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Bunny's Hoppin Hip hop Corner

Welcome to Bunny's Hoppin Corner BEOW BEOW BEOW << insert hip hop horn thing >>

Let me be honest. When I first got into the Korean music scene I didn’t like it that much.  K pop just wasn’t doing it for me. But I got a secret note from my boo T.O.P! yea okay so it wasn’t a real note, shut up let me dream for a minute. Can’t a girl have a fantasy. So I started out thinking that G dragon and TOP where all that was of Hip hop, which sadden me because honestly that was my go to music for everything, nothing against those talented, gorgeous men I mean who could complain with the lyrical genius that is G to the Dragon and the flow so sick I need a Kleenex TOP.  But TOP sat me down and said babe you need to branch out, I know I’m the only one in your eye right now, but there are more rappers out there. Along came Tablo. Tablo my dear boy, you created a monster. I started watching Show Me the Money. (for those of you who don’t know what that is; it’s a Korean hip hop competition show) from then on, Hoppin Bunny was born and a monster was created.  Epik high to Masta Wu , Mad Clown, to Dynamic duo and so much more. 
      With all that being said, I promised ya’ll a post of 10 male and female rappers, so I’m not gonna lie I had a hard time with this cause there are so many but I figured I’d start out with the basics. If you are thinking of getting into the hip hop scene I think you should start with these people. Don’t worry if you don’t see your favorite I’m getting to them I promise. I didn’t rank these by my favorites because honestly that’s a different post for a different time. I’m so excited there are so many people to talk about … errr one post at a time Bunny stop hopping around …  
please remember when reading this that this is all my opinion. I don’t own rights to any of these photos either I just wanted ya’ll to see who these artist are and what they look like.

1.    Keith Ape – made it big with his song IT G MA. And honestly, I had it on repeat for days. it’s my go to get hard song. Put that thing on in the gym and get ready to work! UNDERWATER SQUAD

2.    Zico- block b’s leader so many good songs. One of my favorites. If you’re interested watch his you are me and I’m you single. Some of his singles make me have mixed feelings about him. 

3.    Epik High- oh Epik High who doesn’t love them some Tablo, Minthra Jin, and DJ Tukutz. Born Haters is my favorite single by them even though there are so many great ones.

4.    Basick- he’s actually pretty old on the scene but due to family things he fell off.. well guess what HE’S BACK BITCHES!!! SORRY bad bunny. His single with  InkII is pretty good- The illusion

5.    Okasian- I like him before he started featuring in a lot of people’s things. Try watching  his 1,000,000 won single with G Dragon, CL, and BeWhY, Or Jay Park’s- You know . I also like his get that money single.

6.    Beenzino- oh beeny boo. If you like hip hop but like a relaxed type of different sound he’s your guy. His single life in color is one of my favorites

7.    Mad Clown- ya’ll I’m gonna be honest with you Mad Clown has feelings for me. I asked him and he was like girl you PHAT! But alas he couldn’t handle all dis fluff. his single  of a mad soul is GREAT

8.    Woo Taewoon ( a lot of people don’t know him but he’s actally zico’s older brother) a lot may argue with me but I just like him his personality his flow and stuff.  I don’t think he’s the greatest rapper out there, but I don’t know I like him for some reason. He’s one of my favorites I’ll probably post a whole post on him later.  Try his song blind first MY FAVORITE SONG EVER… Marry me TaeWoon I’ll get you out of Zico’s shadow and put you on the high horse …

9.    Nafla- I first heard of him off of Tae Tae ^^ single and I kinda just fell in love with him. Check out his single dope boy.

10. Jay Park- oh I’m not even gonna go into him he’ll be a separate post when his new album comes out. Right now I’m into Aquaman by him and Ain’t no party like a… GO ON WITH YO FINE SELF…. <.< behave bunny >.>

Female wrappers

11.  LE (EXID)- I liked her more when she was a part of the group Jiggy Fellaz. I honestly think she’s my favorite idol rapper. I don't think she gets enough credit for just how good she is. She's never tried to branch out form EXID and I'd like to see her do a song with just her. 

12.  Bipa (lip service)- she freaking kills it. She kind of reminds me of a Korean Kreayshawn (if you don’t know her YouTube= life) If you have never heard of lip service or Bipa look up yum yum yum- lip service

13.  Cheetah- I first heard of her through Unpretty Rap Star (pretty much the women’s verison of show me the money)  but I’ve liked all her singles so I put her on here.

14.  Jessi-  Was the runner up of the first Unpretty Rap Star she’s also a part of the group Lucky J. I think she has a bad personality but I like her flow so oh well

15. Hyuna- I personally don’t like Hyuna but you win some and lose some so. She's usually everyones go to rap girl ..her or CL but we'll talk about her later. 

16.  Yezi- she’s a member of Fiestar but let me tell you this girl is killer. I wouldn’t even know who they were without her but I LOVE her singles. ya'll she my girl for real lol  Listen to her single Cider if you want to try her. 

17.  CL- I don't really know what to say about her that hasn't already been said. If you know even the littlest about k pop you know who she is. To be honest I think she's a hit or miss, we all loved her single Hello Bitches but let's all be real with one another you were left longing for something more out of her Lifted single. I'll do a whole post later on my thoughts and opinions on CL.

18.  Kisum- I haven't listened to EVERY one of her songs but I do like most of the ones I listen to. She's kind of a soft soul not really a go hard type but she has talent and unique to me. I like her You and Me single 

19.  Amber (fx) – oh my Amber ya’ll know her from (fx) but honestly if you haven’t heard her new album or singles you are missing out cause all her new stuff is great! Some may say she’s not hip hop but hey I love the girl. Great personality, great voice, great lyrics WHICH SHE WRITES HERSELF I don’t know she’s just a great all around person to me.

20.  Hwasa (mamamoo)- why you ask? The girl is boss don’t knock it till you try her ;) I love her voice pleases the ears in my opinion. I wish she'd do something on her own as well but I've liked her ft'ers  so far. 

Again, a lot of my favorites aren’t on here because there wasn’t enough room these are just a few of the people who I think some of you guys would like to start with. Stay tuned for next week’s episode of Bunny’s Hoppin Corner, where we Hop to the Hippest beats. Okay that’s a little cheesy but hey you’ll just cringe no damage done, right? We'll be going over Bunny's  Fluff to Buff  K -hip hop Work out playlist ... wwwhhhaaattt.   Until next time. This is Jen Bunny over and out. 

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