Friday, February 10, 2017

14 Days of Second Lead Syndrome: Day 10/14

Hey! Welcome back to "12 Days of Second Lead Syndrome"! I'm glad you're here, but let me inform you that you may not be so glad you read todays. Why? Because today's second lead still breaks my heart....

So I give you...

You know exactly what I'm talking about too... 

Young Do. 
Our eternal love. 

The big rough and tough bad guy with a heart as soft and squishy as putty. 

Want to know how much I loved this drama? I still haven't watched the end of it. lol! Weird right? However, I have a bad problem with checking how a drama ends before I watch it to save me the heartache.. But it this case, it didn't even help. 

He has one of those faces and personalities that just draws you in.. And my heart hurt for him. And my heart just hurt. 

But I can't deny I love me some Kim Tan. 

Lee Min Ho is my weakness, guys. 

Here you go, though. A video to make your heart hurt. 

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