Friday, August 18, 2017

Featured Song of the Week! (8/18/17)

Exo - The Eve

Okay this song is amazing... But that's not why I love it so soooo much. 

The reason I love it so much? The dance practice they released....

I will go ahead and let you know that Chen is and has always been my bias. Since the beginning. But this dance practice has opened my eyes and challenged my bias list. Who has stood out in this dance practice that has me going so nuts? Sehun. Lord, this man has just completely wrecked everything I've known about EXO. It actually started with Lotto. His solo dance? Oh yeahhhh.

10 minutes of it. You're welcome. 

But it isn't just Sehun. Given that Sehun has become my serious bias wrecker, there's another guy who really stood out to me for the first time EVER. This would be Xiumin. 

This black hair is just working for him on so many levels. I always liked Xiumin, but I never loved Xiumin. But this comeback he is just slaying me!!!!

I just love everything about this song!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Strongest Deliveryman ~ Intro

Hello to all of my Kdrama lovelies! 

Starting a new drama today called "Strongest Deliveryman" Have you started it yet?

Am I the only one who hates starting a new drama? And then, after you start it, you don't want it to end because one, you love it and two then you will have to start another drama later? It is a horrible cycle! haha

On to the intro!!

Strongest Deliveryman aired on August 4, 2017. It will be 16 episodes long which is pretty much the norm for Kdramas. You can watch this drama on KBS2 every Friday or Saturday night OR you can watch this in Dramafever if you have a Premium account. (If you do not have one, I HIGHLY recommend that you get it)


*credit to Dramafever*

 Go Kyung Pyo (Flower Boy Next Door, Jealousy Incarnate) and Chae Soo Bin(Moonlight Drawn by Clouds) star in a drama about two people who find both love and success, but only after lifting some heavy burdens. When two fearless and dedicated delivery workers are born without a silver spoon in their mouths, they are convinced to overcome their obstacles and make it to the top.

Choi Kang Soo (Go Kyung Pyo) is a deliveryman. In spite of his humble beginnings, Choi Kang Soo is fearless and gives it all in everything he does. He dreams of becoming a CEO of a delivery app company someday, but life just throws more than a few roadblocks in his way. Lee Dan Ah (Chae Soo Bin) is another delivery worker. She hates her current socioeconomic status so much that she, like many young people, calls her country “Hell Joseon.” Lee Dan Ah is so focused on making money and changing her life that she has no time for men. But when she comes across the charming Choi Kang Soo, her attitude is due to be moved.

Together, Choi Kang Soo and Lee Dan Ah have a budding competition and romance in their quest for glory. And, for them, glory means being like rich folk Lee Jin Yoon (Go Won Heefrom Tabloid Truth) and Oh Jin Gyoo (Kim Sun Ho from Chief Kim). They compete to conquer life but, as our two delivery workers soon learn, being the strongest does not guarantee sucess.

Sounds interesting huh?


Go Hyung Pyo

as Choi Kang-soo

Chae Soo-bin

as Lee Dan-ah

Kim Seon-ho

as Oh Jin-gyu

Ko Won-hee

as Lee Ji-yoon

Let us know if you will be watching or if you are looking forward to watching it in the future!

Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for future reviews!!

~The Korean Drama Queen~

Boys over Flowers - Episode 3 review

First off let me sincerely apologize for my lack of writing lately. I have been extremely busy with exams but I am back and hopefully will not have any interruptions for awhile. Thank you for your patience.

This episode begins with a recap of the ending of the last episode where Jan Di walks back into the party.

Ji Hoo gives his hand to Jan Di asking her to dance. At first she is hesitant but then she shyly agrees. Jun Pyo is not happy that he asked her to dance first.

While dancing, Jan Di looks like she is floating on air. Ji Hoo looks slightly annoyed until we see that she is standing on his shoes as they dance. Jun Pyo can not watch them dance so he storms out of the party. Outside he throws another one of his temper tantrums and starts throwing and kicking around stuff (someone needs a time-out...or a spanking! hehe)

Back inside the party, Ji Hoo and Min Seo Hyun are dancing while Jan Di is sitting and watching. She can no longer watch them so she gets up to leave the party as well. Jun Pyo is sitting by the pool and he spots what looks like a cricket on a chair. it jumps on his head and he goes crazy trying to get it off. (Ok so we now really know that he is afraid of any bugs...I feel your pain Jun Pyo!) While he is thrashing around trying to get if off of him, he falls into the pool. Jan Di at that moment is walking down the stairs and hears a splash. She thinks nothing of it until she hears someone screaming for help. Someone runs back to the party to alert everyone that Jun Pyo has fallen into the pool. Everyone runs. The mean girls do not understand but Ji Yung tells them that the great Jun Pyo can not swim. When they reach him, Jan Di has already pulled Jun Pyo from the pool and is attempting CPR. (why has no one called for an ambulance? Everyone is just standing there!) Jan Di starts giving Jun Pyo mouth to mouth resuscitation. After a few tries Jun Pyo's eyes pop open!

He tries to pull Jan Di in for a kiss but she starts pulling away and screaming (she is nuts! haha) He quickly sits up with a big smile on his face. It doesn't last long because Jan Di punches him in the face!!

Jun Pyo wakes up the next day in a great mood and even decides to go to school early. He mentions the great weather they are having (It is storming outside)

Now we see why he was up early and in such a great mood. He was planning more things for Jan Di. She goes to open the door to the pool and the handle is covered in some sort of clear gel like stuff. When she finally gets to the pool, it is filled with ducks!! Jun Pyo is watching from his "clubhouse" and laughing as he sees Jan Di go into a rage.

Once again we return to the fairy tale setting of Ji Hoo playing his violin in the forest. This time it is snowing which just adds to the magical effect. As he is playing the violin, a string breaks. He throws the violin down on the bench. Jan Di just so happens to be walking by and sees Ji Hoo. She sees that he is bleeding from the cut made by the broken string and kneels down to wrap his finger. He pulls away but she tells him that she will leave after she is done. The mean girls are hiding in the bushes recording the two. (CREEPERS)

Before Jan Di leaves she opens her umbrella and places it over the violin to protect it from the snow.

Jun Pyo is relaxing in a raft at the pool that Jan Di practices at. (OK first off how did he get in there without any help or getting wet and also he is there alone and CAN NOT SWIM...what would he do if he accidentally fell in? Not so smart Jun Pyo!)

He hears footsteps and thinks it is Jan Di when actually it is the mean girls coming to show him the video of Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo together. The look on Jun Pyo's face tells the girls that he is mad although we know it is because he is upset and hurt. When the girls bad mouth Jan Di, he tells them to shut up and breaks the camera.

Jan Di runs back to the "magical forest" in hopes to find Ji Hoo. He is not there. When she turns around she is confronted by Jun Pyo. She tries to walk away but he grabs her arm. After talking for a few minutes, Jun Pyo once again tries to kiss Jan Di. She starts screaming and pulling away again. (I seriously need to have a talk with this girl!) He lets her go, asks her if she really hates him that much and walks off.

Jan Di receives an invitation to Min Seo Hyun's birthday party. her parents are excited and go down to the Dry Cleaners (that they own) to look for a dress for her to wear. They are upset that they can not give Jan Di a suitable dress. A woman arrives with a package for Jan Di from Min Seo Hyun. Inside is a dress for her to wear to the party.

Jan Di arrives at the party and gathers with the members of the F4 minus Ji Hoo. Ji Yung and Woo Bin talk about how well Jan Di looks but Jun Pyo puts her down. Ji Hoo and Min Seo Hyun come out to greet the guests. Ji Hoo plays "Happy Birthday" to Min Seo Hyun on his violin while her giant birthday cake is set in front of her.

Ji Hoo leaves the room and Min Seo Hyun tells everyone that she is leaving Korea to go to Paris and she will not be returning.

Min Seo Hyun finds Ji Hoo in a room playing with a puppet she gave him a long time ago. He gets mad and throws it and tells her that he feels like he is being thrown away also. She tries to tell him that he has feelings for Jan Di but he does not want to hear it. he rushes to her and tells her he wants to be with her. She hugs him and afterwards they share a kiss.

Jan Di is standing at the door and witnesses the kiss. She quietly closes the door and steps away. Jun Pyo finds her outside of the door and teases her. Ji Hoo and Min Seo Hyun come out and tells them they are going for a drive and ask if she wants to come along. Jun Pyo saves Jan Di by telling them they were going for a drive as well.

Jun Pyo takes Jan Di to a bar that he rented for the night. He tells her that she is the only girl he has ever approved of. Both of them get flustered and Jun Pyo gets up to go to the restroom while Jan Di downs some alcohol. When he returns, Jan Di is drunk and starts saying all kinds of crazy things. She goes to tell him that the only way to repay him for everything is kiss him but she ends up throwing up on him instead.

Jun Pyo takes Jan Di to his house for the night. Shortly after she wakes up, the steward comes to alert Jun Pyo that the witch (Jun Pyo's mother) has arrived. Jun Pyo calls in the other members of the F4 to help him out. They dress Jan Di up and tell the witch that she is a friend from school. She is very skeptical of the girl. They are holding a yearly auction at the house and the witch reminds everyone that they are to take part in it. During the auction Jan Di sees a pair of swimming goggles that belonged to a famous Olympic swimmer. Jun Pyo sees that Jan Di really likes them and secretly bids on them. He gives them to her before she leaves. When she gets home she puts the goggles in the place that she once had Ji Hoo's handkerchief in.

Everyone is realizing that Ji Hoo is depressed. Jan Di goes looking for him where she first met him and then finds him in the "magical forest" playing the violin and crying.

Jan Di goes to the pool where she finds Min Seo Hyun. She came to tell her goodbye. Ji Hoo sees Min Seo Hyun's car outside of the pool house and finds the two talking. Jan Di gets on her knees and begs her not to leave, saying that if she goes Ji Hoo may never smile again. Ji Hoo listens secretly behind a wall. In the middle of Jan Di pleading Min Seo Hyun to stay, he turns around and leaves. Min Seo Hyun picks Jan Di up and tells her why she must leave and asks her to make Ji Hoo smile again. She then gives Jan Di a pair of shoes.

As Jan Di is walking home she is confronted by Ji Hoo who is mad because of what Jan Di has done. Jan Di tries to tell him why she did it but Ji Hoo does not care and tells Jan Di to get lost. 


Is it me or is Jun Pyo just a grade school kid in a man's body? He picks on Jan Di and is mean to her because he likes her. That is so elementary! What is crazy is that it seems to work no matter what age they are. You can tell by the look on Jan Di's face after she puts the goggles away that she could possibly like Jun Pyo.

I am kind of upset that Min Seo Hyun is leaving. I am not sure what they would have done with her but she only got to play a small part in this drama. 

I hope you are enjoying this BLAST FROM THE KDRAMA PAST! Thanks for reading!

~The Korean Drama Queen~

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (8/16/17)

2NE1 - Ugly

This week's midweek blast from the past was recommended by HAS KDQ.

Can you believe this song was released 6 years ago??? That's absolutely mindblowing! I cannot even believe it's been that long!

This has always been one of my favorite songs by 2NE1. It's such a real and relate-able song. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

$$$$$$Show me the Money 6 $$$$$$

Bunny here with a new ... semi series? I guess you call it?  SHOW ME THE MONEY SEASON 6.

This is how it's going to break down. I'll probably do a post for each round of  the show. If I feel that it would be better in two parts then I might do that, but for the most part it'll be one post per round. The post might be a little long, but I really want to hit every corner of  "What's going on."  So first I'll explain how the round works, then I'll give a break
 down on my favorite performances of the round, then I'll give my thoughts and opinions on different artist and or how I felt the round went!

Sorry I know I'm late on this and I promise I'm trying to catch up.

I think I'm most excited about this series out of all of them. Honestly if you read my blogs you know that a lot of my favorite wrappers have been on this show and a new season means new artist for me.

I'm kind of hoping for a lot of things.
         1. I hope to see a lot of guys back this year that didn't get very far last season.
         2. NEW ARTIST is a must. I love meeting new artist and falling for them.
         3. New stories. I love  hearing the stories of the contestants. I mean that's why they are their.
         4. I mean duh the music!!!!!!!

This is really one of my favorite shows so I'm totally excited to share my views on it :D

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Featured Song of the Week! (8/9/17)

Every week I do a midweek blast from the past which is on Wednesdays. Obviously. Since it's hump day. 

But rather than just visiting old songs, I figured I should start a new segment where I showcase recent songs so they don't get forgotten either. 

Just to clarify, Wednesday's are for songs released before January of 2016. 

Featured Song of the Week will be newer songs. Whether it be debuts or comebacks that I didn't write about some other time. 

I'll do this every Friday. But today since I just thought of it today, I'm posting the first one on Wednesday. Writing it at 12AM 

So first ever Featured Song of the Week..

"Sorry" by The Rose (더 로즈)

I ran into this song on Youtube at midnight today. I was bored and didn't know what to do.. Usually these days I've been playing Everquest a lot more. 

Can check out the livestream I participate on these days with Cats Meow on Youtube. 

But this night I wasn't doing anything so I was literally just staring at my computer screen with Youtube up.. Usually I do this for awhile until I come to the conclusion I should probably get a hold of myself and do something. Even then I usually just put on 'Friends' on Netflix or something and sleep. But that day I saw the thumbnail for this song and I was staring at it for a good 10 minutes before I was like.. Hey.. Let's click it. 

I have never been more proud of myself for staring at my Youtube home in my life. This song is DANG amazing!

I'll be honest and admit right now that I'm a rebel and I don't like Youtube telling me how I should run my life. So when suggestions for me to watch come up I skip over them and just do whatever I want LOL! (Especially since most of the suggestions I just don't like... Believe it or not there are some groups out there I don't listen to)

But I was amazingly surprised with this song. What also took me by surprise is the fact that they remind me a lot of the Script. What surprised me perhaps the most about this whole song is the fact that I wasn't the only one who thought they gave off The Script vibes. 

Usually I'm alone in thinking groups sound like other people. Like I swear to you Cho Yong Pil's "Bounce" sounds like the Korean version of Phil Collins. *Shrug*

But finally I'm not alone in my thinking they sound like The Script! They seriously have that vibe. Just everything about them. 

I have a real soft spot for Korean Indie Rock groups. Always love them so much. I really love bands more than anything. The kind that actually play their own music, you know? Nothing against the ones who don't because I love them all so much. But there's always just something so special about these rock groups. 
They put a lot of hard work and effort into their work and play the music themselves and it's just enjoyable for most everyone that hears it. The Rose is no exception. 

According to my research I've put into this group, here's what I've found out. 

They started out as 'Windfall'(윈드폴)which honestly I feel is actually a better name than 'The Rose'. Windfall just sounds better. They had a Youtube channel, but it seems they didn't get very far with it. 

This being the only video and it's posted from a year ago. Maybe that's because the company they're under was immediately like "We'll snatch them up while we get the chance!" 

Smart move, I just hope you make them as big as they deserve to be. They have so much talent and this is an amazing song so like I'm so hoping this goes well!!!

For a debut song it really was pretty awesome also. 

They are right along the lines of Nell which of course is one of my favorite Korean Indie Rock groups of all time.. Indie Rock is just great, yeah?

The group has 4 members.. 

For hopes that their Facebook will get more likes, I'm going to just include the Facebook posts from their official Facebook. 

This band has EVERYTHING. They have the sound, the vocals, and the visuals. They can go FAR places. And if they ever came to America, I would so support them in every way I could. I love their talent and hard work they put into their work and I just want them to know that they're appreciated. And  I don't believe that any of them are older than me because they all look so much younger than me. Just saying.

I really hope this band goes very far places and accomplishes so much! I don't want them to vanish one day. I want each song they release to become more and more successful until they don't know what to do with their fame because they're just THAT popular. 

The music video is definitely worth watching even if you aren't into Indie Rock, you might be surprised just how amazing they are. 

Side note: I started writing this right before 12 AM. It's now after 2AM and I'm just now finishing it.. Which means this song has been on Loop for the past 2 hours and I still haven't gotten tired of listening to it!

Here's every Social Media Link I know of to keep updated with them!

Group Instagram

Individual Instagrams:
Do Joon
Jae Hyeong
Ha Joon

Group Twitter
Fan Cafe

And I think that's it! Go show them some love! :)

Midweek Blast from the Past (8/9/17)

Shinhwa - Eusha Eusha (으쌰! 으쌰!)

This week's blast from the past is one of my personal favorites! I love Shinhwa. Back then and now! But how cute were they!!! It's unbelievable when you look at them now how mature and manly they turned out after watching this. Hahahaha. 

I can definitely see the appeal of Shinhwa in the 90's. 90's K-pop was some of the best!

Monday, August 7, 2017

K.A.R.D Debut!!

Hola Hola!

Don't kill me, I'm aware this is late! I'm not just listening to the song, though. I've listened to it ever since it released last month. Just July is the MOST HECTIC month of the year for me. Church events, summer trips, etc... So now it's August the 6th and I'm finally back on track and able to blog. It would have been earlier but... Ahem... The Hunks came to town... And when am I going to turn down seeing male strippers, right? Don't judge me, I'm young. :P


Yeah, you're welcome. 


So finally I am getting around to blogging about this AMAZING song/video. GREAT DEBUT!

Sometimes it's hard to remember that KARD didn't officially debut before July. What with "Oh Nana", "Don't Recall", and "Rumor" being absolute hits and they were just predebut projects. And then of course the first KARD tour in the US. 

Just a reminder that this can never get old. 

The song is just amazing. Very fitting for summer time. I think one of my favorite things was that they actually included "Oh NaNaNa" in their debut song. That song got them alot of attention and I feel it was a very awesome and fitting tribute to it. 

And of course the dancing... 

It's KARD... So you know the dancing will be freaking awesome as always. This group is killer!!!!

There has never been a kpop group in the history of Kpop that affected me like KARD has. Obviously, saying I haven't gone to ANY Kpop concerts before the KARD tour. And I've liked Kpop since roughly like 2011. Nothing in terms of financial situation has  changed, just I found myself REALLY wanting to go to their concert because I love them so much. And rightfully so. They deserve all the love they get. Of course, in the past the only Kpop group I loved almost as much as KARD was UKISS. And now I love KARD wayyyyy more than UKISS. Which is a SUPER achievement. 

And does anyone else notice how Somin just keeps getting more and more beautiful? Like what's up with that? Obviously she was gorgeous before but she's definitely become girl bias for me. TEACH ME YOUR SECRETS!! I won't share them with anyone else. 

Ya know what I LOVE/hate the most about BM? His stupid gorgeous smirk and his dumb sexy body rolls. I love them soooo sooooo much like seriously I'm this dude's number one fan. He's just the coolest. But then again I seriously hate them because like I don't have the money to go to every single concert they do. But if I had extra money, I would literally go see every single concert KARD did. I'd follow them around like a groupie. What would a KARD groupie be named? Hmmmm... Not their official fandom name. I'm talking like groupies that follow bands around. LOL 

Every member in this group is so talented on so many different levels. They are going very far places. I wish for them all to be so successful they won't even know what him them. I hope they gain new fans in Korea and Internationally and continue to grow their fanbase and throw out jams as always. 

Don't forget that tickets for WILD KARD in the USA pt 2 go on sale August 12, 2017! It's an experience of a life time and I would highly recommend it to everyone everywhere!

Again, sorry I'm so late! I'll try to stay on top of these things as they go, but sometimes life gets a little hectic ya know? Thanks for reading and again... GO TO THEIR CONCERT. 

Blog post over.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past!

Rain - Dirty Sexy...ahem.. I mean 30Sexy. 

Both names are completely relevant and true. He's dirty sexy and 30 sexy. This is why a lot of K-Pop fans are single. I'm quite certain of it. Because our standards raised to Rain standards and there's literally one one person capable of being Rain standard in this world. Rain himself. And Kim Tae Hee snatched him up real fast. Girl I DO NOT blame you. Lawd. 

At 30 he still looked THIS GOOD. And he JUST KEPT GETTING BETTER LOOKING. THIS IS WITCHCRAFT. And forever the reason I'll be forever alone. Because my standards raised to Rain and since he's forever married and happy, I'll just watch him and pretend that if I didn't look like a lumpy potato that could have been me. 

Okay so maybe I exaggerate a little bit, sue me. I came across this song again somehow. I don't exactly know how. I was on Youtube and then it sucked me into the sexual black hole that is Rain. 

No one in this world will ever be able to accomplish the sex appeal Rain gives. There will never be another Korean celebrity that can just so fluently be sexy without even trying. It doesn't happen. Se7en comes close, everything about him is sexual to me... But Rain... Rain has the sex appeal DOWN. And this song showcases that. He's not doing too much but you can tell he has more sex appeal in his pinky TOE than most kpop idols have these days. 

Lawd get me off this post. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

It's my Birthday I'll TURN UP WHEN I WANT!!!!!!! 7/27


Just do what he says and their wont be a problem ... well that's what he tries to tell me lmao. Forever my boo. It was love at first sight and unfortunately for some it's their loss. I LOVE YOU TOP!!!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Midweek Blast from the Past! (7/26/17)

The infamous "Don't Worry, Dear"

Originally by Jun In Kwon of Deulgukhwa in 1985, this song has become a Korean legend. 

Since then, the song has been remade a number of times. Here are a few of my favorites. 

D.O (EXO) and Jo Jung Suk:

This is my absolute favorite. This was for 'Hyung'. The emotional roller coaster of a movie that left me in complete emotional trauma. Dramafever fans, it's on Dramafever as 'My Annoying Brother'. It's nothing like the previews and trailers show you. I promise you. I cried so many times....D.O is probably one of the best actors I've seen lately. Especially with him being in an idol group, they usually aren't the "BEST" actors. 

So this song really was so unbelievably sad for me since it was part of the OST. 
Not to mention, Jo Jung Suk and D.O just pair so well together. Jo Jung Suk is one of the most talented Korean celebrities and doesn't get enough credit for it. I really want to see a musical with him in it. I would probably cry.

Lee Juck:

As you can tell from the above video, it's part of the Reply 1988 OST. Lee Juck has an amazing voice and it matches well with this song. Actually this version was the very first version of this song I heard. I liked it when I heard it, but always forgot to go back and find it again. 


I always am able to refer back to Ali for a lot of these old songs thanks to Immortal Songs 2. 
I also included her in my 'Becoming Dust' blast from the past. 

Ali has easily become my favorite person on this show. For good reason. Her voice is unbeatable. The way she sings and remakes the songs to match her style is pure genius. She definitely does not get the love she deserves. She's literally a legend to me. I respect her so much and am always just mesmerized by her and her voice. 
She gives me goosebumps every time. 

It's my Birthday I'll Turn up when I want 7/26

Today is another girl group I LOVE....

Mamamoo 1cm

Okay so I have a slight obsession with Hwasa lol sorry. I'm not ashamed. I've loved her in all her features with other artist. This song really lets her shine as well. Deep down I really hope she goes for a single even if it's only just one. That being said! I just love this song. The video looks like it was fun to make as well. I just love it's ....sassyness < i don't think that's an actual word lol

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It's my Birthday I'll TURNUP when I want 7/25

So I don't usually talk about girl pop groups much but I do have some favorites between them....and one of them is ....


I love this song. I wasn't a fan of them when they first debuted to be honest. I kind of found them annoying, but this song changed my opinion on them. I like scream this song at the top of my lungs when it comes on lol. We are always honest here in bunny town I can't help it. But after this song they kind of grew on me and I began to like some of their other ones as well. But when I'm ready to like party hard lol I play this song.. especially when it goes HA HA HA HA lmao I usually wait so long for that part and I'll go HAHAHAHA at the top of my lungs lol.

Legendary Male Group Winner ~ SHINee ~ Music Video Edition

Our first Twitter poll winner for "Legendary Male Group" SHINEE!!

Who doesn't love SHINee? And who doesn't love SHINee videos? Let's watch them all shall we?

"AMIGO" 2008

I will be completely honest. I have never heard of this song before today. I guess I will learn a lot from my own blogs. Look how cute and young they are here!!

"Love Like Oxygen" 2008

Not one of my favorite songs from them but not a bad video. I do notice something though. Jonghyun has not really changed AT ALL since these videos! He looks the same!

"Replay" 2008

It took me awhile to like this song but it did finally stick with me. After watching this video and looking at Taemin, I am so thankful that puberty hit him like a dump truck! 

"Juliette" 2009

Here is when Key starts to get his cute baby face going (or at least I think so). Also I think from here is when we start seeing the real dancing talent of our boys.

"Ring Ding Dong"  2009

WHOA. Who opened the sexy gate? This is the video that made me pick a bias and a wrecker (sorry to say that it changed throughout the years) Bias: Jonghyun Wrecker: Minho. OMG I love this video!!

"Hello" 2010

Oh Hello Onew. When did your cute self get here? During this time, I couldn't pick a bias. I loved them ALL!!

"Lucifer" 2010

OMG...O..M..G.. This video changed EVERYTHING for me. It was at this time when I officially became a shawol and my bias and wrecker changed from Key (bias) to Taemin (wrecker). And just because you can not watch just one video of this song...I will add my favorite. If you have never seen prepared to be Taemins shirt!!

Here is where I would LOVE to post the video of "Dazzling Girl" but SMTown are a bunch of BLEEPS and took it down. 

"Sherlock" 2012

Oh what have they done? I can't pick again!! I love them all!! How much do you love Key's fashion sense though??

"Dream Girl" 2013

And here is where Onew stole my heart, ran off with it and never looked back. *Sigh* I just love him. My wrecker during this time? EVERYONE ELSE! I mean how do you choose??

"Everybody" 2013

Holy Jesus. I do not like this song but they so made up for it in the music video. Between Onew's makeup and Taemin being shirtless, I was losing my mind the first time I seen it, Even me going back and re watching it just now had me screeching like a Japanese school boy lol

"Why So Serious" 2013

BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER!!! Sadly Jonghyun wasn't in this one but somehow they still made the BEST VIDEO EVER!! Everything about this song and this video is perfect and OMG Onew. If you didn't love him before you should love him now!!

"1 of 1" 2016

Key was really trying to take over my bias spot in this video but Onew held on tight. This was a pretty good song and an OK video. Really wish they would do more stuff before they all go to the military.

Yes, I know that Shinee made so many more songs but I just wanted to do an official music video blog for those who love them and for those who don't really know who they are. As they come out with new videos, this will be updated.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog! Make sure to check Twitter for our newest Poll, "Legendary Girl Group"

~The Korean Drama Queen~

Monday, July 24, 2017

It's my Birthday and I'll turn up when I want 7/24

Three days left everyone WHATT!!!!! SO ON TODAY'S POST....

(I'm not actually sure what this song's called... I know I'm lame... I call it the squad song) 

Picture this BESTIE NIGHT, you about to pick up the squad and start the shenanigans LMAO LEGGO SQUAD SUIT UP!!!! hahahahaha. I love G2 lol and this song is just like a LETS GO song!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

It's my Birthday I'll Turn up when I want 7/23

AYE AYE AYE 4....3...2.. I got a post here in MS baby boy whats happen'n'

Topp Dogg Arario

I think a lot of people forget Topp Dogg exists to be honest, but I love them!  I'm a sucker for people who mash up stuff and this song the way they mashed traditional classical music with hip hop. I'M ALL FOR IT.  I'm not a like HUGE kpop fan like I love kpop, but I do consider myself more of a hip hop person. But this song is just up my ally. It has a really good balance of all kinda of music into one and I really enjoy that :D ...