Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Day6 comeback! "I Wait"

Day6 - I Wait

Yall, I'm trying really hard. Like really really hard. I have a major obsession with Day6. Their talent is off the charts, their voices are just amazing, and I love their songs...

But this song,... I'm just not 100% feeling it. *cringe* I'm sorry, I love them I do... But I just am not feeling this song. Sometimes this happens though and later on it becomes my jam. 

However, I've listened to this song numerous times.
I do have some things to say though, that aren't particularly bad..

This song is seriously catchy. Like, I find myself most of the times thinking about the song or singing it because it popped in my head. It is a song that particularly sticks in your head (even if you don't want it to)

It's not that I hate this song.. I really don't, it's just I don't really love it.

I love the lyrics. That's one thing Day6 always does right. Their lyrics are real rather than just the feel good stuff everyone else puts out. 
Not downing anyone, because as we all know, I love that feel good stuff everyone else puts out. There could be 10 songs saying basically the same thing and as long as the melody to it is good, I usually like it. 
But this song is about someone who is confused in their love life. I'm getting the feeling that the guy is the one wrapped around their finger and the girl is being a butthead. 

You ever heard that song or a saying that says "You're not sure that you love me, but you're not sure enough to let me go"? lol i feel like this is the better sounding korean version of that line. Except they really want the girl to love them instead of letting them go. 

Regardless of whether I like the song or not, I think you should still check out the song. Day6 is worth checking out and they deserve all of the support they get. So here's the mv:

Thanks for reading, lovelies. There are plenty more posts coming up that I'm excited for from most of our writers. Thanks for sticking with us for so long. We love you. Mean it. 

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