Saturday, February 4, 2017

14 Days of KISSES ~ Day 4


There is just something magical about rooftops in Korea. Do you agree?

City Hunter

"Rooftop Kiss"

In this scene, Yoon-sung comes to check on Nana who was injured and checked out at the hospital. Nana was worried about Yoon-sung and could not sleep so she went to the roof for some air. When the two meet, they start bantering back and forth but really they are just saying that they love and miss each other. As Nana keeps talking, Yoon-sung interrupts her by coming in for a kiss.

I wish he would interrupt me if I started talking! How about you? I could watch his kiss scenes all day. He has definitely perfected the art of kissing!

Will tomorrow bring another day of LMH and his kisses? Come back to find out!




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