what I expected from BOBBY and I think that's why I loved it so much. I like that it was unexpected. A new side of BOBBY and he did so well.

11. Jackson Okay
Okay so ... The writers here at HAS make fun of me all the time for my dislike of Jackson and Got7 in general. SO SHOOT ME.... but this song ya'll I couldn't help but to be like oh okay go on with yo bad self Jackson. If you don't put in that work. Just keep this on the down low "he was totally sexy in this video" <.<

12. Minzy
So minzy's comeback.... I was devastated when she left and 2ne1 broke up but IF SHE DIDN'T PUT IN MF WORK WITH THIS SONG YA'LL. This song was so hype and it had my boy flowsik in it.... MADE MY DAY YA'LL.

13. NCT 127  Whiplash
So Idk why I love this song. I'm a big NCT fan but this one and Cherry Bomb where my favorite. Shanea we all know loves Limitless. All in all it was great year for NCT groups and I'm looking forward to them next year.
                         NCT 127 Cherry Bomb
                         NCT 127 Limitless

14. Stray Kids Hellevator
Okay ya'll. THIS IS MY EFFFFFFFIIIIINNNNNNNNN JJJJAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMM. I don't even know if ya'll can understand. I want them to do well so hard. Until then I will listen to you every day K THANKS!!!!

15.  Thinking about Chu Sam Kim ft Loco
I just Heart Sam Kim lol. This song is so Chill and I just love it. P.S. Loco can I have your babies.

16. Loco Movie Shoot
I love me some sexy Loco. I just wanna put this out there... LOCO I'M SINGLE!!!! I'LL WATCH YOUR LIFE LIKE A MOVIE SHOOT.

17. Shall we dance Block B
So this is my FAVORITE BLOCK B SONG OF ALL TIME YA'LL. Shanea and I have been dancing to this song for about two weeks non-stop.. P.S. PO I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

18. Code Kunst ft Tablo and G Soul Fire Water
Soooo We here at Bunny land love us some HIGHGRND and when Code Kunst dropped his Muggle Mansion album I was totally excited. I think this one is my favorite though.

19. One Getting By
I like this song for it's chill vibe. I love One, but this is just my favorite one out by him :D

20. Arrived Jessi
I normal don't play the mess out of Jessi, but this song was on repeat for me. I like this song and it's her best in my opinion.

21. Don't Wanna Cry Seventeen
Okay so I'm not a Seventeen fan AT ALL. This song had me going okay Seventeen you better put in work and that's why it made the list for me :D.

22. Energetic Wanna One
Okay so I haven't really gotten into Wanna One yet, but I put this one in here for Shanea :D. I don't hate this song. It's good. I'm just not into Wanna One ... I know shoot me <.<

23. You and Me Kard
Honestly the video made this song for me. And it's my favorite Kard song to date. Can we halla at J.seph for a second ya'll cause in this song HE KILLS IT. (he kinda my bias though)
                           Kard Rumor
                           Kard Hola Hola
                           Kard Don't Recall

24. Go Go BTS
OKAY so I think we've all talked about BTS enough. If they'd stop being fantastic then we wouldn't have anything to talk about though. This song gets me so hype ya'll. Mic drop was good DNA was good.
                                   BTS Mic Drop
                                   BTS DNA

25. Please Don't Be Sad Highlight
Okay HIGHLIGHT you better come through!!!! Junhyung with your fine asssssk ... anyway... this song just had me like OKAY BOO I WON'T BE SAD!!!

26. BewhY Bichael Yackson
I love BewhY like a lot. His sound is so unique. But when I heard "I am the legend Micheal Jackson... Bicheal Yackson Bicheal" my heart was like you witty man you!!!

27. BAP Hands UP
This song dropped not to long ago and I've been so just BAP I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

28. pH-1 Doughnut
PPPPPHHHHH----1111 ya'll had to know I had to put my new boo. His whole Island album is killer. But this song had me groovin so hard like had to get up and dance.
                                  pH-1 Island

29.  Here comes the regrets Epik High
HOLD THE INTERNET CAUSE EPIK HIGH CAME BACK WITH A NEW ALBUM AND IT'S THE HANDS DOWN THE BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR IN BUNNY'S BOOK. The whole album just stole me away. The old school feel of No Thanks. To the Mithra's English in Here Comes the Regret. Someone make a Bunny happy and buy this album for me :(
                          Epik High No Thanxx

We've talked about so many songs in this post, but our  next song is my favorite of 2017. I'm so silly for loving this song, but I can't help it the video is just hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30. IFFY SIK-K FT pH-1
lmao I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!! When he was cuttin that watermelon with a fork ya'll I died. And when she's vacuuming outside on a sunny day with an umbrella .. it had me wondering IFFY she was sane.

We're Back!

Happy New Year!!

In case you missed it, it was posted on the blog's Facebook page that we would be taking a hiatus from writing for awhile. All of us were going through some things in our personal lives and also coping with the loss of Jonghyun. It was a bad end to a difficult year. So for obvious reasons, we all just kind of needed a break from this to recover and re-energize!

So we're all going to start this new year refreshed and in a better place than we ended 2017 to bring you better and more detailed blogs that everyone can enjoy! 

Stay tuned to see big things in 2018, lovelies! 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Let's Talk

Good morning/afternoon/evening.  This blog is not a traditional blog (no pictures,  no videos)  I just want to talk a minute.  I also feel like I need to express that the following is MY OPINION and mine only. 

So,  who woke up this morning to read the news that Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin are engaged and plan to marry in February before he leaves for the military?
*raises hand*

Who got all bent out of shape and butthurt because he is doing so?  

*puts hand down* 

People,  let's be real a moment.  Taeyang,  along with Sungmin from Super Junior,  Eli from U-Kiss and all of the other Kpop idols are HUMAN!  They deserve as much happiness as anyone else out there.  Why does everyone get bent out of shape when an idol starts dating and even worse (to the fans anyway) gets married?  Why is this such a crime?  Why is it like a betrayal to some people?  Am I missing something?  

Here is another point that I am sure will cause an uproar.  Bigbang... They are pretty much done as a whole.  That topic is a whole other blog post but yeah... Sorry guys I don't  think they are coming back and it hurts my soul.  I hate it so much.  So why not have a somewhat normal life now?  

I am actually happy for Taeyang and you know what?  If he still makes music and videos after he is married he is still going to be the sexy beast he always has been!  Nothing has changed.  I hope everyone will support him.  

One last point.  

He went from "I Need a Girl" to "Wedding Dress"

Much love to everyone

~The Korean Drama Queen~

Sunday, December 17, 2017

I'm Not a Robot ~ Intro and Episode 1 Review

I'm Not a Robot


Yoo Seung-ho
as Kim Min-kyu

Chae Soo-bin
as Jo Ji-ah

Um Ki-joon
as Hong Baek-kyun


Kim Min-kyu is a lonely playboy who has a rare and horrible allergy to...HUMANS! When he comes in contact with a person, he breaks out into a horrible rash that spreads over his body. A robotics professor created a robot that was almost lifelike to help Min-kyu with his loneliness.


First off let me ask, HOW CAN SOMEONE SO HOT BE ALLERGIC TO HUMANS? That would be my luck. Find the man of my dreams, perfect in every way and I can't touch him. Well come to think of it, that is kind of my life now! LOL

In this episode he goes through great lengths not to touch people or even interact with them. He has others buy items for him, he wears gloves in case he does happen to have contact with other humans and even carries around a police baton.

The only thing cuter than Min-kyu was the little robot he had to follow to get to the actual robot!!

What did you think of the first episode? Catchy? Not sure? I am in that not sure phase right now.

Until next episode...

~The Korean Drama Queen~

Friday, December 8, 2017

Featured Song of the Week! (12/8/17)

DPR Live - Martini Blue

Mmm mmm mmm mmm! This song is just SO GOOD! I have listened to this song SO MUCH!

I originally found this song through JRE.. The reason being.. His snapchat feed and insta feed was nothing but this song for like 2 days. And for good reason!

This is probably one of my favorite songs of this year!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (12/6/17)

SHINee - Replay

Ahhhh good ole SHINee.

I am so in love with this song even after all these years.. But look at these adorable fetuses!!!! They were so young and cute and also a bit ugly, but it's totally okay!!! Can you believe that they look like this now?

Like my mind is blown.. 

With all of this Onew crap going on recently I figured people just need a reminder of how great SHINee is! 

And how everyone should probably just leave Onew alone and let him make good music. Excuse me we're all human and he made a mistake. Don't kick him out of the group. 

But I'm not going to comment on that any further..... 

Enjoy this blast from the past! 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Featured Song of the Week! (12/1/17)

MAP6 - Love is Gone

Ohohohoho. MAP6 is back and they did NOT disappoint!!!! The only thing disappointing about this comeback is the fact that NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT! I feel so sad towards these boys, they work so hard and are so talented and are the absolute most underrated active group right now. 

They're so underrated, I feel like they should have been on The Unit. Because then they could gain a lot of recognition. Think about it, people... This means there are millions of people out there who have no idea that J.Jun exists. 

And that breaks my heart.. Because look at this precious baby! The world is deprived of this precious human being!!! <3 

Ever since Swagger Time, I have been following MAP6 faithfully. They are easily one of the good rookie groups out there (IMO). I just don't understand how it's been 2 years since their debut and they STILL are not popular. This kills me. 

You just don't understand how underrated they are. Like I'm talking their music video released 20 hours ago (as of the time I'm writing this which is 1:25 AM on November 27th) and on their company channel, the video has less that 5,000 views... That doesn't happen. Literally even when new groups debut they get more views than that. IT IS SO SAD. They've been around 2 YEARS NOW!

Understandably, no comeback they ever do can top Swagger Time. That song was just the best. In every way. However, this song is amazing also!

You know what this song actually reminds me of? Infinite. Especially older Infinite. This song has that kind of vibe to it.

The lyrics are really amazing and the music video is pretty awesome too. I need a dance practice so I can tell you about the dance more. But from what I saw, it looks pretty good to me!

They are such a talented group who I want to support with all of my heart, guys. You don't understand how much I love these guys. They deserve so much more recognition than they are currently getting. 

Share the video to your friends, family, dogs, etc. Anyone with ears. Share the heck out of their music video. I need them to be rewarded for their efforts. I just need it!!!!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Bunny's Hoppin Hip Hop Corner! (Dumbfoundead)

Hey everyone I'm here again with another hip hop corner and today it's Dumbfoundead's turn.

So I've talked about Dumbfoundead before, honestly one of my favorite rappers. He's come out with a couple of new singles lately and I really wanted to take my time and share my thoughts about them.

On November 22 he dropped "Every Last Drop"

I think this is my favorite of the two he has dropped recently. It really reminds me of Kruis Wu's Juice, kinda okay so I don't know why. I kinda felt a little like it was a new side of Dumbfounded I wouldn't really know it was him if he didn't have that special sound. But it was cold though. The beat was lit the lyrics were cool it's Dumb I mean what do you expect.

The next one he dropped today (Nov. 30)  "Protect At All Cost aka P.A.A.C"

What are you doing Dumb. I wasn't really feeling this one. I feel like someone is playing a joke on him. It's just not the Dumbfounded I like to hear. It's not something I think he would come out with. The message had potential, the beat was pretty good, I just don't think he gave everything with this one. I'll listen to it though cause it's Dumbfounded, bbuuuttt Dumb you can do better.

I'm excited he's coming out with new stuff (including a movie) and I will always want to hear more even the ones I'm not a huge fan of.

P.S. Dumbfounded if you don't follow him on Twitter you need to he's one of the funniest people to read. @dumbfoundead

샤내's Thankful Party: Day 30

Day 30: Kill Me, Heal Me

Hands down, one of the BEST dramas to date. It was an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes I was laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes both!! This was actually the 2nd split personality drama I watched. The first being Jekyll, Hyde, and Me. 

While I loved both, this one was a lot more emotional and raw. Plus Ji Sung is one of the BEST actors of this century. He rocked this role so much and I love him for it! 

Bonus: This drama has Park Seo Joon in it. Win win situation for everyone ever. 

This is the final post of my thankful party! I hope you enjoyed reading about the things I'm thankful for! 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (11/29/17) [Month of Super Junior]

Super Junior - Someday

This song... Oh this song.. Is so beautiful. It's just.... Amazing... <3 

It's a remake, but I honestly think it's one of their best songs. I. Love. It.

샤내's Thankful Party: Day 29

Day 29: Master's Sun

Now this was an AMAZING drama. This was the first and to this day the only, paranormal drama I've ever watched. And maybe I'm a tad bit biased, but it's the best one too :P 

The storyline was so amazing and the actors played their role perfectly. I am a HUGE Gong Hyo Jin fan. This girl can do no wrong by me... Except Producers.. I can't watch that one... It's no bueno. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bunny Thanks #2


I'm super thankful that Shanea brought me on as a co-writer for this blog. I don't really know lot of people that like the same things I do and I find it totally fun to write for all of you who read my blog. When I was first asked to do this I wasn't really sure how this was going to work, because I'm actually a busy person. (kinda, okay lets be honest not really) But I do go to school and I work a lot too. I wasn't really sure If people even cared about what I had to say. I kinda thought that I'd get on here write a couple of blogs and then forget about it because I got to doing something else. But that actually hasn't happened. I'll be with HAS a year and January and I've had SO MUCH FUN WITH ALL OF YOU.

Hip hop has always been and outlet to me. And I'm so thankful that I get the opportunity to be with such special people. The HAS staff is such a good group of women and I'm so thankful to be apart of it. I hope that in the future you all will continue to support us here and HAS and I hope you can give us some feedback in the future about maybe artist or dramas you really missed out on or want to know about. Until next time it's BUNNY :D

샤내's Thankful Party: Day 28

Day 28: Reply 1997

Reply 1997. One of my favorites, but always one I forget about. This drama was the start of an AMAZING SERIES which I'm still hoping they will continue to make. My personal favorite was 1994, however, this one will always have a special place in my heart. <3

Monday, November 27, 2017


Lol I'M NOT DEAD!!!! I'VE BEEN ON STRIKE LOL. More on my show me the money post later lol. So I'm doing a small post on my thankfuls and stuff.

I've kind of been avoiding these post because there are so many things I'm thankful for. I have a past like everyone else, but I'm so proud of where I am today it's hard to brake it down into small posts.

I think what I'm Most thankful for in life has to me my parents. Even though one of them isn't with me anymore the other one is just as strong (if not stronger.) Some people don't grow up with the luxury of that and I do.

Dad always tells me don't be afraid of who you are. He says you like what you like. We may fight like an old married couple, but deep down he is my one and only dad. He is supportive and caring and even though I might be engulfed in a k-drama or video, but he allows me to be me without any question. I'm thankful that though we may not have always been together, I've gotten this time in my life to be a part of his. He is more then just a role model to me and for that I'm very thankful.

I know this is short and sweet, but I promised Shanea I'd write some lol.

샤내's Thankful Party: Day 27

Day 27: Boys Over Flowers

Again today, the nostalgia. I've re-watched this drama many times, but not nearly as much as KDQ has. (Ahem... She's at 12)

In my walk with K-Dramas, this is the drama that started it all. And over the years, I've heard so many of the same story. Almost everyone I've ever talked to started watching K-Dramas through BoF. It's weird, isn't it? And I definitely don't know a K-Drama fan who has never watched this show. 
It's a classic!!

The reason I'm thankful for this drama? Of course, because it was my first!

See our many BoF related blogs here:

Sunday, November 26, 2017

샤내's Thankful Party: Day 26

Day 26: City Hunter

Ahhhh such nostalgia from this one.. Man, there's just something about these older dramas. 

City Hunter was the 2nd foreign drama I ever watched. The 2nd foreign show at all, come to think of it! Of course we can thank Lee Min Ho for that with Boys Over Flowers being my first ever Kdrama. Naturally I would then start the flow of watching an actor I already knew of so this drama was next on the list. 

City Hunter is the drama that made me realize I could actually like action-type shows/movies. Before then, I just never watched them. 

I'm thankful for this drama because of this. I'm thankful because if I hadn't watched this drama, I probably still would be refusing to watch anything action based. 

And of course just because of Lee Min Ho. 

Though I can't stand how it ended. 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

샤내's Thankful Party: Day 25

Day 25 (Dramas I'm Thankful For):

Okay, I have an undying love for Lee Jong Suk. So, like, every drama he does I'm obsessed with. (The ones I've watched so far)

But this one was so interesting. They really give him the dramas with the best storylines. And also the ones that rip my heart to shreds at times... 

Paired with Park Shin Hye, it's a drama you would have to be crazy to not watch. 

I like the whole "Pinocchio Syndrome" they made up for this drama. As far as made up illnesses go, this is one you would NEVER expect. And it's so well thought out and implemented throughout the drama. 

100% Must watch.