Monday, January 2, 2017

Blog update

Hello, lovelies. 2017 brings a new year and a new HAS. There's been alot of problems that 2016(more details in KDQs last post)  brought us, but we're positive that this year will be a great year. So in a high spirited mood it is my pleasure to inform you all that we have a new writer this year. there's been a new change in which HAS Vince isnt a writer anymore. Even though we are all saddened by this decision, we support and love Vince in every new adventure that awaits him. May he be blessed throughout this new year and the rest. 

Our new writer is Jen. When I was deciding on whether to add a new writer or keep just the 3 of us, i immediately thought of Jen and how she was just what we needed at HAS. Jen's specialty will be the side of Korean music i dont normally listen to too much. Which will be hip hop/rap. But just like the rest of us at HAS, she can write about anything else she wants. 

Thanks for supporting us for going on 5 years now, and we will continue to keep writing even if the worlds internet went out. It would take awhile though as the hard copies would be hard to pass all over the world. :P 

Happy 2017! May this be YOUR year for greatness.

-HAS Shanea

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