Thursday, January 12, 2017

NCT 127 Comeback "Limitless"

NCT 127 - Limitless

Before I even get into this blog really good I'm going to clarify that even though we are not even halfway through the first month of the year, this is my favorite song of 2017. 
It'll take some miracle act of God to replace this song on my number 1. This song has been on repeat since it was released on Youtube. 

Yall, my hearteu.

Okay getting into the blog now. 


As most of you may know, NCT 127 has added 2 new members to their lineup.  Those being Doyoung and Johnny. 


If you aren't a new fan of NCT, you'll know that Doyoung isn't a new member of NCT as a whole. Just 127. 

Doyoung is a part of NCT U so he did their last comeback (which of course was dang awesome) The Seventh Sense.

Really glad he joined 127, though. He's got a great voice.

And the second new member: Johnny. 
Lord, this guy. 

Right? You don't even have to say anything. We're all already thinking it. He's hot. LOL 

Then we get into the members who have already been there................................................................................................................................. there are not enough dots in the world...

Up first, my bae. Taeil. 

My cutie with the angelic voice. And the angelic face. I'm just head over heels for him, don't judge. He's definitely my bias <3 

Taeyong, yall. Taeyong. 

But I will say, I'm not feeling his hair, yall. I really don't like it. Haha don't kill me. 

Ok, something I feel like I have to say about the next member.. I'm really worried about him. I'm serious. I'm talking about Mark. He's in all of the subgroups! He's in U, Dream, and 127. Because he's so talented, I know.. But I swear he gets no down time to rest. By the time one of the subgroups finishes their promotions, one of the other ones is having a comeback. I'm worried he'll get sick. 

He's a dang cutie though. <3

*Squeals* Guys, can someone please remind Haechan that he's a FETUS! He's sooooo young. 

Next is KDQ's bias. And for good reason. 

Jaehyun + blonde hair? Idk how to feel..

I mean regardless, he's gorgeous. But i think he looked better with his darker hair. 

Last but not least, we have Yuta. 

He is a good looking guy. <3

Now onto the videos. 

Have you seen the rough version?

I don't really care for this version too much. Not that it's bad or anything like I feel like the concept was okay... But I'm not really feeling it. 

However, the performance version, guys.

Save me. I'm drowning. I'm drowning in awesomeness. Holy..... Omg. 

One thing I like about the performance version is the fact that they didn't primarily focus on Taeyong as they have in the past MV's. This time the primary focus is Mark (which is totally fine by me especially since he's working so extremely hard) 
*And Taeil*

Their dance, as always, is dang awesome and on point. They're almost perfect,
*Especially Taeil*

And the song, the SOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! AMAZEBALLS! I seriously am so in love with this song. I have not taken it off of repeat for days. lol I am officially obsessed.. and in case you didn't know. NCT trash. 
*Especially over Taeil. my GOD*
*Taeil is mine, back off*

You should definitely check out NCT, you won't be disappointed. And if you are like I was and was trying to avoid NCT at all costs, give it up. It's worth it. 

I do have some left over good pictures. 

*Holy Jesus I love him so much*

Thanks for reading, lovelies. Here's some fun pictures I had while playing with Snow.

*Kitty Bae*

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