Thursday, February 9, 2017

14 Days of KISSES! ~ Day 9

Day 9

Madame Antoine

"Confession Kiss"

In this episode Soo-hyun asks Hye-rim to read his fortune. Hye-rim starts talking about the experiment that he is doing and the truth behind it all. She tells him that he has now run into a problem...the fact that he now likes her. She secretly wishes in her mind that he actually liked her and not just for the experiments sake. When he doesn't say anything she gets up and tells him she never wants to speak to him again. When she goes to leave he stops her by saying that she really is a fortune teller but that she was only half right, that he is doing an experiment but that he likes her. He then grabs her and pulls her into a kiss. 

Woo! He almost knocked her off her feet!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's kiss!!

~The Korean Drama Queen~

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