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Hello HAS readers!!! It’s Bunny and today’s topic on Bunny’s Hoppin hip hop corner, COLLABORATIONS!!!
This post is just going to be some of my favorite collabs not in any order, or rank this is just some videos and collaborations that I think ya’ll would like. Without further ado, let’s get to naming!!!

1.       San E and Mad Clown -  Sour Grapes-  this song introduced me to San E, because as our Shanea knows, I kinda have a MAD crush on the Mad clown, and I originally watched it for him. Then San E stole my heart. WHY ARE THEY BOTH SO CUTE!?!?!?!

2.       Jay park ft Tablo- When- This song is on Jay Park’s Worldwide album (ONE OF MY FAVORITE ALBUMS) and when I heard OPPA….. TURN UP.

3.       Zico, Crush and Dean- Bermuda Triangle – Ya’ll not gonna lie this song has been on repeate since it came out. You know when you see Zico, Crush, AND Dean it’s on so why not.

4.       Zico ft Zion T- Eureka- I really didn’t like this song at first. I don’t know why it’s a ballin song lol.

5.       Tablo, Joey Bada$$ and Code Kunst – Hood- okay so this is all in English, but I love the sound and Tablo yall, oppa really has me in tears with his lyrics. That’s why I fell in love with him to be honest he is so poetic in everything he says.

6.       Jay park, Honey Cocaine, Crush, Ugly Duck and Simon D – Mommae- okay so if Mommae wasn’t enough for everyone the Album has a remix with my girl Honey Cocaine. If you don’t know Honey C and you looking for something different look her up. She about that life if you know what I mean. I first heard this song on his Worldwide album and I was like WAIT WHAT IS THAT HONEY COCAINE it caught me off guard ya’ll.

7.       Feel Dogg, Joon Hyung, LE- You got some nerve- I’ve already talked about this one in my idols post, but It’s one of my favorite collabs as well.

8.       Masta Wu, BOBBY, Dok2- Come Here- Masta Wu is one of my favorite “old school” Korean rappers. This song came out really close to BOBBY’s win over Show Me the Money 3. The video is actually a pretty fun watch and I’m not gonna lie I crank the shiz up when it’s on. And for the first time I actually liked Dok2's part (I’m not a dok2 fan at all )

9.       Giriboy, Mad Clown, Jooyoung -Young- I’m not sure what the title of this song is, but I think it’s Young. I mean Mad Clown where can you go wrong. It actually has all the Monsta x people  <.< nothing wrong with that to me...

10.   Paloalto, G2, B-Free, Okasian, and Zico -Turtle Ship- This one is a little “harder” I guess you can call it. It’s one of my favorites though. At first glance I was like Turtle ship? Whhhhaaatttttt… I was not disappointed. I had never heard of G2 or B-free before this but G2 has become a favorite of mine so I’m happy I found this collab.

11.   G2 and Jessi -We are young- this is a “new” -ish song, and it’s G2 which like I said I’ve just “found” I don’t know if you’d say I found him, but I am learning more about him.

12.   Dumbfounded, Microdot, Jessi, Lyricks- K.B.B.- oh ya’ll Dumbfounded if you haven’t seen his “Hrambe” video … dead… but this time we have Microdot. I don’t think I’ve talked about him yet. Microdot was friends with Dok2 and has just made his comeback in the past couple of years. If you like microdot you can thank Show me the Money for his comeback in my opinion. Hey at least he’s 10 times better then Dok2 (hate that guy)  

13.   Miryo, Giant Pink – ROCK PAPER SCISSORS- I haven’t heard of either of these two before this video, but ya’ll. I’ve posted them everywhere. Honestly the song reminds me of “Wobble by V.I.C” like to me if you took the words off that song and the words off of RPS you’d get the same song. Nothing wrong with that it makes me dance. I think they both are on Unpretty rap star but I’m going to have to research more on them after this video for sure.

14.   Hyuna and LE- Blacklist- I really liked this song at first and I played it on repeat for a while. Honestly now Hyuna gets on my nerves. I just listen to it now because LE.

15.   San E and Hwasa – I am me- don’t ya just love San E. His songs make me feel good and this ones video is cool too. Hwasa doesn’t rap in this one but I think it’s cool that she shows her other talents. Ain’t no shame from me girl.

16.   Sam Kim and Loco- Think About Chu’- Okay for those of you who have never heard of Sam Kim he was Runner up on K-pop Star 4 I think, maybe 3, anyway he lost to Bernard Park, both of them from the USA, and both of them both REALLY TALENTED. I haven’t heard from Sam Kim since then I’ve kind of wondered when he was going to come out with music and then January 24 was my day ya’ll. Poking around on my YouTube and it pretty much fell into my lap. I was SOOO happy. When I clicked. HAPPINES OF THE EAR BUDS.This song was a like a Pot Head Hipsters bag of Kale chips.... what Hipsters get the munchies to ya'll it's not their fault their mustaches get in the way.  It’s got a kind of coffee house jazzy vibe to it. I’m IN LOVE with this song I didn’t want the song to end and I honestly thought sooner or later one of them was gonna start skatting. It was a PERFECT SONG for Loco, and his soul came through.

17.   Simon Domnic , Jay Park , and tablo- Won- okay so Tablo is just in the video not really in the song itself but him and Haru are so cute in the video I had to add their names. The song is good still though. I’ve found that AOMG really likes to “play with themselves” okay so maybe I shouldn’t say it like that, but they are always featuring on each other’s stuff.

18.   Perry, Masta Wu, Sean, and G-dragon – Storm- So I still don’t know who Perry is, but this has baby GD and who doesn’t love baby dragons right? I was clicking around YouTube a LONG time ago and found this video and I will admit this was way before I was into Hip Hop or even K hip hop. Masta Wu was actually the reason I clicked on it. He’s been around YG for a LONG time.  I needed to share this though… three words BABY G DRAGON… that is all

19.   G-DRAGON and CL – Dirty Vibes- I have a love, hate relationship with this song. I love it so much I play it on repeat and I over play it so I want it to go away lol I love a sad obsessive life.

20.   T.O.P and G-Dragon -Zutter- I don’t know if you call this a collab or not considering I mean it’s big bang, but my bae says I can’t leave him out. Him and GD have done a lot of songs together I know, but this one is my favorite of theirs I think.

21.   CJamm and BeWhy- Puzzle- I first heard this on Spotify and I really like this song. It’s a little of a head banger to me. “white girl head bang?” lol

22.   G2, Simon Dominic, BeWhy, One -Who you- This song is from Show Me the Money 5, and I heard it on Spotify as well.

I think that’s enough for now lol INFORMATION OVERLOAD !!!!  I can hear it now … OKAY BUNNY WE GET IT lol I hope you enjoy some of the songs I post :D and see you next time :D 

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