Wednesday, February 8, 2017

14 Days of KISSES ~ Day 8


Secret Garden

"Party Kiss"

In this scene Joo-won is having a party at his house which Ra-im shows up to escorted by Oska. Joo-won asks why she is there and she tells him that she is there to see him, that her heart can't keep her away. She tells him that the pain she has to deal with from being with him is easier than the pain of being without him. After being interrupted a couple of times, the two start slow dancing and then end up in a massive make out session in front of his whole company. 

Yup, let's just forget that there is other people in the room and play a little tonsil hockey. Oh but wait....she doesn't really kiss him back which IRRITATES ME! Do you see who is kissing you? HELLO!!

Are you enjoying these days leading up to Valentines Day? Let us know!

~The Korean Drama Queen~




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