Friday, January 20, 2017

Vixx Ravi

Hi everyone Bunny here for a new-ish video that has come out this month. With me just joining the team I have had other things on my mind and haven’t really had time to write about some of the new videos/ singles that have come out. So, with that, on January 8, 2017 VIXX’s Ravi dropped a new video featuring San E called Bomb.

                I’ve never really been a huge fan of VIXX, and  Ravi’s “English” introductions I can NEVER understand, so when I first saw this I wasn’t going to watch it. But and that’s a big But I decided to give it a shot, because I’m a huge fan of San E. Ya’ll this was a huge game changer to me.  In this video, Ravi kills it. His flow fits perfect. His attention to dynamics, was on point. San E's verse brings a sort of professional touch. The two worked well together and their style and flow matched. I’d actually wouldn’t mind hearing another single come out for Ravi just to see what he’s got up his sleeve, and make sure he didn’t just get lucky in catching my attention.


Here's a break down of the video with my thoughts. 

The video starts with Ravi’s normal introduction. I’m going to call it “RavEnglish.” I could have done without that, but it’s his thing I get it. The extremely fake tattoos though turned me off BIG TIME. Why is it so many things are associated with hip hop or rap that don’t have to be there? You don’t have to be covered in tattoos or a want to be gansta to be a talented rap artist. You don’t need to talk about stuff you never been through. Hip hop to me is a story. Be you. Be confident.  The next scene is him in a red coat which is cute cause it matches his hair. OH! AND DID YOU SEE THE BODY! WAIT FOR IT…. WAIT FOR IT …… BOOM

His voice surprised me. The deep voice started spitting fire ya’ll.  Fire…. But then he compared himself to Justin Bieber… MINUS ONE POINT…and  the fire starts again PLUS 2 POINTS. I didn’t get the welding, but after a few minutes I got the fact he was calling himself an artist and I thought to myself WOW THAT’S CLEVER. Back to the dance scene again.  

Choreography? CHECK..... DOPE? AH YEA!!!

OH OH OH WHATS AROUND THE CORNER? San E!!!!!! the magnifying glass tripped me out I was like well at least we know he brushes his teeth. How awkward would that be if he had something in his teeth at that point. Then I was like WHAT TWO SAN E’S OMG MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. Back to the chorus and the fake tattoos again, did I mention I hate those:\

 My favorite part 2:48 the beat drops and BOOM slow it up for a girl. Then he started to speed it back up again, and even more fire. There’s only one thing this video needs…. Do you know what that is…? that’s right FLAME THROWER.

Over all a pretty good video, and he has my respect now. I’m looking forward to seeing more from him and I may even try VIXX again just to see if I was really missing something. I’m glad I watched it and I will definitely watch his next one as well. 

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