Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sexy Korea: Guys Edition, Part 5

Hey, welcome back to Sexy Korea Saturdays! Last week was a girls edition so it's only right that this week is a guys! Woo and am I EXCITED for this one. 

Last week's hint:
"It's a guy, and he's an idol."

What pops in your head when you think of guy idols. 
Personally for me, my first thought is BIGBANG... They are my absolute favorite group after all.. 

But not this week, lovelies. Not this week. 

However, the second group that comes to mind is my 2nd all time favorite group. Anyone wanna take bambam at it? Ya know... Like "let me take a crack at it" Bambam.....

Someone in the distance: "BOOOOOOOOO! LAMEEEEEE!"

Sorry.. Anyways, this weeks feature is GOT7. Despite me saying Bambam earlier, this post isn't about Bambam. lol That was just a group hint.

Someone in the distance: " Jeez, really? You tease!"
*Throws tomato*

Calm down, calm down! Thirsty people!
*Gets hit with tomato*
.....or hungry. 

Someone in the distance: "BOOOOOOO!!! Get off the stage!!!!!!"

Man, tough crowd..

So finally the reveal this week's feature!

JB from GOT7!

Someone in the distance: "HEYYYY he IS sexy!! Okay, Shanea! We forgive you! Sorry about the tomato." *sad face*

That's okay, person in the distance. I made BLT's out of the tomatoes. They were delicious. All is forgiven. 

So yes, JB, one of my favorites in all of Kpop, btw... Is this week's feature. 

So let's hop right in, why don't we!

 The face he gives all people who say he's ugly. EPIC.

This picture is kind of rude. I understand I'm fat, JB. You don't have to tell the whole world how hard I am to carry. Sheesh
*Joke. Calm down..*

Lawd, help me. *dead*

EEEEEEEEEEE! That smile!!!

... There are no words.... for this man..

Dannnnng boy. WOOOOOOOOO. Is it getting hot in here?

Bonus #1!
How adorable???

Bonus #2!

It's not a real picture. In fact, it's a drawing. But he's dang sexy in the drawing.

So that's it, folks! Sexy JB! 
Remember to come check back every Saturday for a new post!

Hint for next week's Sexy Korea Saturday:
*It's a girl and she's a girl group member and soloist. And she's super sexy AF!*

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