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Sexy Korea: Guys Edition, Part 5

Hey, welcome back to Sexy Korea Saturdays! Last week was a girls edition so it's only right that this week is a guys! Woo and am I EXCITED for this one. 

Last week's hint:
"It's a guy, and he's an idol."

What pops in your head when you think of guy idols. 
Personally for me, my first thought is BIGBANG... They are my absolute favorite group after all.. 

But not this week, lovelies. Not this week. 

However, the second group that comes to mind is my 2nd all time favorite group. Anyone wanna take bambam at it? Ya know... Like "let me take a crack at it" Bambam.....

Someone in the distance: "BOOOOOOOOO! LAMEEEEEE!"

Sorry.. Anyways, this weeks feature is GOT7. Despite me saying Bambam earlier, this post isn't about Bambam. lol That was just a group hint.

Someone in the distance: " Jeez, really? You tease!"
*Throws tomato*

Calm down, calm down! Thirsty people!
*Gets hit with tomato*
.....or hungry. 

Someone in the distance: "BOOOOOOO!!! Get off the stage!!!!!!"

Man, tough crowd..

So finally the reveal this week's feature!

JB from GOT7!

Someone in the distance: "HEYYYY he IS sexy!! Okay, Shanea! We forgive you! Sorry about the tomato." *sad face*

That's okay, person in the distance. I made BLT's out of the tomatoes. They were delicious. All is forgiven. 

So yes, JB, one of my favorites in all of Kpop, btw... Is this week's feature. 

So let's hop right in, why don't we!

 The face he gives all people who say he's ugly. EPIC.

This picture is kind of rude. I understand I'm fat, JB. You don't have to tell the whole world how hard I am to carry. Sheesh
*Joke. Calm down..*

Lawd, help me. *dead*

EEEEEEEEEEE! That smile!!!

... There are no words.... for this man..

Dannnnng boy. WOOOOOOOOO. Is it getting hot in here?

Bonus #1!
How adorable???

Bonus #2!

It's not a real picture. In fact, it's a drawing. But he's dang sexy in the drawing.

So that's it, folks! Sexy JB! 
Remember to come check back every Saturday for a new post!

Hint for next week's Sexy Korea Saturday:
*It's a girl and she's a girl group member and soloist. And she's super sexy AF!*

Friday, January 27, 2017


Hello HAS readers!!! It’s Bunny and today’s topic on Bunny’s Hoppin hip hop corner, COLLABORATIONS!!!
This post is just going to be some of my favorite collabs not in any order, or rank this is just some videos and collaborations that I think ya’ll would like. Without further ado, let’s get to naming!!!

1.       San E and Mad Clown -  Sour Grapes-  this song introduced me to San E, because as our Shanea knows, I kinda have a MAD crush on the Mad clown, and I originally watched it for him. Then San E stole my heart. WHY ARE THEY BOTH SO CUTE!?!?!?!

2.       Jay park ft Tablo- When- This song is on Jay Park’s Worldwide album (ONE OF MY FAVORITE ALBUMS) and when I heard OPPA….. TURN UP.

3.       Zico, Crush and Dean- Bermuda Triangle – Ya’ll not gonna lie this song has been on repeate since it came out. You know when you see Zico, Crush, AND Dean it’s on so why not.

4.       Zico ft Zion T- Eureka- I really didn’t like this song at first. I don’t know why it’s a ballin song lol.

5.       Tablo, Joey Bada$$ and Code Kunst – Hood- okay so this is all in English, but I love the sound and Tablo yall, oppa really has me in tears with his lyrics. That’s why I fell in love with him to be honest he is so poetic in everything he says.

6.       Jay park, Honey Cocaine, Crush, Ugly Duck and Simon D – Mommae- okay so if Mommae wasn’t enough for everyone the Album has a remix with my girl Honey Cocaine. If you don’t know Honey C and you looking for something different look her up. She about that life if you know what I mean. I first heard this song on his Worldwide album and I was like WAIT WHAT IS THAT HONEY COCAINE it caught me off guard ya’ll.

7.       Feel Dogg, Joon Hyung, LE- You got some nerve- I’ve already talked about this one in my idols post, but It’s one of my favorite collabs as well.

8.       Masta Wu, BOBBY, Dok2- Come Here- Masta Wu is one of my favorite “old school” Korean rappers. This song came out really close to BOBBY’s win over Show Me the Money 3. The video is actually a pretty fun watch and I’m not gonna lie I crank the shiz up when it’s on. And for the first time I actually liked Dok2's part (I’m not a dok2 fan at all )

9.       Giriboy, Mad Clown, Jooyoung -Young- I’m not sure what the title of this song is, but I think it’s Young. I mean Mad Clown where can you go wrong. It actually has all the Monsta x people  <.< nothing wrong with that to me...

10.   Paloalto, G2, B-Free, Okasian, and Zico -Turtle Ship- This one is a little “harder” I guess you can call it. It’s one of my favorites though. At first glance I was like Turtle ship? Whhhhaaatttttt… I was not disappointed. I had never heard of G2 or B-free before this but G2 has become a favorite of mine so I’m happy I found this collab.

11.   G2 and Jessi -We are young- this is a “new” -ish song, and it’s G2 which like I said I’ve just “found” I don’t know if you’d say I found him, but I am learning more about him.

12.   Dumbfounded, Microdot, Jessi, Lyricks- K.B.B.- oh ya’ll Dumbfounded if you haven’t seen his “Hrambe” video … dead… but this time we have Microdot. I don’t think I’ve talked about him yet. Microdot was friends with Dok2 and has just made his comeback in the past couple of years. If you like microdot you can thank Show me the Money for his comeback in my opinion. Hey at least he’s 10 times better then Dok2 (hate that guy)  

13.   Miryo, Giant Pink – ROCK PAPER SCISSORS- I haven’t heard of either of these two before this video, but ya’ll. I’ve posted them everywhere. Honestly the song reminds me of “Wobble by V.I.C” like to me if you took the words off that song and the words off of RPS you’d get the same song. Nothing wrong with that it makes me dance. I think they both are on Unpretty rap star but I’m going to have to research more on them after this video for sure.

14.   Hyuna and LE- Blacklist- I really liked this song at first and I played it on repeat for a while. Honestly now Hyuna gets on my nerves. I just listen to it now because LE.

15.   San E and Hwasa – I am me- don’t ya just love San E. His songs make me feel good and this ones video is cool too. Hwasa doesn’t rap in this one but I think it’s cool that she shows her other talents. Ain’t no shame from me girl.

16.   Sam Kim and Loco- Think About Chu’- Okay for those of you who have never heard of Sam Kim he was Runner up on K-pop Star 4 I think, maybe 3, anyway he lost to Bernard Park, both of them from the USA, and both of them both REALLY TALENTED. I haven’t heard from Sam Kim since then I’ve kind of wondered when he was going to come out with music and then January 24 was my day ya’ll. Poking around on my YouTube and it pretty much fell into my lap. I was SOOO happy. When I clicked. HAPPINES OF THE EAR BUDS.This song was a like a Pot Head Hipsters bag of Kale chips.... what Hipsters get the munchies to ya'll it's not their fault their mustaches get in the way.  It’s got a kind of coffee house jazzy vibe to it. I’m IN LOVE with this song I didn’t want the song to end and I honestly thought sooner or later one of them was gonna start skatting. It was a PERFECT SONG for Loco, and his soul came through.

17.   Simon Domnic , Jay Park , and tablo- Won- okay so Tablo is just in the video not really in the song itself but him and Haru are so cute in the video I had to add their names. The song is good still though. I’ve found that AOMG really likes to “play with themselves” okay so maybe I shouldn’t say it like that, but they are always featuring on each other’s stuff.

18.   Perry, Masta Wu, Sean, and G-dragon – Storm- So I still don’t know who Perry is, but this has baby GD and who doesn’t love baby dragons right? I was clicking around YouTube a LONG time ago and found this video and I will admit this was way before I was into Hip Hop or even K hip hop. Masta Wu was actually the reason I clicked on it. He’s been around YG for a LONG time.  I needed to share this though… three words BABY G DRAGON… that is all

19.   G-DRAGON and CL – Dirty Vibes- I have a love, hate relationship with this song. I love it so much I play it on repeat and I over play it so I want it to go away lol I love a sad obsessive life.

20.   T.O.P and G-Dragon -Zutter- I don’t know if you call this a collab or not considering I mean it’s big bang, but my bae says I can’t leave him out. Him and GD have done a lot of songs together I know, but this one is my favorite of theirs I think.

21.   CJamm and BeWhy- Puzzle- I first heard this on Spotify and I really like this song. It’s a little of a head banger to me. “white girl head bang?” lol

22.   G2, Simon Dominic, BeWhy, One -Who you- This song is from Show Me the Money 5, and I heard it on Spotify as well.

I think that’s enough for now lol INFORMATION OVERLOAD !!!!  I can hear it now … OKAY BUNNY WE GET IT lol I hope you enjoy some of the songs I post :D and see you next time :D 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

KDQ's Drama Review ~ Goblin



Gong Yoo
as Kim Shin

Kim Shin is what Koreans call a Goblin but you could also say he is a Guardian Angel. His powers can move things, save lives and he can transport to any country by walking through a door. He has roamed the earth for over 900 years looking for his bride to take the sword from his chest so that he can finally have peace. 

Kim Go-eun
as Ji Eun-tak

Ji Eun-tak is the Goblin's Bride. Her mother nearly lost her when she was pregnant and hit by a car. The Goblin saved the baby not knowing that she would turn out to be his bride. Ever since she was little she was able to see ghosts who would constantly tell her who she was. In the drama she is constantly sought out by the Grim Reaper. 

Lee Dong Wook
as Grim Reaper

The sexiest Grim Reaper I have ever seen. I don't even know what else to say other than for a man who takes souls like it's nothing, he has a big heart. You will cry when he me.

Yoo In-na
as Kim Sun aka Sunny

Sunny is the reincarnate sister of Kim Shin. In this lifetime she is a chicken shop owner who falls in love with the Grim Reaper.

Yook Sung-jae
as Yoo Deok-hwa

Yoo Deok-hwa is the only grandson and heir of the Yoo family. He was always told about his uncle the Goblin from a young age. Deok-hwa is a little careless and sometimes a rebel but he has a heart of gold. 

The first 4 cast members are linked in a certain way from a past life. It is interesting to watch it all unfold and know who is who.


First off let me tell you that I was not ready for this roller coaster of emotions right out the gate in this drama. So before you sit down and watch it...grab the tissues. And maybe some ice cream. Oh and make sure that you have time to just sit and do nothing but cry because you will not be able to watch just one episode!

So, like I said the first episode is pretty dramatic. You are up you are down and then you CRASH! It is heartbreaking yet gives you the feel goods at the same time. 

There were times in the drama that I was confused about who was who and who did what and that could have been just me because I was trying to watch this and do a million things at the same time. I quickly figured it all out and was able to really enjoy the rest of the drama. 

While watching this you are going to be on the edge of your seats at times because you know, like all dramas, something bad is going to happen. Whether it gets bad and then gets better we never know until the end. From ep 2 until end of 12 beginning of 13 the drama is just really setting you up for BIG BANG which is at the end of 13. Let me tell you that I did not cry any after the first episode but the end of 13...OMG I became instant mush baby. Just fair warning. From then on the emotional roller coaster went into effect again and I was all over the place. 

Of course you are all wanting to know what happens in the end right? Was it good? Was it bad? Was it disappointing? Well, all I can say is...ALL 3!! It was good, I was very happy with what happened in the end but at the same time I was very disappointed that there was not more. They did leave it to where there COULD be a Goblin 2 but I doubt that would ever happen. Would be great though!

Below are some of my favorite pictures (moments) from the drama. In no particular order.

There you have it lovelies!! If you have not seen this yet I HIGHLY recommend you do so. If you have watched it, what did you guys think of the drama? 

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~The Korean Drama Queen

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Sexy Korea: Girls Edition, Part 4

Sexy Korea Saturday!

Did you catch last week's spoiler?

Well if you did then you know that this week's sexy Korea is part 4 of the girls edition!
My spoiler said "It's a girl.. and she's an idol"

So go ahead and start thinking of who you think it is. 

Did you guess Suzy? If you did, you're wrong. Sorry...
So maybe you guessed Hyorin? While that's a later one, she's not the one this week.
Well how about Hyoeun from Stellar?
Did you think of Hyoeun from Stellar?
Then you're right!!!

I will be honest, I typically don't listen to Stellar songs. I don't listen to Stellar songs at all if we're completely honest. I still couldn't tell you a Stellar song if it slapped me in the face. 

But! As I was searching the interwebs, a post from someone i really don't know who... popped up with the sexy members of Stellar. So I thought.. Hmmm. I don't listen to their songs, but I know alot of other people do... And there's no denying they're all sexy... So this came about! So buckle your seatbelts and prepare for the journey ahead as we journey into Hyoeun land!

O.O --  seductive!

Take that back! THIS is seductive!

How cute! Love that bikini. 

REALLY wish I had the body to wear something like this! lol 

So simple, yet so sexy!

So there you have it, lovelies! Hyoeun the sexy beast! This is my first girls post in a long while, so I hope you enjoyed! 

You can check out last week's "Sexy Korea" from the link below!

Spoiler for next week's "Sexy Korea":

*it's a guy.. and he's an idol*

Friday, January 20, 2017

Vixx Ravi

Hi everyone Bunny here for a new-ish video that has come out this month. With me just joining the team I have had other things on my mind and haven’t really had time to write about some of the new videos/ singles that have come out. So, with that, on January 8, 2017 VIXX’s Ravi dropped a new video featuring San E called Bomb.

                I’ve never really been a huge fan of VIXX, and  Ravi’s “English” introductions I can NEVER understand, so when I first saw this I wasn’t going to watch it. But and that’s a big But I decided to give it a shot, because I’m a huge fan of San E. Ya’ll this was a huge game changer to me.  In this video, Ravi kills it. His flow fits perfect. His attention to dynamics, was on point. San E's verse brings a sort of professional touch. The two worked well together and their style and flow matched. I’d actually wouldn’t mind hearing another single come out for Ravi just to see what he’s got up his sleeve, and make sure he didn’t just get lucky in catching my attention.


Here's a break down of the video with my thoughts. 

The video starts with Ravi’s normal introduction. I’m going to call it “RavEnglish.” I could have done without that, but it’s his thing I get it. The extremely fake tattoos though turned me off BIG TIME. Why is it so many things are associated with hip hop or rap that don’t have to be there? You don’t have to be covered in tattoos or a want to be gansta to be a talented rap artist. You don’t need to talk about stuff you never been through. Hip hop to me is a story. Be you. Be confident.  The next scene is him in a red coat which is cute cause it matches his hair. OH! AND DID YOU SEE THE BODY! WAIT FOR IT…. WAIT FOR IT …… BOOM

His voice surprised me. The deep voice started spitting fire ya’ll.  Fire…. But then he compared himself to Justin Bieber… MINUS ONE POINT…and  the fire starts again PLUS 2 POINTS. I didn’t get the welding, but after a few minutes I got the fact he was calling himself an artist and I thought to myself WOW THAT’S CLEVER. Back to the dance scene again.  

Choreography? CHECK..... DOPE? AH YEA!!!

OH OH OH WHATS AROUND THE CORNER? San E!!!!!! the magnifying glass tripped me out I was like well at least we know he brushes his teeth. How awkward would that be if he had something in his teeth at that point. Then I was like WHAT TWO SAN E’S OMG MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. Back to the chorus and the fake tattoos again, did I mention I hate those:\

 My favorite part 2:48 the beat drops and BOOM slow it up for a girl. Then he started to speed it back up again, and even more fire. There’s only one thing this video needs…. Do you know what that is…? that’s right FLAME THROWER.

Over all a pretty good video, and he has my respect now. I’m looking forward to seeing more from him and I may even try VIXX again just to see if I was really missing something. I’m glad I watched it and I will definitely watch his next one as well. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Yo….Yo….Yo… Bunny’s here with the bars my dear so just sit back and listen to my krap. Okay so I'm not a rapper by any means, and  I can’t stand when rappers start with yo yo yo. They sound so annoying but anyway I digress. YOU GUESSED IT IT’S TIME FOR BUNNY’S HOPPIN HIP-HOP CORNER. So this week I decided to come at you with my favorite Idol rappers. Some of the hip hop world may look down on them but I’m just going to let my oppa handle those haters.

  I’m going to rank each of these from who I listen to the most. I think they are all equally talented I just listen to more of some then the others, and some have their own albums or singles while others just rock it in their groups. Maybe I will get to see all of them have their own special place in this industry one day! That being said, let’s get into the rankings shall we.

10. Block B’s Park Kyung. I feel everyone thinks of Zico when they hear BLOCK B but this group puts out stuff with or without Zico, if I’m being honest. I believe that Kyung has just as much if not more talent than Zico. He’s a record producer and has been known to write a lot of Block B’s music.

9. Block B’s/ BASTARZ PO.  Block B again with no Zico what am I thinking. I’m not saying that Zico isn't a good leader of Block B, and I’m not saying that he’s not talented. I like Zico , im actually a huge fan of his. I just wish people saw how talented the people are around him are,whether it's his brother, or even members of Block B. PO caught a lot of shade when he joined Block B, but honestly he’s my favorite member. (Not to mention he’s what I call my husbands Minnie me lol.) PO I wish would just learn to have more confidence in himself.  I was so happy when BASTARZ came out and he was a part of it. Their new single MAKE IT RAIN. Has become my go to “get lit” song … the single is on fire lmao

8. NCT MARK. MMMM those boys got to love NCT.  NCT really surprised me not going to lie. Mark is very young so I’m really excited to see what he brings to us in the future. His verse in 7th sense …ya’ll bunny couldn’t deal. Sadly, there’s not really a lot to say about him yet I was just really impressed with the group and I think they are really going somewhere, all of them not just one section. I once saw a rap video of him with Taeyong and boy… dead… I’m so excited about this group and I can’t wait to see what age brings them. Let me also state that I think that all the rappers in NCT are talented, Taeyong for example, I just chose Mark for this ranking because I like his sound. 


7. MAMAMOO Hwasa. Lately she has been doing a lot of features with people like Hyuna and High 4:20 and her verses kill it.  I expected her to come out with her own things soon and branch out from mamamoo, sad but hey I say go for it girl.

6. Fiestar Yezi. I’m Yezi trash ya’ll. I love this girl. I like her style her flow. Her appearance on tv show’s like Unpretty Rapstar and Hip-Hop Tribe2: Game of Thrones really brought her to my attention. That being said, it was her song Cider that threw it over the edge for me. I want to hear more singles from her for sure. Maybe a slower one just to see what she can really write.

5. EXID LE. Okay so I’m just going to come out with it. LE was my first female (no homo) rap crush. Her voice just soothes me for some reason, but I wish she’d come out with a single. She’s featured in some of the coolest songs before. She was part of Jiggy fellaz as well. Her feature with FeelDog and BEAST’s Yong Junhyung - You got some nerve, is on my YouTube playlist since it came out 4 years ago.

4. BEAST Yong Junhyung. He happens to be my ex-Husband. I think there will always be a place for him in my heart. He is SO talented in my opinion. From acting, to composing pretty much every BEAST song, and even his own album. This Cutie pie right here, brought me into the life or Korean Music and dramas, I will never forget it and that’s why he’s so high on my list.

3.BTS Rapmon and Sugar. What!!! we have a tie in third place. If I’m going to rank I couldn’t just rank them above one another because to me they are equally fantastic. If you haven’t heard either of their singles you are missing out. There isn’t a lot that hasn’t been said about BTS and I will humbly admit I’m BTS trash as well. 

2. WINNER SONG MINO. YAZZZZZZZ. Wait hold up I just changed the game up on you. Runner up on Show me the Money 4. MINO comes in the spot light, so you wouldn’t forget that idol rappers are rappers too. With the formation of MOBB, it was just another reason to love both of Bobby and MINO. Check out his single I’m Him. And I mean… look at him. 

And the number one FAVORITE Idol rapper is… beow beow beow

1.       IKON BOBBY.  Winner of Show Me the Money 3 he shut up all the idol rapper haters out there. Ya’ll I was catching feelings, when he teamed up with Winner’s MINO for MOBB. Though I hated Bounce (his show me the money song), great beat but I hate that one word rap like Dok2 does it really gets annoying. Anyway, I will go back to the loving part. Bobby shut down all the haters and is new to the Idol age so he’s got a long way to go. He’s so kind to his band members as well. Ya'll already know his Holup song is one of my favorite go to song for turn up time.