Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sexy Korea: Girls Edition, Part 4

Sexy Korea Saturday!

Did you catch last week's spoiler?

Well if you did then you know that this week's sexy Korea is part 4 of the girls edition!
My spoiler said "It's a girl.. and she's an idol"

So go ahead and start thinking of who you think it is. 

Did you guess Suzy? If you did, you're wrong. Sorry...
So maybe you guessed Hyorin? While that's a later one, she's not the one this week.
Well how about Hyoeun from Stellar?
Did you think of Hyoeun from Stellar?
Then you're right!!!

I will be honest, I typically don't listen to Stellar songs. I don't listen to Stellar songs at all if we're completely honest. I still couldn't tell you a Stellar song if it slapped me in the face. 

But! As I was searching the interwebs, a post from someone i really don't know who... popped up with the sexy members of Stellar. So I thought.. Hmmm. I don't listen to their songs, but I know alot of other people do... And there's no denying they're all sexy... So this came about! So buckle your seatbelts and prepare for the journey ahead as we journey into Hyoeun land!

O.O --  seductive!

Take that back! THIS is seductive!

How cute! Love that bikini. 

REALLY wish I had the body to wear something like this! lol 

So simple, yet so sexy!

So there you have it, lovelies! Hyoeun the sexy beast! This is my first girls post in a long while, so I hope you enjoyed! 

You can check out last week's "Sexy Korea" from the link below!

Spoiler for next week's "Sexy Korea":

*it's a guy.. and he's an idol*

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