Friday, February 10, 2017

14 Days of KISSES!! ~ Day 10

DAY 10

Oh My Ghostess

"Kitchen Kiss"

In this scene Bong-sun (who has been possessed by Soon-ae) is about to clean up from her cooking lesson with Sun-woo but loses her grip on the hose and soaks both of them before Sun-woo can turn the water off. Sun-woo grabs some towels and tells Bon-sun to come over so he could help dry her off. With the towel wrapped around her and because she was so close, Bong-sun starts to back away but Sun-woo pulls her closer and kisses her...over and over again. 

Someone give me a hose! I feel a fire coming on! He is one HOT chef!! 

Check back tomorrow to see what kiss is next! 

~The Korean Drama Queen~ 

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