Thursday, January 5, 2017

P.D.D (Post Drama Depression)


What is Post Drama Depression?
Post Drama Depression is a serious disease in the Korean drama world . It can occur minutes after finishing a drama and sometimes, on rare occasions, start before a drama ends.

Post Drama Depression can make you feel sad and regretful for even starting the drama in the first place. In those rare cases where the depression starts before the drama ends, it can cause you to cease watching a drama all together. 

It is very important for you to get treatment for Post Drama Depression.  The sooner you get help, the better you will feel.

What Causes Post Drama Depression?

Post Drama Depression occurs when hormone levels skyrocket during a drama. This can be either extreme happiness or sadness about something that happened in the drama or feelings of hopelessness when a drama does not end the way you think it should. 

You have a greater chance of developing Post Drama Depression if: 

You are already suffering from another form of depression. 
You have anxiety.
The drama features your favorite Drama Actor/Actress.

What are the symptoms? 

Symptoms of Post Drama Depression may include: 

Crying for hours after the drama is finished. 
Crying when the name of the drama is mentioned. 
Crying when you hear an OST of the drama. 
Crying when you see or hear of the actor/actress.
Getting angry for no reason. 
Refusing to watch (or in those rare cases, finishing) another drama.

How is Post Drama Depression treated? 

Post Drama Depression is very hard to treat as it differs from person to person. Usual beginning treatments is to start another drama right away although this choice of treatment is temporary and ends up being a vicious cycle. Another form of treatment is to switch to another form of entertainment until the depression clears. 

While Post Drama Depression is a serious illness, it is not permanent. There is a cure but it is very drastic. In order to completely cure Post Drama Depression, one would have to give up watch dramas altogether. 

Do not give up hope. There is help out there. Try joining a drama discussion group or create one of your own. Sometimes talking it through can help you overcome this illness. Just know that you are not alone.

Thank you for reading! I hope you found this humorous and not serious. Haha. I wrote this after watching Dream High 2 (review will come later) and went through everything that was in here so I thought it would be funny to write a blog. This does happen though. Quite often in fact. HAS Shanea has that RARE disease where the drama causes so much anxiety that she stops watching it completely. This drives me NUTS!! Anyway I hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for my drama reviews and other goodies that I have planned in the future! 



  1. I am being serious here, i have severe post kdrama depression when i get too much obsession over the lead chrcters and second lead, as now just finished My Girl 2005.. It was a cliche drama but i cannot get over it... Sometimes, it went like a month for me to move on to the next drama.. Well, severe kdrama fan depression.. Nice blog tho i like yr explanation for the symptoms. Thank u, u help a lot!!!

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