Monday, January 9, 2017

Fluffy to Buff

Hey ya’ll it’s time for Bunny’s from Fluff to Buff . It’s the new year, and I don’t know about you, but I ate SO much during the holidays. I fixed my hubby the works man … Now he can stop with the cotton candy stick look.

That being said he said I have to work out with him ;( , SO IT BRINGS US TO OUR CURRENT ….erm ... Situation? Since he's  cheering me on ..YO GIRL GOT THE PLAYLIST OF ALL PLAYISTS …I ranked them as well  from my warm up to my most favorite.
20.   The warm up. Amber’s-Borders. She doesn’t rap in this, much, but it’s a good well written song.
19. Flexin by Beenzino. Me and him could have something on the side but The main hubby would get a little upset I think
18.   Born Hater- Epik High is next. Shake the haters off with this song and watch the envy of all the others in the gym.
17.   EXO is gonna make it on our list next with their single LOTTO cause you are worth more than any LOTTO
16.   Zero for Conduct- BASTARZ—WHAT YA’LL THOUGHT THEY WEREN’T GONNA BE ON MY LIST… TWO LETTERS PO … you all can hate on him all you want too, but I dig him ;)
15.   Jessi-Ssenunni- yea I know I don’t like Jessi either, but just when you are feeling defeated at the gym she comes in and BOOM!!!
14.   Woo Tae Woon- Copy ma lyrics -- I told ya’ll he’ll be around I think a lot of people miss out on him
13. Niliria – G dragon (ft Missy Elliott) YAZZZZZ you read right THE Missy Elliott is in the blog post  ya’ll.. if you haven’t heard this song I’m probably ashamed of you. This song is A MUST listen. I mean, it’s Missy and G come on guys.
12.   Good- Gray—it has Loco and some others on it as well. aint nothing like some cardio and elliptical on this song
11. Okey Dokey- MINO (ft Zico) yea this song was from winners Song MiNO’s Show me the money days where he won second place losing to Basick and I mean when you go up against Basick you better bring your game.
1.   Cider- Yezi-- I go hard on this song not even gonna lie
9.       My Number- Cheetah—I like this song don't know why I just like to dance to this song. 
8.     앞 him jin ho (ft basic)- this is  cool down type song to me.
7.       OMG- Double K (ft. Seo In Guk) i just learned about him and to tell you truth i'm a fan 
6.       My Zone- Black Nut (ft Microdot, Basick, and Verbal Jint) this is a Show me the money song.
5.       MOBB- Full house--- this group (if you call it that) I’m SO HAPPY BOBBY AND MINO GOT PUT TOGETHER … these two are probably two of my favorite “idol” rappers.
4.       MOBB – HIT ME yep back to back in row what will we do.
3.       Dean ft Eric Bellinger- I’m not sorry—okay so not hip hop to some people but, but that songs good af to hit too I’m not gonna lie.
2. HOLUP-BOBBY—I love Bobby, his smile, his overall two perfect to be natural face, and his BOD... so sorry I got carried away again. But his song HOLUP really gets you “crunk”

Jay Park--Aint no party like an AOMG party

1.       Jay Park- aint no party like an AOMG party 

2.       Holup- Bobby

3.       Dean ft Eric Bellinger- I’m not sorry 

4.       Mobb- Hit me 

5.       MOBB- full house 

6.       Blacknut ft Microdot, Basick and Verbal Jint- My Zone 

7.       Double K- OMG 

8.       Basick-  

9.       Cheetah- My Number 

1.   Yezi- Cider 

11.   MINO ft Zico- Okey Dokey 

12.   Gray ft Loco and other AOMG- Good 
13.   G Dragon- Niliria 
14.   Woo Tae Woon- Copy my Lyrics 
15.   Jessi- Ssenunni 
16.   BASTARZ- Zero for Conduct 
17.   EXO—Lotto 
18.   Epik High- Born Hater 
19.   Beenzino- Flexin 
20.   Amber- Borders 

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