Friday, February 3, 2017

14 Days of KISSES! ~ Day 3


I am happy to see another kiss scene, are you? It's these kisses that sometimes just makes the push and pull of a drama all worth in it in end!

Master's Sun

"Ghostly Kiss"

In this scene Joong-won runs into the room and sees Gong-shil sitting on the couch. Only it is not Gong-shil, it is the pianist wife's ghost that took over her body. Joong-won tells her to go but the ghost says she knows a secret and asks if he wants to know how she feels about him. He tells her no. The ghost says she wants to stay in her body longer to find out his secret and he tells her to "Watch carefully and get lost"

Yes!! Another So Ji-sub kiss! I may not like how his lips look but he sure knows how to use them! 

Come back tomorrow for Day 4. 

~ The Korean Drama Queen ~

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